Ali is just a normal 17 year old girl. Then she meets the guy of her dreams... Luke Hemmings❤️ read to find out wha happens next��


2. meeting him😍

Ali's POV:

It was the morning of the concert. I woke and Marisa was still sleeping! I decided to do my make up and curl the ends of my dirty blond hair. I was wearing a crop top that said All Time Low. And black ripped skinny jeans, with my white high top converse.

After that I went to go get some breakfast. While I was in the hall way I heard screaming girls from outside. I knew it wasn't for 5sos because they were staying at the other hotel. So I just decided to ignore it. As I got on the elevator and pushed the level 1 button a hand slid through the door.

A tall young man with blond hair and blue eyes stood in front of me.

I couldn't believe my eyes! It was the Luke Hemmings❤️

OHH!!! Left you guys on a cliffhanger! Comment if you want me to update 😆 stay beautiful my darlings❤️ love


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