Yandere x Reader (Requests Closed)

"You belong to US... Forever..." ----------------------- For both males and females. You request the character you spend eternity with...


2. Link - Protection

Yandere Link x Reader


He was known across the lands as the Hero of Legend.

He has many lives.

He defeated evil a thousand times.

He was loved by so many.

Even the Princess.

There was Saria

There was Ruto

There was Malon

There was Navi

There was Midna

There was Fi

There was Beth

There was Agitha

There was Lana

There was Cia

There was the beautiful Princess Zelda...

And by tradition, she was going to be yet again the one that he would end up with.

But he didn't want that, no....

Because every single time... He looked into those beautiful big eyes, all his worries slipped away.

Every time sweet words came from her cute little lips, he would be entranced...

Tradition didn't matter.

After all he does for Hyrule, they should do something for him....

Give the girl to him....

~Sweet Dreams~

No one was ever there for him, well, that wasn't exactly true. Saria would always comfort him when they were children... But Link... He was all grown up now, whilst Saria remained a child.

Now, he had no one there for him. Would he be cursed into a world where he can never find happiness? Will he eventually marry Zelda? It was all so confusing, making the hero's head spin on a daily basis.

Honestly, there really was no one who could save him from his plight. No one would know what to do. Well, there was Dark, who seemed to always know what he was thinking... But sadly (maybe not so much to Link) he was away doing dirty work for Ganondorf. Dark would just tease his twin anyway, so honestly, there was no point.

Would he forever be doomed to spend life alone? The thought frightened Link to bits.

However, there was someone that the young hero just couldn't get out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. Dazzling (hair colour) hair that shone in the sun, and a smile that would make anyone immediately forget all worries that were weighing them down.

She was perfect.

Link had to have her.

~Yandere Link x Reader~

 "Hiyah!!" You yelled, slamming down the reigns attached to your hazel horse, laughing as he neighed, galloping off at full speed. You closed your eyes, smiling and the wind was felt against your Hylian features. Days like this were just amazing, peace, tranquillity, fun....

Normally you would be working at Lon Lon Ranch at this moment in time; however, today Malon let you have the day off. She had given your back a firm pat this morning, grinning as you flinched from the impact.

 "You work too hard, (Name)! Take the day off!" she had said. And that was how you ended up having the time of your life.

You sighed, patting Chestnut's nuzzle. "Wow, boy. It's been ages since we had a day like this, huh?" you grinned sheepishly, firmly stroking him to which your horse neighed in delight, galloping at full speed across the emerald blades of Hyrule Field.  "WOO HOO!!!!!!!!"

The wind started blowing strongly, making your hair fly in front of your eyes. You shook your head, causing the hair that strayed onto your face to flow behind you once again. Once you gained you sense of direction back, a Stalfos suddenly appeared, blocking your path.

 "WHOA!!!!!" Tugging on Chestnut's reins as tightly and possible, you steered him to the right, narrowly avoiding the Stalfos. Reaching into your pocket, you picked up a dagger, throwing it right into the monster's skull. It's bones clattered to the floor, leaving a lifeless skeleton. You sighed in relief and wiped the bead of sweat threatening to fall from your face.

The relief you had felt was short lived when the skeleton-like creatures started appearing from all over, closing in on you. You reached into your pocket you find one dagger left.

  "S-stand back!!! Don't come any closer!!! I'm warning you!!" You threatened nervously, pointing the dagger at each and every Stalfos individually. Ignoring you, they began to close in.

Sweat started to drip from your forehead as you desperately looked around, searching for a way of escape. Your horse whined in fear, standing on his back two legs and using the front two to try and hit them away. Lunging forward, you sliced your blade into the bony enemy’s ribcage, pressing down as hard as you could, to find that the little protection you had shattered immediately.

