Yandere x Reader (Requests Closed)

"You belong to US... Forever..." ----------------------- For both males and females. You request the character you spend eternity with...


3. Izaya Orihara - The Devil's Lair

The soft sound of keyboard clicks resonated throughout the office, shattering the silence altogether. Quietly, you slipped into the room, feet coming into contact with the cold floor. You made sure not to make a single sound, afraid the predator would become aware off your presence. You, for one, did not want to be consumed by the fox, and so you gently lowered yourself down to walk on all fours, mimicking the imagery of the mouse you thought yourself to be – scurrying away from your pursuer as you attempted to grasp the freedom that was forever out of reach.

He himself had told you that, and it was impossible to disagree.

Your friends had given you countless warnings when you first moved to Ikebukuro, all saying the same thing; you know Izaya Orihara? Stay away from him.

Celty had texted it, Shinra suggested it, Kyohei demanded it, and Shizuo had screamed it.

And you weren’t stupid. You listened to their advice – for as long as you could. One situation led to another, and it wasn’t long until he found you.

Heavy, ragged breaths escaped your throat as you darted across the busy street. You didn’t know what time it was, what day it was, or even what month it was – that information had left your mind completely. What you did know, however, was that you were currently running for your life.

Gang activity was known well across the town – stories about the Blue Squares, Dollars and Yellow Scarves were everywhere on the net. Your cousin, Shinra, had warned you of that before you even set foot in the town, but never in your life did you expect to be the target of one. Men with yellow bandanas and neck scarves were chasing after you, raising their clubs high as they shouted “that’s her! Get her!!”

All you could do was run, faster than you had ever done in your entire life. Adrenaline pumped through your veins as you turned at every corner possible, doing your best to escape them. The city lights seemed to fly by, hues of red, amber and green catching the corners of your eyes in a blur. You didn’t know how much longer you could go on for. Your legs were slowing down and your head was getting heavy, yet still you pushed on. Using all the strength you had left in you, you speeded ahead, crossing roads at a tremendously unsafe rate – though, that no longer mattered. If a car hit you, you were sure that it would be less painful than what they wanted to do to you.

Turning one last corner, you stopped, catching your breath as you did your best to calm your beating heart, snapping your head up when angry grunts met your ears.

They were gaining on you.

You halted when the path in front of you split in two.

No no no… Which way… Which way do I…?


Gasping as the group neared you, you ran in whatever direction you could.

You made your way into the clearing, looking left and right for an exit. Cars were parked simultaneously in rows, but there was no sign of a way out.

Noticing the building in front of you, you raced to one of the doors, banging on it and trying your best to pull it open... It wouldn’t budge.

Was this really your fate? Would you go down by the hands of this gang, never knowing the reason why? You couldn’t accept that. You had to find a way out of this. You were a fighter; this wasn’t going to be easy for them.

With one giant kick, the door burst open, and you rushed up the stairs, making it to the roof of the building. Gripping the balcony tightly, you watched as the Yellow Scarves made their way up. There was no other exit. This would be the end.

“Six minutes and fifty nine seconds? You’re quicker than I thought you’d be~.”

You gasped, turning your head so your gaze was met with a male, looking to be only a few years older than you. His short dark hair blew softly in the wind, a black coat with cream fur outlining the hood, sleeves and ends covering his form. Dark blue jeans donned his legs and black shoes were on his feet. He smirked at you, making you shiver. What put you off about him, however, was the way his crimson eyes glinted in the night.

“Who… What…” you began, struggling for air in-between each word.

“Hehe, look what we have here, lads.”

The sleazy voice from behind you made your blood run cold, unable to act. You watched as the male in front of you widened his grin at your terrified expression. Your eyes pleaded for help, hoping that the man wasn’t working with those people and that he had even the tiniest shred of humanity in him to assist you.

“Oi, Saika! We found ya, and now you’re gonna answer for slashing our men, you understand?!”

Saika..? They mean me? I’m not…

You watched as the red-eyed male walked to stand beside you, gently spinning you around to face then men in front before placing a hand on your shoulder. You gulped as the contact left you, and he journeyed onward, proceeding to move in front of you. His hands went into his pockets and he shrugged.

“You’ve got the wrong person. This girl obviously isn’t Saika.”

He sounded so cheerful and un-fazed, it scared you slightly. Just who on earth was this person?

“Eh?” a big beefy man, most likely the leader of the group, questioned, glaring down at the male. A mix between shock and annoyance was etched onto his features.

“If she was, she would have slashed you by now – or gotten her followers in her gang to do it for her, don’t you think? But of course,” he chuckled slightly, “why would you think about that? I would be surprised if you even had a brain in that ugly sized head of yours.”

“Why you—” the leader dashed at the male at full speed. You covered your eyes with your hands, watching as your ‘protector’ sidestepped so that he collapsed harshly on the ground. He growled, getting up again and swinging a punch at the man. That was when a glint of a blade caught your eye. The ravenette swung his switchblade up, gashing the leader in his arm, blood pouring out.

“He’s armed!!”

“Let’s get out of here!”

The male watched as the group scrambled to get out of the door, pushing and pulling at each other to make it through the doorway.

The being in front of you cackled hysterically as they made their way out the door. If it was possible, you became even more frightened than you had been previously. All you could do was stand there, watching as laughter left his throat.

“They ran as soon as they saw my knife? What cowards. And to think they call themselves Yellow Scarves! Kida-kun would be so disappointed~.”

He turned towards you, giving a sympathetic smile. “You’re okay, right? You don’t look particularly hurt.”

“I-I’m fine.”

