The good deed (michael clifford)

5sos, Michael Clifford,
It's not the best feeling in the world. Realising your life is so worthless that you find yourself on top of a bridge, waiting for that moment when your feet lift from the ground and you find yourself falling.
I wouldn't know, he saved me before I could have a chance to feel my body hit the waters face. Before I could fall.
But why did he save me? Why is he helping a broken person like me?
Especially when he's famous?
It doesn't make sense. Until you read.


9. Chap 9

Michaels POV (SURPRISE bitches)

I open the door to my apartment and am greeted by silence.

Nothing. Normally I'd be use to the silence, enjoying it. But Laura is here. I mean yeah, she's quite and shy, but it still shouldn't be like this.

I close the door quietly, just an instinct. And made my way to to the living room. That's when my green eyes meet her beautiful sleeping body.

She lies on the floor, one pillow beneath her head, body turned on her left side, facing away from me.

I smile at her sleeping body. I never meant to keep her waiting this long. The traffic was heavy and kept me longer then I intended.

I stare at laura for more then I'm supposed to. She's so beautiful, if only she knew that.

I have feelings for her, but I know she isn't in the right place to be in a relationship. I'm not going to rush her. Even then she still doesn't fully trust me. Considering what she's been through, I don't blame her.

I can't just leave her on the floor. Its cruel, or at least not respectful. I gently pick her up bridal style and slowly carry her to her bed.

I lay her down, covering her with the blankets. I gently kiss her forehead and walk toward her door. Looking back and sighing.

'Michael?' Her soft voice calls.

'yeah?' I reply with the same soft tone as her.

'thank you.'

'anytime princess, get some sleep.' I slowly close her door not bothering to wait for a reply.

(I know I said you would find out but.... Sorry )

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