Waiting on Andrea...

Andrea has lived in Australia for a year now. Things are going good for her, she's met some friends but she still feels like a misfit. Until she sees a flyer for a band some people are starting. Against everybody's better judgement, she goes on the audition, and gets it! Playing a gig in a bar one day they get noticed by the manager of Five Seconds of Summer's wife! She knows they have talent and pushes for her husband to sign them as the opening act for Five Seconds of Summer!


2. ch.02

School was long and boring as usual. All day I was nervous about my audition into the band. I didn't even know what song I was going to do. I listened to some music as I walked to the address printed on the warped poster. I listened to music and tried to get some inspiration. I neared the house. The garage was open and there were three people. One girl who I'm assuming was the hence for named 'Midnight' Which is an interesting choice of name but it made sense when I saw her hair. It was gorgeous it was a dark blue, almost black and she had winged eyeliner and pale pink lips. Her hair had beachy waves in it and it was about down to her lower back. There were two guys too, One had brown floppy hair that had purple streaks running through the bangs and the other had long black hair that went over his face mostly. I walked up the driveway and into the open garage. 

"Hi I'm Andrea, I'm here to audition...I called a few days ago." I said, clenching my backpack strap out of nervousness.

"Oh you! Nice to meet you in person finally! I'm Midnight, we met on the phone so you know the deal with my name and this is Cam," She said gesturing to the boy with the black hair in his face. 

"He's our drummer." She filled in.

"Sup." He said nodding at me and twirling a drumstick between his fingers.

"Hey..." I said quietly and waved.

"And this is Darryl." She said slinking under the guy with purple hair's arm and kissing him on the cheek.

"Hey." He said looking me up and down.

"I like your shirt." He said. I looked down to see what shirt I was wearing, twenty one pilots, this guy checks out.

"Thanks." I said.

"Darryl does vocals and guitar and I play bass." She finished.

"Okay so, I'm going to be auditioning for vocals then...." I said awkwardly setting my bag down.

"Okay awesome, what song?" Darryl asked.

"I was going to Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic at the disco..." I said. I'd been planning this song for days. It was one of my favorite songs so I already knew most of the words and I knew I could hit most of the notes. 

"Great song!" Cam said. I smiled, I liked these people already. 

They all sat down to watch me and I played the opening in my mind and started singing the first lines. They watched me with surprised looks on their faces when I hit some of the higher notes that were harder to sing. I'd been practicing this song a lot so I was happy my voice wasn't hoarse. I finished the song. When I sing I get in a zone where nothing matters but the song I'm singing which makes it easier to sing higher notes. Practice helps too. I looked at them and my eyes adjusted as I came back to real life. 

"Great job!" Midnight said excitedly.

"Thanks." I said, fumbling with the buttons on my flannel which was tied around my waist. 

"Yeah." Darryl said, looking at Cam who nodded.

"Okay well, you can go home and we will call you if you get the audition ok?" Midnight asked.

"Yeah of course." I said, Picked up my bag and started walking back home.

Midnight's POV

"How did that come out of that shy girl?" Darryl asked.

"I know right?" I asked sitting on his lap. 

"Best audition we have had so far!"

"What do you think Cam?" I asked, I wanted to make sure he felt included. He was always so quiet.

"I agree she was pretty good but we should put some more posters up around town, make sure people get the word and then we can make a decision." He said. 

"Yeah." Darryl said.

"I don't know guys...I think we may have picked a winner here." I said.

*I own no songs mentioned in this story, they are simply songs I like very much and feel should be included.

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