The good deed (michael clifford)

5sos, Michael Clifford,
It's not the best feeling in the world. Realising your life is so worthless that you find yourself on top of a bridge, waiting for that moment when your feet lift from the ground and you find yourself falling.
I wouldn't know, he saved me before I could have a chance to feel my body hit the waters face. Before I could fall.
But why did he save me? Why is he helping a broken person like me?
Especially when he's famous?
It doesn't make sense. Until you read.


12. Chap 12

Michaels POV

The first time I have seen her wear shorts. White and purple scars cover her Long, skinny legs.

I look to her, concerned.

'Sorry.' She breaths.

'Not, don't apologize, just not again. Ever.' She bites her bottom lip holding back the tears in her glassy eyes.

I walk over to her, wrapping my arms around her. This isn't her, a monster did this.

Anger boiled inside my veins. But disappeared once her arms wrapped around my neck.

'Thank you.' She whispers in my ear. Her soft calming voice soothed me.

A distant noise brought us apart as I remembered the surprise I had gotten her.

I smiled as I walked over to the laundry door and slowly opening it. The door not even half way open and the tiny brown puppy comes flying out and into Laura's arms.

'AWE!' I have never heard a girl squeal so loud in my life.

'He's yours, so you'll never be alone again.' I smile as Laura Sheads a tear. But with a smile to her face.

'So i do good?' I ask.

She nods her head. 'You did good.'

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