The Leader ( Creepypasta )

A boy came to the Slender mansion . He was asked if he could help with a problem . Who is the boy and what is his power?
The reader is a boy , so it will probably be a boyxboy , if you hate it don't read it .


2. The Title Is Back

*Eli's POV*
After the talk I went upstairs to my room . I changed my clothes and went to the meeting room so I can teleport everyone to the clearing in the woods . I could not wait for the duels to start .

"I would appreciate it if we could start already . I am bored ." I said awaiting for Jeffery or Slender to respond .

"Yeah!! Lets do this !"

Great . I am battleing an over energetic bafoon first . Slender quickly said that we may start and Jeffery and I nodded. The first to attack was Jeffery . I teleported behind him so I do not get stabbed and ruin my shirt . I touched his shoulder and paralized him for a moment to look into his past and see his weakness . 
A  young thirteen-year-old living a normal life, moved to a new town with his beloved younger brother and parents, he began to change during the first day as a sudden  pain that he thought he'd never get again came upon him. The next day, Jeff had the feeling again and brutally beat up a trio bullies, a year younger then him, named Randy , Keith and Troy , who were picking on him and his brother Liu by telling them that every kid in the neighborhood has to play along on handing over money.After at least a few days, Jeff went to a birthday party where he and his family were invited to on the day they first moved in. Jeff seemed a bit happy for a bit until the same bullies located him to achieve revenge.  Randy despite all the apologies from Jeff decided to go for vengeance regardless so he brutally attacked Jeff as Keith and Troy held the kids and parents at gunpoint to prevent them from interrupting the fight. Randy taunted Jeff's brother during the fight which caused Jeff to have the "feeling" again, snapped his mind permanently, and resulted in him murdering Randy. He then managed to assault Troy, but before he could finish off Keith, the latter set him on fire from some bleach that spilled on the two as well as some vodka that Randy smashed over his head during the fight and a lighter.Jeff woke up in a hospital, his head was wrapped in bandages. When the bandages were taken off, it was revealed that his face had become grotesquely deformed and extremely pale from the burns, with bright red lips and a leathery texture. Jeff said that he liked his face this way and laughed hysterically . The doctor allowed Jeff and his family to return home.Later that night, Jeff's mother woke up to find him in the bathroom carving a permanent smile up to his cheeks from his mouth so that he would no longer have to exert energy to smile, as he put it, and burned off his eyelids so that he could always see his "beautiful" face and wouldn't have to sleep anymore.  Jeff ran toward his parents and gutted them after he heard that they want to kill him. This woke up Liu, as Jeff suddenly walked into his room and killed him, with Jeff telling him as he was about to plunge the knife into his heart, "go to sleep".

I let go of his shoulder when I figured out his weakness . This shall be fun . He turned around and cut my cheek with his knife . My eyes turned blood red as soon as I felt blood trailing down my face . I lifted my hand to the cut , wiped some blood with my finger and licked it off . To say I was mad about the cut was not correct . I was furious .

" DISAPPEAR . " I said rather loudly and Jeffery's knife disappeared into thin air . I grinned and launched at him . I softly whispered
" fire " and pictured Jeffery on fire in my mind . That is exactly what happened . Jeffery started to burn in flames screaming . It was a wonderful sight .

"Child , stop . You can not go around killing the pets . We have use of them ." He said as I looked at the killer being scorched to death and sighed . I stopped the fire , cleaned the blood stain on my shirt and made the cut heal as I looked around . Everyone looked horrified . I just smiled and asked who was my next fight . There was a hand raised . It looks like my next fight was Toby . I looked forward to this but I did not know why . He threw a hatchet at me and I dodged it . I teleported next to him and touched his arm .

A boy grew up with many different mental disorders , along with a disease that attacked his nervous system , causing him to be immune to pain . He also had a case of tourette syndrom , causing him to make uncontrolable jerks and other abrupt movements . He is mostly recognized for cracking his neck uncontrollably . He had a mother , an older sister and an alcoholic father . He was homeschooled his whole life due to him being unfitted for the normal school surrounding . After his older sister died in an accident and he took a blow on the head . He developed a disturbing new taste for human flesh after chewing most of his flesh off of his fingers . He soon killed his parents and almost died in a fire . The person that saved him was Slenderman .

I let go of his arm as he tried to cut me with his hatchet . I realized from the way he is around people and how he speaks that he is very shy so I wanted to try something out . I quickly dodged another attack and teleported in front of him . I took off his mask and stared into his eyes .

"Now do tell me , why would such a handsome young man wear a mask on his face?" I asked as I bended a little since I was a bit taller and kissed him . I watched him as he blushed 50 shades of red ( No one ? Okay... ) and fainted . I chuckled and turned to the pastas who were blushing from the scene a moment ago . Jane and Sally were squealing and jumping around holding hands . I noticed no one else had the will to fight me and asked Slender if he would . Slender agreed . This was our first fight in 100 years . Sure brings back memories . I was the first to attack . I thought of a scythe and it appeared in my hands . I swung my scythe towards Slender but he teleported. Two can play that game . I teleported behind him and cut three of his tentacles . He turned around and punched me in the stomach . I did not even flinch . I ran behind him and climbed on his back . I thought of a spear it appeared in the place of the scythe . I plunged the spear in Slender's back and he fell to the floor . I decided since the three of them were unconscious I should heal them . When they woke up Slender said :

"Everybody listen .  I now announce that once again , we shall have Elijah as our leader . Treat him respectfully or you will die by his hand .Do not oppose him . His word is , from now on , absolute . No one in this mansion is allowed to fight him unless it is on his orders . Am I clear?" He said as everyone nodded . In that moment I remembered the first time I became the leader and smiled .

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