Waiting on Andrea...

Andrea has lived in Australia for a year now. Things are going good for her, she's met some friends but she still feels like a misfit. Until she sees a flyer for a band some people are starting. Against everybody's better judgement, she goes on the audition, and gets it! Playing a gig in a bar one day they get noticed by the manager of Five Seconds of Summer's wife! She knows they have talent and pushes for her husband to sign them as the opening act for Five Seconds of Summer!


4. ch.04

Its been two months, still no call. I seriously think I didn't get it. I tried to act like it didn't matter to me, but it did, it did a lot. I went to school, held up pretty decent grades and always kept my phone by me. I would nervously tap my pencil on my desk just staring at it waiting for it to ring. I really thought I had it...But now I'm pretty sure I don't. I told myself Its just an experiment, you just wanted to see if you were good enough. But it really bothered me that I apparently wasn't. Things between me and George have been getting really serious lately though. We had plans of what we were going to do once we graduated, we wanted to get out of this town, go to a smaller college, maybe start a family. We'd been dating for two and a half years and I believed in him fully and I just know he fully believes me. I sat in class listening to music through one headphone while the teacher droned on, it was just review so I zoned out. I felt my phone vibrating my desk, I looked down expecting my grama calling me telling me she found her lost earring or something. But no, it was Midnight. I sat with the need to answer eating at my insides, I couldn't not answer, even if she was telling me I wasn't in the band, I just had to know. This experiment had turned into a full fledged desire that was unquenchable. I stood up in the middle of the lecture.

"Mr.Sebastian? I have to take this it's my mom my gramma's in the hospital she wouldn't call in less it was really urgent." I said, trying to seem as wide eyed and innocent as possible. 

"Ofcourse." He said returning to his lecture. I quickly answered it.

"Hey mom, is grandma okay?" I asked into the phone scurrying out of the room.

"What? This must not be Andrea...bye..." She said going to hang up.

"NO! Its me, I'm at school, lemme get to the bathroom so I can talk to you hold on." I said race walking to the bathroom.

"Oh, haha okay." She said. Thank god. I burst into the dimly lit girls bathroom. 

"Okay, sorry." I said.

"Are you in the middle of class?" She asked.

"Uh, yeah." I said nervously scratching the back of my head. 

"hahahahaha badass." She said. I nervously laughed on the other end.

"So anyway I called on information about your band audition...."

"Yeah?" I responded eagerly.

"After long consideration, too long if you ask me, we have decided to pick you as our lead vocalist." My eyes bulged out of my head, lead vocalist? I was applying for maybe backround vocals, my fingers started twitching with excitement. 

"Lead vocalist?"

"Yeah, you blew every other competitor out of the water." My lips curled into a broad smile.

"Thank you, thank you so much!" I said.

"Haha, calm down were just a crappy second rate band, we don't even have a title."

"We are gonna make some kick ass music." I said, unable to contain it anymore.

"Haha, I like you, anyway, next practice is tomorrow at five and the next three days so yeah just meet at my place, the same place you auditioned at, do you need the address again?" 

"Nope, I got it, thank you."

"No problem." I said hanging up the phone and walking back to class with the spring back in my step. When I got back everyone looked at me, for a minute I forgot why. Then I remembered, the grama thing. I smiled and took a deep breath.

"My grandma's okay."

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