A Collection of Poems


1. Sunburn

July 3rd, 2014

I danced in the light

I twirled in delight

Being baked by the sun

Oh it really is fun

We peel and we burn

We cry and we urge

For sunscreen to be used

But only few do

Weeks go by

Without a sign

Then it's there

But no one seems to care

You start to twirl

Like in the start

But now you twirl and twirl right out of you skin

You shed like a snake that's being baked by an oven

The difference is

Now someone cares

You smile and laugh

On the trip to your cure

Isn't that what doctors do?

They fix and they patch and they heal this and that

That's what they told you that's what they said

Yet do you believe the words in your head?

Then comes the bad news

You danced in the light and you twirled in delight

Just a little too much

They say you have Cancer

then you start to regret

There's a cure they say

Yet do you believe?

Doctors really don't know everything

You wonder if there might be hope

As you shed skin like coat

You start to think why

Why didn't I?

I should have used sunscreen

But it's to late for that 

Days seem like months 

In the state you are in

Then one last time you try and you try

But it's time to say good bye

As you look around one last time

In the last single glimpse

You see the sun

You cry your last tears and think your last thought

Why oh why

Didn't I use?

Why did I refuse?

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