“Hnn… And even though I’ve made it my sole purpose in life to identify every human living in Ikebukuro, I don’t think I recognise you..”

“I-I’m (Name) (Lastname)! Thank you… For helping me…”

His expression brightened a little. “(Name)-chan~? So you’re the girl Shizu-chan is always telling me to stay clear of!”

Stay clear of?

“Is there any way I can make it up to you, Mr-?”

“Well… You could always go out with me for Russian Sushi sometime? I know a place~. And my name? Izaya Orihara.”

It didn’t take you long to recognise the person you had been told to stay clear of the moment you stepped foot in Ikebukuro, but blinded by his kindness, you accepted.

You should have known it was all a set up.

The months flew by, and you and Izaya had started going on dates like any regular couple –not because you felt anything for him, but after he saved you, it would’ve made you feel guilty the turn him down.

When he invited you to stay over, you didn’t refuse.

 In the middle of the night, you felt him get up from the bed, walking out the room. You waited for him to come back, but when he didn’t, you quietly creeped out into the hallway, peering through a gap in the doorway of his study. He was taking a call… But who would he be talking to at that hour?

“I told you Namie-san, I have her wrapped entirely around my finger~! Shizu-chan tried to keep me away from her. Trying to keep me away from my adorable (Name)-chan? That’s why I absolutely hate him. I’m lucky the Yellow Scarves are so stupid as to believe my lie about her being Saika – I don’t know if I’d ever have gotten close to her otherwise.”

“Izaya… No…” you couldn’t believe what you were hearing, the world around you beginning to spin. With not a moment to spare, you dashed out the door, determined to escape the madman in front of you. Why didn’t you just listen?

“So you want to play hide and seek, huh, (Nickname)? But there’s something you should know…”

A devious smirk formed on his handsome features.

“I never lose.”

And that was how you had gotten yourself into your current predicament. Izaya had locked you away from the rest of the world, keeping you as his prisoner. He claimed that he did it for love, so that no one could ever touch or harm you again. All you wanted was to go home – to leave Ikebukuro for good. Whenever you put up a fight, Izaya would make you suffer for it.

And no longer would you suffer.

You crawled behind his chair, jumping up and tightly wrapping your arms around his form. The information broker only chuckled in return.

“(Name)-chan~! Wow, you’re getting good at this. I didn’t even hear you enter!”

He was right, you were. There was a time when you would have tried the same thing but with a knife. Now, you couldn’t bear the thought of hurting him.

Because you loved him.

As irrational as it sounded, your feelings for your captor grew into something that you never thought they would. Though, as much as you cared for him, you valued freedom too, only wishing that you had both.

Izaya spun round on his chain so he was facing you, your (e/c) eyes cast downwards as you spoke. “Izaya-kun… You know that today is Valentine’s Day…”

He didn’t even give you a chance to finish, replying in a joyful tone, “yes! I was going to ask you what you wanted to do today, but you looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to wake you~!”

“Yes, well, I—”

“So did you want to watch a movie here?”


“I was thinking that we could order pizza and—”



“I… I…” It was now or never. “I want to go outside.”

The room fell silent, and you could feel the ravenette’s gaze boring into your skull.

Can you repeat that, (Name-chan)?”

“Izaya-kun, I—”

Within seconds, the information broker had your wrist pinned you the wall with his left hand, glaring down at you. You had tried to make peace, yet instead you had awakened the monster.

“Out there,” he pointed to the window, “live filthy humans who want to take you away from me. Don’t you see? I can’t let you leave, (Name)-chan. They’ll hurt you, they’ll touch you, and they’ll taint you. There’s no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted, so I’m going to keep you pure for as long as I can. You have everything you need here, so why do you need to go? You’re mine, and I can take care of you.”

Gulping, you said, “Izaya, it’s been three years. My family probably thinks I’m dead! I don’t want to leave you – I want to leave here, with you, only for a few hours!”

“Do I need to remind you how cruel the world is?”

The switchblade was in his hand now, glinting in the sun like it had done on the night of your encounter. The multiple cuts and stab wounds littering your stomach began to burn at the sight of it – souvenirs from the last time you defied him.

“NO!! No, please don’t!! Please…”

Tears poured from your eyes as you begged for mercy. Your ‘lover’ only giggled, gently wiping away your tears with his thumb, knife dangerously close to your cheek.

“Aww, you’re so cute when you’re scared~! This is why I have to protect my little (Name)-chan. I absolutely love humans, but I love you even more. No matter what expression you make, you’re always adorable. I guess that’s what makes you special~.”

You were silent, not daring to even squeak. The blade moved to your neck, and your breath hitched in your throat.

“Hey, (Name)-chan, do you love me?”

“Y-yes!! I love you Izaya-kun!! I love you so much…”

“Then…” the switchblade was withdrawn at a painfully slow speed, causing you to gasp in relief. “Never ask to leave me again. You’re mine.”

All you could do was nod.

This was your fate, your destiny, your future. At that moment, you understood once and for all exactly what you were.

You were forever a prisoner, trapped in the devil’s lair.


A/N: Ahh, I haven't posted on this website in a while. It kind of died haha. Anyway, this little thing here was my entry to my friend Words-Of-Fate's Reader Insert Contest on DeviantArt!! I'm proud to say I placed second. ;)

I decided to post it here because the Link fic looked lonely haha

Also, from now on, I'll only be writing what I want when I feel like it due to lack of motivation. I'll only do your request if it catches my eye. There's so much to write and so little time ^^;

Hope you Durarara!! fans enjoy!!!!! I freaking love this sadistic info broker :3 

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