"W-who are you?!" Dipper stammered, looking up into the teenager's golden eyes.
Those eyes softened, becoming less cold and hard. "I am called many things, really. Mother Earth, Mother Moon, Yin.... But you may call me Cypher......"


1. The Eleventh Cipher

Ugh...m-my head. What...what happened? The brunette pre-teen thought as he steadily opened his dark eyes. He was lying on his back, surrounded by a void of nothingness. Ignoring the throbbing in his head, the child sat up, then stood, looking around at the void. What's going on? He pondered. Am I dreaming? 
"Hello?" he called out, his voice echoing. "HELLO?!" he called again, louder this time. When he received no answer, he sighed. "Well Dipper, looks like you'll have to find your own way out," he muttered to himself, before setting off in a random direction.
Dipper walked for what seemed like forever, calling out to anyone who might hear him.
It was little while longer before he came to a solitary door. It looked to be made of some sort of metal, as it had a slight sheen to it. Raising a brow, Dipper stepped closer to the door, taking a cautious peek behind it to see if there was anything.
He placed his hand tentatively on the door's surface, wondering if it was a mirage.
It's not even metal...but wood! Dipper thought, running his hand along the door's surface. It has a slight, smooth texture, making it feel almost like iron, and the sheen it had made it look like said metal.
The brunette's gaze drifted down to the door knob, which looked like one of those pretty, old-fashioned bronze knobs that were intricately designed. Placing his hand over the knob, Dipper sighed deeply before twisting it and opening the door.
He instantly wished he hadn't.
Beyond the door, everything was greyscale, save for azure flames that danced everywhere, and various creatures that were trying to escape said flames.
Walking around, Dipper looked at his surroundings, taking in each scene before him. Bodies lay everywhere, charred beyond recognition, and some still burning; deep chasms that opened up from nowhere, swallowing victims by the dozen; a blue inferno spreading in all directions, cutting off almost all escape routes.
"Dipper!" someone shouted, startling Dipper. The pre-teen looked around, looking for the source of the voice.
"DIPPER!!" the voice called again, sounding more distressed...and much more familiar.
"Mabel?!" Dipper called out, running in the general direction he heard his twin's voice come from.
"Dipper, please!" Mabel's voice called out again, sounding closer.
Dipper ran faster than he'd ever run, desperate to help his sister, until he came to a sudden halt, eyes widening at the scene that lay before him. 
He saw two fawns, one light tan in color, strange, glowing blue marks forming a star upon its flank; the other was a darker shade, more brown than tan, with the same strange blue markings, though these formed the shape of the Big Dipper. The lighter one had tears trekking down its young face as it was trying to help the other, who was half-pinned underneath a fallen tree.
"Come on, Dipper!" the light fawn said to the darker fawn. "You can do it!"
The darker fawn, Dipper, savagely kicked his hind-quarters, trying his best to loosen himself from the tree's grasp. No matter what he did though, he couldn't seem to pry himself loose. 
"It's no use, Mabel," he said, sounding exactly like the human Dipper standing just feet away. "Just go on and catch up with the others."
"N-no! No I won't do that to you!" Deer Mabel exclaimed, widening her brown eyes at her brother. "We can figure this out! We always d--"
"Mabel, now's not the time to argue!" Deer Dipper semi-snapped back at her. "Just go!"
Mabel feared up even more, shaking her head violently. "There has to be something!"
"Mabel, for the last time, run!" the dark fawn shouted, his voice cracking at the end.
The human Dipper, while confused with the whole "deer-versions-of-he-and-his-twin" thing, rushed over to help the two young fawns, but a large black mass intersecting his path stopped him. He skidded, and fell, looking up at the mass.
It was a wolf, black as ebony, standing there, looking at the two fawns. 
"D-don't you dare hurt them!" Dipper yelled at the wolf, though the creature didn't even flick its tail in his direction.
Does it not hear me? Dipper thought frantically.
The wolf moved toward the fawns, the tip of its tail twitching slightly.
"NO!" Dipper shouted, trying to grab hold of the wolf to divert its attention from the fawns onto him, if only for a second.
His hand slid right through the wolf's if he didn't exist. W-what?! Dipper thought, staring in shock at his hand, his breathing becoming slightly quicker.
"Lady!" Mabel exclaimed, and Dipper quickly forgot about his hand as he looked up, seeing the deer version of his sister trotting quickly up to the wolf.
"Shooting Star," the wolf said, her voice echoing. "What happened?"
