Ali is just a normal 17 year old girl. Then she meets the guy of her dreams... Luke Hemmings❤️ read to find out wha happens next��


8. phone call and questions!

I answered the phone. "Hello?" I said. "Stay away from Luke" she said ( it was obviously a girl) "I'm sorry who is this?" I asked. "Luke's girlfriend now I said stay away from him!!" And with that she hung up. "Luke's girlfriend?" I say to my self. I decided to spend the night in my own room tonight instead of Luke's. I just needed to think about this. I called Marisa and she said she was on her way. For some reason I just broke down crying. She had an Aussie accent so she could be. What if Luke really did have a grielfriend? Marisa walked in with Calum and she ran to me Calum just stood there shocked. I barley ever cry so when I do something is up. Marisa asked me, " what wrong Ali? What did Luke do? Do I need to chop his balls off?" I laughed at that last part. "Calum could you leave for a second?" I asked him. "Yeah sure thing" he walked out. Then I started screaming crying pulling my hair and sliding down the wall. "Ok Ali talk to me!!" Marisa said. "Luke just asked me to be his girlfriend!" I said not being able to breath. "And that's a bad thing?" She asked. "No." I started, "I said yes but when we got to the lobby some girl told me to stay away from Luke cause she's his girlfriend!!" I started breaking down again. Marisa stormed out of the room pounding on Luke's door. "Lucas open this god damn door right now!!" SHE SCREAMED!!! He answered the door. "LOOK ME IN THE EYE AND TELL ME HOW MANY EX GIRLFRIENDS HAVE YOU HAD!!!" she yelled In his face. I could tell he looked scared. He looked over at me and saw that I had big red puffy eyes and mascara stains on my cheeks. "Ali what's the-" He started but I interrupted him and said "GOD DAMMIT LUKE JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!" I said with tears running down my face.

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