A Collection of Poems


3. Dear Doctor Watson



Dear Doctor Watson


It's me.


Who? You know who I am.

As you may know, I'm dead.

Sorry about that.


Maybe it could have ended up differently.

Unless you manage to raise me from the dead, you would probably never find out why I'm dead.

Reasons for that remain unknown. For your safety John, I urge you not to go digging.

Danger will come if you go looking for answers.

Even if you go looking, I can promise you right now that you won't find anything.

Really John, please.

Even though you want to. 



Friends, we were the best of those.

I think I'll miss that more than anything.

No, I think I will miss you more than anything. However I'm dead, so I can't miss anything.

Doctor Watson, I have but one last request. 


Hell, you probably won't be able to do this.

I do however, want you to try.

Maybe you'll trust me, maybe not.


All I want you to do my dear John,

Never stop doing what you love.
Don't ever change.


Good luck to you John.

Either take my advice or get yourself into a hole you won't be able to dig yourself out of.

Take my advice John.




(I know this is published as a separate book but I figured I'd add it here too.)






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