A Collection of Poems


4. Shiny and New


Shiney &  New


Nothing can be shiney and new.

Not forever.


In 2005 the storm named Katrina decided that the united states should not be shiney and new.


She swept over Florida causing minimal damage, just a Category One..


But she got stronger and stronger till she was category five, millions and millions left the city of

New Orleans.


Some stayed and taught, “It’ll be alright… It will be okay.”


But it was not alright.


She became a category five and left the city in flooded ruins.


So much destruction with so little warning.


How could she do this?


So many lives lost.


So many homes destroyed.


Why would she do this?


Did Mother Nature ask her?


How could such a wonderous thing as Katrina to destroy something so shiney and new?


Help came to those who suffered.


But today we still can see the damage she caused.


Katrina is gone…

But the sorrow lives forever.

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