A fresh set of tears sprang to Mabel's eyes as she nuzzled the she-wolf. "We were running, along with Wendy and Zues, but the flames were everywhere! We got separated...and then we were on the verge of meeting up again, when a chasm opened up. and Zeus almost fell in, but escaped! I almost did too, but Dipper saved me. But then the tree fell, and he wants me to leave him!"
The she-wolf stroked Mabel's back with a paw, and then walked over to the tree that kept Deer Dipper prisoner. 
"When you feel this thing lift, I need you to get out as fast as possible. Alright, Pine Tree?" she said, meeting the fawn's soft blue eyes with her own golden gaze. Then she proceeded to push against the still-smoking tree. When the time came for the dark fawn to pry himself free, Mabel helped in pulling him out from under the tree, human Dipper watching in suspense, hoping for the best.
When he was out safely, the wolf let the tree slam back onto the ground, and glanced over at the two fawns.
Mabel was offering herself as support for her injured brother, who could barely keep himself standing upright, and Dipper could see why. He saw the way his deer counterpart's right hind-leg was twisted awkwardly, and the left back seemed unresponsive to much of anything.
The she-wolf gently laid her tail on the dark fawn's back, and he looked up at her, pain glistening in his azure eyes.
"Pine Tree...allow me," the ebony creature said, her golden eyes glistening.
Deer Dipper looked doubtful for a split second, before gently lowering himself down to a laying position, Mabel settling down right beside him.
The wolf placed a gentle paw Dipper's haunch, and before long, a soft golden glow emitted from both the wolf's body and Deer Dipper's body.
"Cré agus cosmos araon, cumhachtaí na beatha heed mo ghlao."
The she-wolf chanted this phrase three times, each time the golden hue surrounding her and the fawns growing brighter.
At the end of the third repetition, the glow subsided and died, leaving everything back to its original greyscale color.
Deer Dipper and Mabel then shot up, both softly nuzzling the ebony predator. 
"Thank you, Lady!" Mabel exclaimed, smiling lightly.
Dipper nodded, and the she-wolf stood.
"Now that that is taken care of, I want you two to listen closely," she said, and the fawns nodded eagerly, and human Dipper listened in as well.
"I want you to be thorough in this: make sure every creature you come across gets out of here alive. Afterwords, find the others. From there, you will have to figure it out." She then turned to leave, but Mabel jumped into her way, fear evident in her soft brown gaze.
"Wait! You're not seriously thinking of confronting him by yourself?!" she exclaimed.
"There is no other option," the wolf responded, making a motion to walk around the young doe.
Dipper blocked her this time.
"What do you mean?! There's always at least one other option! Let us help you!" he exclaimed.
"This matter does not involve the Guardians," the wolf said. "This is something that I must do alone."
"But...but we took an oath. An oath to protect the balance of the world!" Mabel stated.
"And by doing what I asked of you, you are fulfilling your oaths."
"Enough, leanaí!" the wolf growled, averting her gaze from the two fawns. "It's much more complicated than you would understand. Just this one task. If not for me, then for all who reside in this world."
The fawns glanced at each other, then at the burning forest around them. Both have a sigh.
The wolf gave a sigh. "Thank you, leanaí," she said, before walking away, human Dipper following her.
"Lady Cypher!" Deer Dipper called, causing the wolf and human Dipper to turn and look at him. The young buck gave a sly smile. "Kick his butt, will ya?"
The wolf, Cypher, smiled in response. "Of course, Pine Tree."
And with that, she ran off, human Dipper doing his best to keep up.
The two ran for a decent amount of time, weaving in and out between burning tree and the fleeing creatures of the forest.
Dipper was keeping surprisingly good pace with the she-wolf, keeping just short of ten feet behind her.
Cypher came to a sudden halt, her ebony fur bristling and golden eyes narrowed.
Dipper skidded to a stop just behind her, following the wolf's gaze.
There, in his line of sight, was the one entity he'd hoped to never meet again.
Bill Cipher.
Is this who the fawns were talking about?! The brunette thought, staring up at the golden Triangulum demon.
"BILL!!" Cypher barked, catching the demon's attention. Dipper's blood turned to ice and his heartbeat rapidly sped up when the triangle turned his eye upon Cypher.
Bill instantly became a fiery red color, his eye turning black with a white slit for a pupil. "Cypher...."
Dipper turned to the she-wolf, momentarily forgetting that he could not be heard. 
"Are you insane?! You can't go up against Bill!! He's insane!!"
