Waiting on Andrea...

Andrea has lived in Australia for a year now. Things are going good for her, she's met some friends but she still feels like a misfit. Until she sees a flyer for a band some people are starting. Against everybody's better judgement, she goes on the audition, and gets it! Playing a gig in a bar one day they get noticed by the manager of Five Seconds of Summer's wife! She knows they have talent and pushes for her husband to sign them as the opening act for Five Seconds of Summer!


1. ch.01

My alarm buzzed to wake me for school. I was less than excited. Why? Well, who is 'excited' for school. I turned on some music. I put some makeup and an outfit I had picked out for the first day. It was a white shirt with a palm tree on it with a pair of really comfortable jeans. I slipped on some shoes and walked out the door. I walked to school in silence realizing I'd left my earbuds at home. When I finally got there it was extremely crowded as usual on the first day. Parents of freshman crying as they drop them off and kids hanging out with their friends. I tried to find my friends and I couldn't find them so I sat down on a bench and scrolled through my phone. The bell rang it's sick water-logged sound and the huge mass of student walked in. I went up to my locker and put some things in and walked to my first period. Honestly the first day was how they all are...teachers giving you speeches in case of fire and telling you what you'll need for the rest of the year and rules and dress code and blah blah blah blah blah... I took the long way home this time so I could stop for coffee. I grabbed a drink and continued walking. I stood at a crosswalk waiting for the little white man to show up telling me I could walk. When I hit the metal button there was a flyer that I could hardly read because the rain had blurred it. But, I could barely make it out. Band Auditions! (I know it sounds stupid but I didn't know what else to type) Anyway go to 5679 w. oak pine st. from August 21st-September 5th from 4-6 o'clock bring this flyer with you to prove your not a robot ;)


I tapped my foot on the ground to a song that popped into my head and the white man showed up. I ripped the poster off the black pole and started walking the rest of the way home. I would think about it. It didn't seem like a legit thing, I mean...I didn't know what else to do, what the hell is that? But I had a good feeling, which I don't get too often. When I arrived at my house I shoved the flyer into my pocket and waved to my mom who was cooking spaghetti sauce at the stove. I went upstairs and called a number that was almost washed away on the bottom of the poster. It rang for a little bit until I heard a girls voice answer,


"Um, hi, is this Midnight...I guess?"

"Oh yes! My real name is Brooklyn but I go be Midnight since that's my last name and my hair is 'Midnight Blue' I'm sorry I'm really chatty what do you need?"

"Oh hi I'm Andrea and I saw your audition poster and wondered if I could stop by and audition sometime this week?"

"Oh Yes! Okay hold on..." I heard her put her hand over the speaker and yell to someone in the room, 

"WE HAVE ANOTHER AUDITION, FINALLY!" I smiled and tried not to leave. I heard a man's voice say something that I couldn't make out. 

"Could you drop by tomorrow?" Midnight asked.

"Yeah, sure what time?"

"Like five thirty?" She asked questionably to the other men in the room. I heard two 'yeah's'

"Yeah, five thirty." 

"I can totally do that, I'll see you tomorrow at five thirty?"

"Ok bye,"

"Bye." I clicked to end the call. I took a deep breath and put the band flyer into one of my desk drawers and went downstairs for dinner.

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