   “W-what..?!” you yelled in disbelief. All colour drained from your face in an instant, and you lost all hope of being saved. Your breaths were quick and shallow, as you stared wide-eyed at the small army in front of you. Your back hit the wall as they began to close in, the one dressed in armour, whom you assumed to be the leader, grinned at you.

   “Well boys,” he spoke in a surprising accent that you didn’t think would come from its mouth, “we got ‘er. I thinks the King’ll be prouda us, don’t cha?”

Once you calmed a bit, you found the courage to speak, “King?”

Of course, you already knew the answer; however, this was a way of buying time.

General Skelly, yes, that’s what your subconscious decided to name him, raised a bone, which you guessed was replacing his non-existing eyebrow, “yeah. You must’ve heard of the all-powerful King of Evil, Ganondorf?”

You rolled your eyes, “ohhhhhh!!! That king~!”

General Skelly didn’t notice your voice dripping with sarcasm, and just grinned. “Hey, boys, did ‘e say if he wanted the girly dead or alive?”

  The shortest skeleton took out what looked like an old piece of parchment and flipped it over, looking confused. The other Stalfos looked at it in impatiently, waiting for an answer. Even you were bored out of your mind, and would’ve used this opportunity to slip away if not for the leader still giving you that twisted grin, not looking away for a second. Your heart was beating quickly as your gaze drifted to the skinless minion, who was currently scratching his head in confusion. Chestnut nudged your cheek and silently neighed.

  “Yeah, I know,” you whispered back, “well, they’re skeletons so I doubt they even have any brains.”

   You smirked at the scatter-brain, still fiddling with the map. General Skelly’s smile faded and he growled dangerously low, “well? Wotsit say?”

  “U-um… It don’t say a thing, Boss…” the skeleton replied.

You grinned, “Then if it don’t say a thing, you boys can just ‘et me ‘o!”

  Whilst the other Stalfos sniggered, Skelly glared at you, not taking too kindly to people who made fun of his accent.

 “Nope, we still have to bring you to Lord Ganondorf,” he raised his hand.

  You watched as General Skelly’s hand swooped down at light speed. Your head throbbed, hoping it was all a nightmare.

  “Kill her.”

~You Belong To Us Forever~


  “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT??????!!!!!!!!” You yelled in disbelief, “You don’t even know if he wants me dead or alive!!!!!”

  “Exactly!” Skelly grinned, “it’s better to be safe and just kill you!”

   You stared at him, wide-eyed. Your heart beat quickened at the minute, and you found yourself unable to move, paralysed by your own fear. The chants were getting louder.

  “Yeah Boss, kill her!”

   “The King of Evil will be so delighted when we show him her corpse!”

  “Kill her! Kill her!”

   Chestnut whined loudly in fear and you wanted so badly to just stroke her head and tell her it was going to be okay, but that was a lie. The General un-sheathed his sword and raised it above your head. The blade glinted in the sunlight, making you squint.

   “Oh Goddesses, save me…” you muttered and shut your eyes tight, as the blade came crashing down.


~Sleep For Eternity~


   You heard the metal swipe and almost touch the top of your head… Except it never did. You opened your eyes and looked up, to see another sword deflecting the blow.

  “What…?” You questioned.

   The boy shielding you from attack was dressed in a green hat and tunic, with dirty blonde hair. You gasped.

  “No way…”

   Link, the Hero of Time, pushed the skeleton away, stabbing it right in the stomach. Skelly screamed in agony before busting into black smoke. The other Stalfos started coming in close and slashing their hands at Link, to which he blocked with his Hylian Shield. He spun around, slashing them all in a circle stance. The skinless creatures sunk to the ground, disappearing in mere seconds.

  Link turned to you, his scowl turning into an expression of concern, his dazzling cerulean eyes scanning your face, “are you okay?” Goddesses, even his voice was perfect.

  “Y-yeah… Thanks,” you managed with a small smile. Link returned it, his handsome features making your heart melt.

  “Thank the Goddesses,” the young hero said, offering a hand to help you up. You shyly took it and smiled.

