Ali is just a normal 17 year old girl. Then she meets the guy of her dreams... Luke Hemmings❤️ read to find out wha happens next��


7. Girlfriend!

Ali's POV:

When I woke up I was snuggled up to Luke's chest. I went to go take a shower. After the shower I got dressed and did my hair and makeup. Once I was all done I went to go eek like up cause he had sound check in a few hours. "Hey Luke! You gotta get up" I said calmly. "LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS GET YOUR ARSE UP!!!!" I screamed. Luke shot strait up. "Thank you" I said having a childish grin on my face and skipping to the lounge. When Luke is done with what ever he had to so he came out and sat next to me. I was on my phone. "Ali," Luke said, "do you wanna maybe go out with my tonight like after the concert?" He asked with puppy eyes. "AWWWW" I said "how could I say no to that! I would love to Luke" I said kissing his cheek. After the concert Luke took me out to the beach. We walked along the sand Line with our fingers intertwined. I love how this feels. I never felt actually in love with any of my other boyfriends. But with Luke, I always get butterflies in my stomach. 😍 just then Luke stopped. He stood in front of me and looked me in the eyes. Out of nowhere a guy gave Luke a guitar. He started singing Never Be. I started to tear up. After the song he knelt down on one knee and took a box out of his pocket. When he opened it up it had a beautiful infinity ring that said I will love you for infinity and beyond. Luke started saying. "Ali smith. I love you so much! Since I saw you in that elevator my stomach started getting butterflies because of how beautiful you were. So Ali Smith will you do me the honor of being my girl friend?" He said proudly! "Yes!!" He put the ring on my finger got up and kissed me for Like 30 seconds. When we walked back to the hotel my phone started ringing. It said unknown. "Hey Lukey I'll be right back I have to take this." I said holding up my phone. "Ok don't be to long. I'll miss my kisses." He said winking.

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