The good deed (michael clifford)

5sos, Michael Clifford,
It's not the best feeling in the world. Realising your life is so worthless that you find yourself on top of a bridge, waiting for that moment when your feet lift from the ground and you find yourself falling.
I wouldn't know, he saved me before I could have a chance to feel my body hit the waters face. Before I could fall.
But why did he save me? Why is he helping a broken person like me?
Especially when he's famous?
It doesn't make sense. Until you read.


4. Chap 4

Sorry for late update guys, I was in the hospital.. Long story short I thought I broke my collar bone again, but didn't and they don't know why it so badly hurts. I'm in a sling for a few weeks and i don't know how often I'll be able to update so enjoy this chapter.

Never in a million years would I have pictured me, shopping like a girl.

I mean yeah, I'm a girl and I do like to look nice sometimes but, in all honesty this isn't me.

Michael has left to do his 'jobs' and I have been shopping for over an hour. I have gotten a few pairs of ripped skinny jeans, tank tops, quite a few long T shirts, some shorts and am heading to get some make up and shoes.

I'm not sure how I'm suppose to get 'home'. I don't know the address, I haven't gotten a phone yet and Michael hasn't said anything. I guess I'll figure it out when I'm done.

My makeup choices are simple and light. Just some mascara, and an eyeliner. The pencil kind.

My shoes aren't that great either. A plain black pair of converse and one pair of heals. Black laced. Along with a few brackets and a yellow iPhone 5c.

There are some more personal items as well.

I walk out side with the few bags I have. The sun was lowering in the sky. A deep purple, blue colour now coated the scene like a water coloured paint. It was a sight worth seeing.

My stomach growled, reminding me that the only meal I've eaten today was the breakfast/ lunch with Michael. He took me to a small cafe and sat down with me. Whilst most of the time was quiet, I still felt relaxed and as if nothing could ever hurt me.

I free my light brown hair from the messy bun I had left it in. I run my fingers through it smoothing it out as much as I could get it. I fix up the blue and white flannelette Michael had given me to wear, as well as some small black skinny jeans and my black boots.

I sigh, sitting myself down on the curb. Wondering how the hell am I going to get back. I fiddle with my yellow iPhone nervously.

'Don't you have something better to do then to just sit on a curb? Like maybe jumping in my car so you can tell me your story?' The unforgettable voice of Michaels fills my ears.

'Yeah.' I smile.

Although I was glad to see him, I deeply regret promising to tell him my story. It confused me has to how he still remembers. Maybe he generally cares? Either way, I'm not looking forward to telling him.

'Come on.' He speaks holding out his hand to help me up. Michael calmly opens the door to his black Sudan and allows me to sit down. He closes the door and places my stuff in the boot.

'I thought girls needed a lot more then that?' He asks jumping in the car with a smile.

'Most girls.' I quietly reply.

'But not you?'

'Nope.' I pop the P.

Michael chuckles. A soft smell of food filled the car. Causing my stomach to demand being fed. I can't recognise the smell. My mouth begins to water. I close my eyes a smile to my face.

'Hungry?' I can sense the smirk to his face.

'What gave it away?' I giggled slightly.

'Hope you like Chinese food.'


'What?' He gives me a confused look as we stop at traffic lights.

'I don't know..'

'You don't know if you like Chinese food?' He questions.

'I've never had it...' I feel awkward. Not only because of the 'are you freakin kidding me' look Michael is giving me, but because the lights have turned green. The other cars beep their horns as we just sit here stopped.

'I'm..' I point awkwardly at the green light. Michael slowly begins driving again.

He smirks. 'Well, I guess your just going to have to try it, after I hear your story.'

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