   Chestnut gently nudged Link as if to say thank you, to which he laughed and gently stroked his nuzzle.

  “Um… I have to go now… Thank you for saving me!” you bobbed your head and began to mount your horse before Link grabbed your hand.

  “Huh?” you spun around.

 “I… Didn’t get your name…” Link said shyly. You smiled.


 “(Name)…” He repeated. A warm feeling spread through your heart when your name rolled of his tongue. “You probably know already, but my name’s—“

“Link,” you finished.

“Yeah… That’s my name,” he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and you giggled at how cute he was.

“So it is.”

 “Um… (Name)?”


 “Will I ever be able to see you again?” A light blush was evident on his face.

 “I’d like that, Link,” you shook his hand before mounting chestnut and taking off and riding into Kakariko Village.

 Link watched your retreating figure and his smile turned into a grin.

  “(Name), huh? So beautiful and innocent… I need to make sure I protect her from now on, or someone could take that from her…”

~Yandere Link X Reader~


  From then on, Link would ride into your small and humble village once every week and you’d have so much fun, listening to Link tell you all about his wonderful adventures. You’d listen to him with eyes wide, anticipating whatever he was going to say next.

   “And then STAB!!! My shadow fell to the ground, disappearing into black smoke as I took the hookshot out of its chest.”

  “WOW!!!!!!” you squealed, enchanted by the story. Link only smiled, blushing at how cute you were. In his eyes, you only had one flaw. Well, no one else would call it a flaw, except for the young hero. He was captivated by your kind and free spirited personality, the way your (eye colour) orbs twinkled in the moonlight, the beautiful way your lips danced when you laughed. Ah, your one flaw… You were just too trusting… It was perfect. Exactly what he needed…

   “So,” Link started, “tell me about yourself,”

   “Um… Well… My name’s (Name) (Lastname) and I’m sixteen… Um… I live in a little treehouse near to Lon Lon Ranch, where I work… It’s also where I got Chestnut from,” you replied shyly.

   “Huh, same with Epona,” he smiled.

   “Heh, no wonder they get along so well,” your gaze lifted to the horses chasing each other around the field, and you both laughed.

   “Hey… (Name)?” Link asked.

  You turned to him with a questioning gaze, seeing that his head was dropped, his bangs hiding his expression from view. His hands were fiddling and he looked surprisingly nervous. You tilted you head to the side in confusion.


  The hero looked up, his face tinted with pink. You swear that you could feel you heart skip a beat at how cute he looked, and found yourself blushing too. Link reached out and gently untangled your hands from your lap, clasping them with his own. Confused, you squeezed his back to reassure him that it was okay. Deep sapphire pools stared back into your own eyes.

 “Um…” Link gulped, hanging his head down and sighing.

 “Link? What is it..?” You asked, rubbing the back of his palms.

 Link took a deep breath, but let the air out, giving up immediately, “I-I can’t…”

 “You can’t what?”

 “I can’t… Oh goddess-dammit! Why can’t I just tell you?!”

  Link looked at you with fire in his eyes, his grip tightening around your wrists, making you gasp at the pain.

 “L-link…! I-it hurts…!!!” You grunted, trying to free your wrist from his vice-like grip. You looked deep into his eyes, seeing the depths of sadness mixed with the anger, “Link!!!!”

Link widened his eyes and let go instantly, shaking his head repeatedly. You wasted no time in retracting your arm and gently rubbing your wrist, giving the Hylian a hurt gaze.

“L-Link…Why…?” You looked as though you were about to tear up. When the boy saw this, he immediately reached forward and hugged you tightly. You burrowed your face into his chest and let the sobs wrack your body.

“Wh-what did I do…? (Name)… I’m so sorry… So, so sorry….” He rubbed soothing circles on your back and your breathing slowed, calming down so that only a few stray tears left your eyes. Removing yourself from Link’s embrace, you smiled at him.

