The good deed (michael clifford)

5sos, Michael Clifford,
It's not the best feeling in the world. Realising your life is so worthless that you find yourself on top of a bridge, waiting for that moment when your feet lift from the ground and you find yourself falling.
I wouldn't know, he saved me before I could have a chance to feel my body hit the waters face. Before I could fall.
But why did he save me? Why is he helping a broken person like me?
Especially when he's famous?
It doesn't make sense. Until you read.


11. Chap 11

Michael's POV

I just held her. For what seemed like hours, for what I wanted to be forever.

Her head softly rests on my chest. Her breathing slow and calm. I run my fingers through her soft,light brown hair, wondering what asshole would ever hurt a girl as beautiful as Laura.

This girl is has something special. Something that I can't get enough of. She's unique, a girl like no other.

Her personality has me hooked, she's beautiful inside and out. I let out a deep but relaxed sigh.

Laura shifts uncomfortably, she looks up at me. Her light brown eyes meet mine. For a second everything seemed perfect. Like no harm had ever been brought. Like it was only us and no one else. Time slowed down, every thought of her farther left my mind.

We both inched forward, taking our time. Her eyes left mine, only to look down at my impatient lips, awaiting hers. Slightly our lips made contact. Chills are sent down my spine, I would be Iieing if I said I didn't want to stop.

Her smooth lips left mine. All I could do was let her pull away, no matter how much I wanted to continue, I couldn't. If she's not ready, I need to wait. For her.

My eyes still closed as she sighs. I feel her move off of my bed, and walk out of my room. I sigh opening my eyes, ready to face reality again. Knowing that one kiss was the most perfect moment my life would ever have, kills me the most.

I get out of my bed slowly and stretch again. A small smile pressed to my face.


After I finish up in the bathroom, I make my way down stairs. I enter the kitchen ready to grab some breakfast. I step back completely startled by what I see.

She looks down at her feet, her eyes filled with hurt. There she stands the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, with scars running down her legs.

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