Ali is just a normal 17 year old girl. Then she meets the guy of her dreams... Luke Hemmings❤️ read to find out wha happens next��


3. Starbucks☕️☕️

Ali's POV:

I was still really shocked that Luke was standing in front of me!! I just then felt a few tears run down my face. I tried to wipe them away as quick as I could. Until I heard someone talking to me. It was Luke.!

"What's wrong beautiful?" He asked frowning. I tried to make up the best lie as quick as I could. "Boy troubles" I said with out thinking. I didn't think he would respond back but surprisingly he did. "Well don't worry about it. Your a beautiful beautiful girl and any guy would be lucky to have you!" By this time I was grinning. "Thank you" I say. I was trying not to fan girl so I decided to keep it cool. This elevator was taking FOREVER!!!

"So what brings you to this hotel?" Luke asked me. I kinda wanted to lie but tell part of the truth. Then the word just rolled out of my mouth. "Well I'm going to see this band that my friend loves this weekend." Just then I looked into his eyes, "wait a second I'm guessing your part of that band?" I said giggling to myself. He laughed and said "yep how'd you know?" He said grinning.

"Well it was just a wild guess cause my friend has a bunch of pictures of you around her room. Plus a bunch of other boys!" Again saying without thinking. "Well I'm heading to starbucks now, would you care to join me love?" He said holding out his hand. "Are you sure it wouldn't be a problem?" I said grinning. "Not at all" "well then, sure I would love to!" I said grabbing his hand. Just then we saw ALL the screaming fans. "Here take theses" Luke said handing me his sunglasses and sweat shirt so the fans wouldn't know who I am. I put it on then went to the back entrance. When we got there, there was more fans then before. Their security made us run to the van. I kept my head down and Luke put his arm around my shoulder. THE WHOLE TIME!!!! When we got in the van we sat down and took off Luke's hoodie and sunglasses. "So I never got your name" he says smiling. "My names Ali. Ali Smith." "Luke. Luke Hemmings." He said. "Do you like our music?" He asked. "Ya you guys are really good!" I said pinching my thigh To make sure this was real. "Awesome! Why are you pinching your thigh?" He asked. "Oh umm sorry it's just a habit." I said mentally laughing at my self. When we arrived at Starbucks I got my a usual. Caramel Machiotto. Luke got the same. When we got our drinks I thought I heard someone take a picture. When I looked at Luke he was on his phone smiling. "Did you take. Picture of me?" "Maybee..." He said holding the 'e'. "Let me guess your putting that on twitter?" "Yep!" He said popping the 'p'. Sound. "What's the caption?" I ask. "Not telling" he said blushing. " fine, then I'll just see my self I took out my phone and looked at his twitter. The caption said, 'with a beautiful girl at Starbucks. hope she can be mine one day!😍' I smiled at the last part.



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