“Thank you… For helping me… Calm down.”

Link shook his head repeatedly before bursting out, “b-but I hurt you!!! How can you say that?!”

“That wasn’t you, was it? What happened…?”

Link sighed before lifting his head and looking at you, “honest truth…?”

“Mm Hm~”

“I… I don’t know.”


“Everyone has a demon inside… That was mine…”


 “And being the Hero Of Time, full of more light than any other… Makes the demon of pride and power… Darker… Dark enough to sometimes take complete control…”

 “I knew it wasn’t you…” You smiled.


 “Link… You’re too sweet… Too kind… You’re too good to hurt me…”

 “You really think that…?”

 “Uh huh~!”

  Link grinned and hugged you tightly. It caught you off guard and you were too stunned to act at first, but soon, your arms found their way around his back and you smiled, closing your eyes and leaning your head on his shoulder.

 “Hey (Name)?”


“There’s something I need to tell you… Can you meet me in the forest tomorrow at dawn?”

“Okay, sure!” You chirped.

Link’s grin turned into something more sinister as he hugged you tighter and rubbed your back. He couldn’t get his head around the fact you actually believed his lie about demons! Pfft… You were so gullible…


This was just too easy…

~Sweet Dreams~


  Chestnut’s hooves clopped when they trotted the ground in a steady rhythm, completely contrasting from the one your heart felt. Excitement bubbled inside of you and you wondered about what today would hold. Would he get down on one knee and propose?! No… You were one year too young and besides, you weren’t even dating... Wait! That’s it! Maybe that was what he was so anxious about asking you! He was going to ask you out!! Of course!!! You were certain that you liked him, the way he set you off into a blushing mess, and how you would always feel like butterflies were about to burst out of your stomach whenever he so much as held your hand. He… he loved you back… He had to… You were sure of it! He spent so much time with you each day so there couldn’t possibly be another woman in his life! Well… There was Princess Zelda… But his visits to her were rare and short, so there couldn’t possibly be any romance going on!... Right? No, he spent all his time with you, and you were sure he loved you. Your heart said that, because over these past few months, you realised something. You had fallen in love… With Link, The Hero of Time.

   The emerald plains seemed to rush passed you at the speed you were going, and the vast blue sky above didn’t seem to have a cloud in it, as if the universe felt your happiness. You couldn’t stop the smile from spreading on your face as Chestnut continued to ride along, neighing when you affectionately rubbed his mane. You laughed, overcome with the most happiness you had ever felt in your entire life. If you were being honest, you felt like you did on the day that the Stalfos attacked, with the wind gently blowing throw your hair and the sweet melodic chirping of the birds never once leaving your ears. You wondered what it would be like to share a wonderful moment like this with Link… Hopefully, even if you weren’t together, you would at least watch the sunset hand in hand…

“Pfft! What am I even thinking…?!” you spoke aloud.
Chestnut whined in reply, as if to say ‘you have nothing to worry about, stop overthinking it!’

“Yeah, you’re right, Chestnut, he probably wanted to show me something like a Fairy Fountain – well, he did say he’d show it to me one day. Maybe today’s that day?”

He snorted and you laughed. You swore if horses could roll their eyes then that’s exactly what he’d be doing.

No matter how much you tried to distract yourself by fooling around with your horse, you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to happen today, something life changing, even.

You closed your eyes and smiled as the warm rays of the sun touched your skin, stopping the cold air’s sting from getting to you. Only the occasional bump in the road kept you from drifting peacefully off to sleep. Well – that and the thought of Link… Hehe… You just couldn’t wait to see his loving blue orbs staring back at you. Just picturing his face made your grin grow wider by the second, and you slammed down Chestnut’s reigns, ordering him to go faster.

“Link, I’m coming~!” you called out into the air, giggling.

You rode faster across the field, and the forest was soon in sight. Big tall green pine trees shielding it from the warm sun.

