Ali is just a normal 17 year old girl. Then she meets the guy of her dreams... Luke Hemmings❤️ read to find out wha happens next��


6. Pranks😏😏

Once we arrived at the hotel the most awesome idea popped in my head. "Let's prank my friend"

I said laughing. "Ya should I tell the guys to join?"

He asked. "Yes! That would work even better!" I said. So he called up all the boys and I explained what to do. They all agreed. Perfect now time to get the victim!! (Skip to inside hotel)

Ali's POV:

I had just texted Marisa to meet me in the lobby she said ok. I sat down on a couch waiting for her. Waiting and waiting and waiting and wa- oh she finally showed up. "It really took you that long to do your hair! It's in a messy bun! I could've done that with my eyes closed!" I said laughing like a retarded seal... "I did my make up too!!" "Let's go eat. Shall we?!" I said changing the subject and on to the plan. "WAIT!!" She yelled, "i didn't get my morning Ali hug!" She said pouting. I went over her a gave her a squeez! " wait a second..." She started sniffing me. Did I really smell that bad? "Why do you smell like men's cologne?" She Asked me. "Um I don't know. Don't ask me questions woman! Your not my mother!" I said joking around. She laughed as we went inside the food place. We said down in a booth right text to a table it was empty..... For now😉😉

Just then I got a text from Luke🐧❤️- coming in now😏

Ok was all I said. Marisa kept talking and talking about how cute calum was until Luke Walked over with a hoodie on so you couldn't see his face. His back was facing us. I interrupted Marisa and Said, "Marisa!!! Doesn't that look like Luke from 5sos to you??" I said grinning looking strait at looks hood. I grunted and then Luke took the hoodie off. There it was his perfect quiff. Then Calum came and sat facing us. He winked at Marisa and she started blushing. When Mikey walked in he stood there looking at me. I just stared I to his eyes. "Mikey long time no see!" I said and ran to his arms. Marisa was basically dead by now so I decided to put the last touch on it. Ashton walked in and say next to Marisa. Just then I had to go to get something from the room. Turns out Luke followed me. When I walked in I felt to arms around my waist. Then I knew it was Luke. "Hey Luke?" I asked. "Yes love?" Why do you think I'm so pretty?" I asked cause I really was confused. Just then he smiled and I felt his soft and warm lips touch mine. The way his cold lip ring felt against my lips felt amazing. Finally it ended up as a full make out session💋😆

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