A Collection of Poems


5. Reaper



Books go blank.

Sentences fall off the pages.


Things evaporate from drawers

Clothes vanish from closets.


Just like memories.

Memories falling out and turning blank.


When your Reaper comes you have two choices, you can go or can stay.

If you go, you'll be with her - your wife.

The one you killed.


If you stay, you become nothing. 

You'll fall off the page, but your shadow will linger on.


Your shadow will be there, but you won't.

You'll be gone.


You say you don't want to go, you don't want to leave the two you call your own.

So you might stay.

You might stay because you can't let go of the only things that you have left.


You're going to die.

There is nothing you can do.


(supernatural poem about bobby)

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