You dismounted and stroked Chestnut’s nuzzle. He nudged you lovingly and stared at you with sad big brown eyes. Throwing your arms around him, you sighed.

“Why do you look like you’re about to cry? I’ll be back soon, I promise!” you giggled, and gave Chestnut a hurt look when he still looked a bit stand-offish at the thought of you going into the forest. “Ches, everything’s gonna be just fine! I’ll be back, you’ll see!”

And with that last thought, you ran across the wooden bridge, your horse staring at you like you were forever lost.

And he couldn’t be more right.

~Yandere Link x Reader~

The bridge creaked and you immediately stopped, taking a deep breath to try and calm your nerves. Link would never make you try anything if it was dangerous, right? You just had to be brave…

Putting one foot in front again, you sprinted across the bridge, making it into the beautiful forest sanctuary of the Kokiri. Children dressed in green giggled and waved to you from all angles.

“Hello Miss!”

“Wow, she’s so pretty…”

“Hee hee… Can I marry her?”

“No! Link would kill you!”

“I want her hair!!!”

You laughed and waved back at the cheery voices, stepping foot into the village. The houses were made up of giant tree stumps and a crystal blue river flowed down the centre of the sanctuary. Leaves of different shapes and colours danced around you in the air, and you breathed in the fresh nature smell of flowers. You giggled upon realisation that Link lived here in his childhood days, and noticed that this is where his kind personality originated from. Of course, The Great Deku Tree’s wisdom was known across the lands, and with him acting like a father to the Kokiri, there didn’t seem to be a single bad influence about. The giddy feeling from earlier seemed to rise as you spun around, completely captivated at the beautifully scenery that seemed like one taken from a painting.

You fiddled with the ends of your (colour) tunic, eyes drifting off to the corner, where you noticed a little girl sat on a stump, her legs kicking it in a steady rhythm. Moving closer, you realised that she was humming a sweet melodic tune. You found yourself smiling at the way she swished her head along, seeming to be almost lost in the music.


The girl gasped and stopped humming, opening her blue eyes and staring at you.

“Y-you’re really good at… Um… humming…” you let out, sheepishly staring at her. In that instant, the girl smiled, brushing stray green strands of hair out of her face as she looked at you.

“Thank you, Miss!” the girl chirped, jumping up and standing on the stump so that she was just slightly taller than you. “So, what brings you to the forest?”

Her smile was contagious, and you couldn’t help but return it. “I’m meeting a friend here.”

“Ah! You’re the girl Link was talking about!!!!” she exclaimed, both hands covering her mouth in an excited gesture, “nice to meet you! I’m Saria.”

“(Name),” you smiled.

“Wow, that’s really pretty, it suit you!” Saria beamed.

Seeing the perfect opportunity to do so, you raised the question that had been on your mind since yesterday, “did… Link say anything about why he wanted me to come here, or something about what he wanted to ask me?” Hey, she was a kid, hopefully she wouldn’t ask too many questions.

“Hmm…” Saria prodded her head in a thinking gesture, “sorry, I don’t think he did. He went into the Lost Woods by the way. Just listen to the melody and take the path that plays it the loudest – you’ll find him that way,” she cheered you.

“Right, thanks,” you smiled at her, spinning your heels and moving in the opposite direction.

“Wait!” the greenette called, and you stopped in your tracks turning to face her.


“(Name),” Saria began, “ever since you started hanging out with Link, he’s… Changed…”

This was news to you, and you stared intently at the Kokiri child before you, “for better or worse…?”

“Mm, I don’t know!” she giggled, “maybe just my imagination, but you’re not evil or anything, so it’s probably for the better.”

You gave her a lopsided smile before walking away, “alright. Thanks, see ya, Saria!”

