The good deed (michael clifford)

5sos, Michael Clifford,
It's not the best feeling in the world. Realising your life is so worthless that you find yourself on top of a bridge, waiting for that moment when your feet lift from the ground and you find yourself falling.
I wouldn't know, he saved me before I could have a chance to feel my body hit the waters face. Before I could fall.
But why did he save me? Why is he helping a broken person like me?
Especially when he's famous?
It doesn't make sense. Until you read.


5. chap 5

I sigh deeply. Preparing myself to share something I've never shared before. My life story. It's messed up. I don't know why I'm doing this. Maybe it's the mouth watering food I get after woods. Or maybe it's the way Michael cares, I never really had that growing up.

'Are you ready?' Michaels innocent voice softens.

'Grab the tissues.' I position my self comfortably on his lounge. Leaning into the Conner, a blanket over my legs and a hot coffee in my hands.

Michael places the tissues on the coffee table then takes a seat on the floor with his legs crossed. He smiles slightly.

I breath in, already shaking. 'Up until high school my life was average. Just mum dad, my older sister Freyer and me. Mum and dad never had an argument in front of us, so I assumed everything was ok.'


'Freyer! Pass the god damn ball! It's not fair.' I screamed frustrated at my older sister for hogging the ball. We're in the middle of a two person soccer game.

'Your not a kid anymore Laura! You have to get it off me!' She laughs throwing her perfect blonde hair over her shoulder. I've always been jealous of Freyer. Her pretty blonde hair, amazing blue eyes and her talent in soccer.

'I don't have soccer skills like you.' I now my head. A few minutes of silence washed over us as distant screaming filled the air.

'I never should of fucked you you whore! The only good thing that has ever happened out of you is Freyer! And fuck she's better at it then you'll ever be! She dose everything I ask her to do! Unlike a fucked up piece of shit like you.' My farther's angry voice screamed.

Freyer ran over to me, holding me tightly. 'Shhhh' she whispered in my ear. Tears rolling down her cheeks.

'What is he talking about Frey?' I asked worried for my big sister.

'Shhh, your to young to worry about it. No matter what happens to me, if dad try's to hurt you, run, run Laura. Find help.' Her sobs becoming heavy. A loud scream is heard from the house. Mum?

'Mum? What's happened to mum?!?' I begin to cry.

'It's ok, it's ok, shhhh.' Frey continues to cradle me in her arms. My eyes becoming heavy. I close them. Soon finding darkness.


I wake in the back seat of my dads ute. My head resting on Frey's lap. Her mouth duck tapped closed. I look at her with panic.

'Frey?' I ask confused.

Her eyes fill with tears. The blue ute dad owned stopped. I look out the window. We are no where near home.

'Where are we?' I look over at dad. A pissed expression to his face.

'Non of your fucking business!' He snaps slapping my face. I begin to cry at the sting. He rips of The tape from Frey's mouth.

'She's only 9! Don't do this to her! Take me not her!' She begins screaming. I sit there lightly sobbing confused at the situation.

'Shut up!' He snaps. We freeze in fear.


'Dad didn't let Frey go back to school. I never knew why. I continued to go to school everyday. And when I came home Frey would always read me a few books and cuddle me. Telling me everything was alright.' I sigh.

'Few years later.

I was just started high school. Frey helped me with homework after school. I had made a few friends but not many. Everyday after school, I started to notice more and more bruises and scars on Frey. Each day she became more miserable.

I asked her if she was ok. She responded with:

Laura, there are some kinds of evil out there. Monsters much stronger then you. Never let your guard down. They will hurt you once you do. She let a few tears fall from her eyes.

She tucked me in and told me goodnight.

I didn't know what she meant by that. At least not until her started hurting me. Every morning and after school he would hurt me. Started beating me pretty bad.

He would go out and by me make up to hide my bruises. I can home from school and noticed Frey wasn't home. I walked into her room...' I start sobbing. Michael passing me tissues.

I take a few deep breaths before continuing. 'I find a note in her bed. It read:

I'm so sorry Laura, I never mention for it to be this way. If you ever get a chance, run. Leave you don't Deserve to be treated like shit. Please don't ever let it get to this. He is going to kill me Laura, I couldn't let it happen that way. Every night he would hurt me, in ways I never thought were possible. He rapped me, beat me and kept the biggest secrete from you. Jane wasn't your mother, I was. I'm so sorry baby. Xx

Frey was my mother. I stood back in shock, knocking something behind me.'

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