I'm the one???!!!

something i came up with in creative writing and thinking of making it into chapters so please comment if i should continue :3


1. first chapter maybe?

Someone’s P.O.V Time was going by so fast that me and James never noticed that our plane ride and arrived at our destination until we heard the fight attended told us we had landed. We both smiled with glee as we got off the plane and collected our bags and took a taxi to the hotel. James was taking pictures of the scenery as the taxi drove past amazing sculptures and wild-life it was almost like we went to another planet. I didn’t notice that I have blanked out until I heard James say my name “Damian, hello~ are you there~” I smiled and looked at him “sorry love I just blanked out” causing James to smile at him and kiss is cheek “it fine just making sure you were okay” he replied to me. That’s what I love about him he always looks out for others before him, but sometimes I do wish he looked out for his-self first. I kissed his cheek back just as the taxi pulled up at our hotel, James squealed slightly when he saw how beautiful the hotel was when we walked into the lobby and up to reception to get our key to the room. As we thanked the receptionist and began walking to our room I got the feeling someone or something was watching us but I shook it off thinking it was just some gay couple hater staring at us. Unknown P.O.V I watch as my target and his mate walk towards what seems to be their room while they are here. I did notices that he could tell he was being watch by something aka me and I’m the best at stalking targets and I’ve never had a target who noticed they were being watched before so that makes my boss’s assumption even closer to being right about this human being the one that will save us all. ~~~TIME SKIP TO LATER THAT NIGHT~~~ Damian’s P.O.V As it got closer to night I told James that I was going out to get some ice since we were out and he replied with a simple nod as he watched RuPaul’s drag queen race on the plasma TV. As I walked down to the lobby everything was really quiet and I could yet again feel like I was being watch so I began to walk a little faster. When I reached the ice machine I began to fill up the bucket with ice. Out of nowhere I was thrown to the ground into a purple/blue portal thing and saw a girl with giant fairy like wings and pale blue skin follow after me through the portal thing. I had lost my voice I was unable to speak I was in shock and slowly I began to see black until I felt my body hit a hard smooth surface. I stood up and looked around to see that I’m on a ledge and what looked like fairies, nymphs and elves flying and walking around below and above me. Without thinking I spoke out “where the hell am I” and shortly after I got an answer from the girl fairy thing that threw me into the portal thing and what she said shocked me “well Damian you are in the Fairy tale galaxy” ~~~CLIFFHANGER~~~ thanks for reading and i would mean a lot if you liked this and comment if i should continue the story :3 from Shadowblossom
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