“Bye (Name)!” Saria waved after you, before discretely muttering under her breath, “good luck…”

~You Belong To Us Forever~

“Da-da da, da-da da!” You sang out loud, following the catchy tune through woods, carefully listening at the foot of each log before venturing down the right path. According to what you had heard in stories, one wrong move could set you tumbling back to Kokiri forest, and that was annoying. Lucky for you, the music really lead your way. You had no idea where it came from, yet it was so lively that you couldn’t stop humming and skipping along. You had to admit, it was a bit creepy, music playing randomly in the air – it was probably an enchantment of the forest that the Great Deku Tree casted. That was the most logical reason.

After a while, you came to end of the trail, leading you into a big grassy open space, golden magic particles gently blowing past in the wind. Flowers of all colours decorated the ground, their vibrant petals standing out with the green field.

You felt your heart stop when you saw the back of a green tunic, standing in front of you. Grinning, you ran forward and threw your arms around his neck, nuzzling your face against it, breathing in the scent of fresh forest leaves. When you held him like this, it gave you a sense of security that you’d never felt before. It was like you’d always be safe whenever you were with him, like a sanctuary. You felt him tense before he heard a giggle, and realised it was you, causing him to slowly relax.

“(Name),” he breathed, “you came...”

“Of course I did, silly! Do you really doubt me that much?”

“No, I knew you’d come…” he turned around and smiled at you, gripping your hands.

Staring into his cerulean eyes, you smiled, clutching his hands tightly. He smiled at you with such love, that you felt butterflies were about to burst from your stomach. Link gently led you to a stump in the middle of the field and the two of you sat down. The hold his hand had on yours never faltered and the two of you stayed like that for a while, the soft melody calming you. He calmly rubbed circles on the band of your hand, looking as if he was in a trace.

“Um… Link?”

He hummed in response.

“What did you want to tell me?”

“Oh… W-well…” he looked at you, and opened his mouth, telling you in that instant everything you wanted to know, “(Name)… I love you.”

Your breathing stopped, and you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming. “L-link, I—“

“It’s okay,” he smiled, putting a finger on your lips to shush you, “I know you feel the same way, I see it in your eyes. When I smile at you, you blush. When I hold your hand, your pulse quickens. Anyone can tell.”

“Link…” you whispered, looking at him in awe. You knew he had to be sharp and quick in the mind to clear temples and all… But this was… Wow

“Look, all I want is to protect you… Those Stalfos Ganon sent after you will be back, and that’s not all! There are tons of dangers in Hyrule. Please, (Name), will you let me protect you?”

You looked at him, before slowly nodding.

“Really? So… You’ll let me protect from the world? In any way I think I should?”

You nodded again, smiling.

“Swear to Nayru?”


Then everything went black.

~Sweet Dreams~

You awoke with a start, looking around at the pitch black surrounding you. Your breathing quickened as you turned your head at all angles. Tugging at the chains that bound you wrists above you… Wait, chains?!

“L-link! Someone! Help!!!” you yelled at the top of your lungs, pulling harder.

Footsteps sounded towards you, and you made out a figure, illuminated by a candle lighting up next to your head. He smiled at you, but you didn’t feel butterflies. You felt disgust.

“Link,” you breathed, glaring at him from where you limply hung. The feelings of love and happiness turned to betrayal and hate as you gazed at him. “You lied to me.”

“You’re so gullible,” he walked forward, gently stroking your cheek. You shivered in response, “so innocent…” he wiped away a stray tear that you didn’t know was there, “so vulnerable.”

He captured your lips in a venomous kiss, cupping your face in his hands to hold still. You thrashed, desperate to get away from him, but the chains prevented you from doing so.

His hands moved up, and tugged on your hair, making you gasp. The… hero took this opportunity to slide his tongue through, exploring every inch of your mouth. When he pulled away, you were gasping for air, feeling as though you wanted to die. The fact that you actually dreamed of kissing him. It made bile rise from your throat.

Link smirked at you, and looking into those lust-filled eyes of his, you realised something.

He was right, you really did need protection.

Protection from him.

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