Waiting on Andrea...

Andrea has lived in Australia for a year now. Things are going good for her, she's met some friends but she still feels like a misfit. Until she sees a flyer for a band some people are starting. Against everybody's better judgement, she goes on the audition, and gets it! Playing a gig in a bar one day they get noticed by the manager of Five Seconds of Summer's wife! She knows they have talent and pushes for her husband to sign them as the opening act for Five Seconds of Summer!


5. ch.05

It's been three days...I've missed every single practice. No one has contacted me and I know I should be there I know! But I've been really nervous and anxious lately so I've been skipping and no one's contacted me about it until today, Darryl contacted me...

D: Andrea? It's me...Darryl. Listen if you're not going to show up for practice you might as well not be in the band. Your audition blew us away and it's a real shame to do this but I'm just being honest. Don't waste anymore of our time. We are already starting to look for new people. Show up tonight for practice if your still interested.

My eyes widened and my heart sunk. I knew I wanted this, me walking out of class was a sign alone. But I didn't know how to will myself to show up. I called George, He answered.


"Hey baby, I really need your advice, and quickly."

"What is it?"

"So remember that one day I had to cancel dinner with you, Its because I was auditioning for a band, and I got in for lead vocals and I've skipped practice the last few days because I've been too nervous to show up, my last chance to be in is to show up to practice right now, should I do it?" He paused,

"Do you really want this?" He asked.

"I think I do..." I said biting my lip.

"Than do it!" He said hopefully.

"Your right I have to go bye!" I said hanging up and running out the door with a burst of nervous excitement.

"Mom! I have to go somewhere be back soon! Love you!" I said grabbing my car keys from off the table and opening the garage door. 

"Love you too!" My mom said. "Be home soon."

"I will." I called back. My car was pretty old, but it was all I could afford at the time and probably...still. Its an old dark red van with stripes on it, the paint is really faded and old and to this day I don't know why there's stripes on it, but my friends like going on road trips in it since we can fit everyone, we call it the Big Lemon, because when I got it the whole thing smelt like lemon for three months and I've been buying lemon air freshener ever since. I drove down the road and pulled up to the house I'd auditioned at oh so many months ago, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I put it in park. I heard them rehearsing they had some frumpy looking guys replacement for me with greasy brown hair and a t-shirt that is the exact same color as his hair. They were singing eighteen by five seconds of summer. He couldn't hit the notes and when I walked up I interrupted brown hair man at the very end and sang,

"I'm so sick of waiting till I'm eighteen." Everyone looked at me. Brown hair guy looked at me and Darryl pointed at me and spoke,

"THAT! THAT'S THE GIRL I WANT IN MY BAND." Cam gave him a look. Midnight ran up to hug me.

"Get lost scottie." Cam said to brown hair guy and he walked off. 

"What took you so long to get back to us?" Midnight asked after hugging me. 

"Well, honestly, I was a little nervous but now that I'm here I'm not nervous at all." Midnight and Darryl smiled and Cam flashed me a thumbs up. We practiced late into the night I finally got home at around 2am. I got along really well, after we practiced for a while we hung out at the park across from their house. I found out that practice was at Darryl's house and they said they would let me know when practice was but it was most likely going to be friday and saturday and I was definitely going to show up. 

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