The Leader ( Creepypasta )

A boy came to the Slender mansion . He was asked if he could help with a problem . Who is the boy and what is his power?
The reader is a boy , so it will probably be a boyxboy , if you hate it don't read it .


1. The Boy

*Jeff's POV*

"Why the hell is Slendy in such a hurry?" I asked refering to Toby

"I-I d-don't know , w-we s-should probably a-a-ask h-him" he said and I agreed , walking up to Slendy.

"Hey Slendy what happened? Why are you in such a hurry?" I asked .

"Hush child . I shall tell everyone in a minute , go inform the others of the meeting . I want everybody to be in the same room . Understood?"

He said just as he teleported . Toby and I sighed and went to gather everyone for Slendy's announcement . It must be something big doesn't it? To get Slendy in such a hurry , the reason must be really bad . I guess we will hear in a couple of minutes when Slendy comes back to the mansion.

*Slenderman's POV*

"I have wanted to say one more thing , you did not have to teleport me here right away ." I tried to reason .

"Yes in fact I did . You were late and you know I am not good on the patient side Slender ." The boy said .

"I still see no reason in teleporting me yourself . I would have still came." I said .

"Do not talk back to me . Now , do you want me to teleport us or will you do it instead?" The boy asked me.

"I shall do it so you do not excert yourself too much."

I said as I teleported the boy to the door and left him so I can tell the pastas about him before he enters . This will indeed be fun . When I found the room everybody is in I entered and started explaining .

"Pastas . I acquire complete silence for this announcement . From today on there will be another creepypasta in this mansion . He is not like you so do not treat him disrespectfully , if you do , you will face instant death . Are there any questions concerning this matter?"

I said and waited for someone to raise their hand . As I predicted the first hand was Jane.

"Yes Jane ? Do you have a question?"

"Yeah I do . Is he hot?" She said, making me feel uncomfortable since the boy is listening to our every word .

"I do not wish to answer that question , you will see him after we're done with all of the questions." I answered right as Toby raised his hand.

"W-w-w-what is h-his creepypasta p-p-power?" I knew how to answer this but considering the boy will introduce himself later I chose not to.

"That is a matter the boy will tell you when he introduces himself." The next one to raise his hand was Laughing Jack .

"Is there a chance any of us could beat him in a fight ?" I thought about my fight with him a lot of years ago and said

"There is absolutely no way any of you are able to beat him . Not individually and not even joined . Any more questions? " I asked seeing their surprised expressions . Right on time , the boy teleported into the room .

"Slenderman , why did you leave me in front of the mansion for so long? You know I wanted to see the new decorations." he said but no one seemed to notice him . I am guessing he still thinks I am explaining everything . I decided to tell him to appear , so everyone can see him .

"Everyone listen closely . I told the boy to come here and introduce himself. I beg of you , for the sake of the mansion , do not be rude to him."

 Everyone nodded their heads and I told the boy to appear in the room right away . I watched the shocked looks on the pastas faces as the boy appeared . I believe they will get along quite well , if there aren't any fights . The boy had black hair , piercings and black glasses. I must say he looked handsome and pretty much human . He didn't have any qualities of a pasta , yet he was the strongest of all . His appearance fit the human world so he had the advantage in killing his victims . I stopped thinking as soon as the boy sent me a glare and I asked him what is the problem . The boy spoke in a British accent which I may say was appealing to the women population .

"Where were you? I was waiting for ever . I repeat , I am not a patient person ." 

"I apologise . The questions took a bit more time than expected ." I said .

"Your apology is accepted . Why did I have to go back here after this many years Slender?" he asked me

"The activities of the wild creepypastas are increasing and we will soon be exposed , we need your power to help us." I said

"Very well then , I am glad to be back . I may as well stay here since I have killed all the wild pastas on East, West and South . All that is left now is the North which is here ."

"Good . Now please introduce yourself to the rest who have been staring at you drooling for the past 5 minutes."

"Fine . My name is Elijah , but call me Eli , that goes for you too Slender . I am not a child . I am much older than you ." he said as everyone else in the room said  " WHAT??!! " except for me . I for a fact knew of his age . He was a creepypasta long before I was . He is our leader , the boy who is 200 years old and holds the knowledge of million people .

"To continue , I developed my mind far enough to the point where it stopped working . The knowledge in my brain was too much for me to handle . When I became a creepypasta , 200 years ago , I have been granted two powers . The first power is the power to see everyone's weakness , while the second is , what ever I wish for in my mind , it becomes true . You may test me if you wish ." He said and I came up with a great idea .

" I have a great way to test your powers child . You shall have a duel with a creepypasta . Who wants to volunteer? " I said and as soon as I finished the last sentence Jeff's hand raised . I felt happy for the first time . I do not know the reason . It could be because my best friend was finally back , or the fact that I will see Jeff in extreme pain .

" I feel like this is going to be a good day and I can't wait to see you in pain Jeffery . After we finish our fight I will compete against every other creepypasta . If I win , I will be named The Leader once again ." He said . He said something else before he went to change his clothes .

"Why is everyone drooling?"



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