Cypher paid no heed to his statements, but rather allowed a golden light to consume her. As bright as it was, the aura did not illuiminate anything around it, as opposed to cast a grand luminescence whenever she had healed Dipper's deer counterpart. The glow was duller than before, darker. When it faded, instead of a she-wolf, there stood a human in its place. Smouldering golden eyes complimented moon-pale skin, with long ebony locks to accompany it. She wore a long sleeved grey tunic and black leggings with no shoes to cover her tiny feet.
What...? Dipper thought, staring at the woman.
"Bill, this has to stop. You're destroying that which does not deserve your wrath," Cypher said, her voice strong and steady.
Bill's eye narrowed. "Everything here has earned my fury. There is no mercy for this world!" he snapped, a bright yellow flame erupting around both of his clenched fists. "And there is also none for those who stand in my way."
Cypher let out a huff. "Very well then."
Bill flung the balls of fire at her, which she dodged with ease. A pillar of earth shot the dark-haired woman into the sky, and she somersaulted, sending down a misty, black energy stream down upon the Triangulum.
Bill blocked the attack with his dark cane. He barely had enough time to dodge the second attack from his enemy.
Cypher took his fault as an advantage, and dived toward the demon, black aura surrounding her.
The impact knocked both entities to the ground, creating a cloud of dust to go along with it.
Wide-eyed, Dipper watched as the dust cleared, revealing the two rivals to be standing, facing each other.
They stood like that for minute...thinking...analyzing each other's next move. Cypher lunged, electric yellow flames enfulfing her fist. Bill summoned sapphire flames to his hand, and proceeded to block Cypher's punch with said hand, the two flames meeting, creating a flurry of electric green sparks.
Using her other hand, Cypher aimed a punch to Bill's side, which he block with his free hand. Cypher growled, landing a swift kick to the other's middle, sending him backwards.
Bill slammed against a tree, then rose up again, his body engulfed in bright yellow flames. He went for the first blow this time, and slammed into the girl, knocking her off-balance, in which he proceeded to try and incinerate her with a large blue fireball.
The attack halfway succeeded, as Cypher did recieve a few nasty burns, but otherwise she was still in the long haul.
"You can't win, Cypher," Bill mocked, letting loose a deadly-looking red beam from his eye. 
"You underestimate me," Cypher replied as she dodged the attack. She sent a barrage of flaming arrows at the triangle, then a biting wind began to whip around the area. Dipper lookes up at the sky, and his eyes widened at how dark and furious the clouds become.
A lightning storm....
Oh my god.... Dipper thought, looking back at the battling entities.
Bill also deifted his gaze upwards, examining the oncoming storm. He looked back at Cypher, who had blue electricity crackling around her.
"I'm not afraid of your storms, kid," he sneered. 
"It's not the storm you should be worried about," Cypher replied, her voice seeming to crack slightly. "It's the calm before the storm that you should fear."
She disappeared, reappearing behind the Triangulum. Bill looked up just in time to see a beam of light pierce through his middle, a perfect circular hole forming.
"Hey! That was my favorite bowtie!" Bill shouted, glaring at Cypher, who shrugged.
Enraged, Bill grew to five times his original size, and grabbed the animorph from the air, bringing her face-to-pupil.
"I've had enough of this, Cypher!" he yelled as the enchantress in his grasp struggled to get loose.
Fire burning in his eye, Bill sent Cypher to the ground via deadly energy beam.
Cypher hit the ground with a sickening thwump, unmoving.
"Oh nonononononono!" Dipper exclaimed, running over to the injured entitiy's side. "Come on, come on! Y-you can't just let him win!" he exclaimed. "He'll destroy the earth!"
The brunette snapped his head up at the sound of the loathed Triangulum's obnoxiois laughter. Oh how he hated that laugh....
Dipper opened his mouth to spew inappropriate profanities at Bill, when his...own voice interrupted himself?!
"Lady Cypher!!" 
Dipper turned his head to the left, and saw his and Mabel's deer counterparts.
Bill turned fiery gaze toward the two fawns. 
"You two?! You should be long dead by now!" he screeched, his fists erupting once again into flames.
"I told you two no!" Cypher exclaimed weakly.
"Yes well, I think the kids are more afraid of me than you, Lady," a familar gruff voice said from Dipper's right.
Dipper turned his head to see a relatively large grey stag standing there, dark eyes shining with mischief. 
"Stanley...," Cypher murmured, shaking her head. "Where you are, the rest are not far behind..
"We couldn't just leave ya hanging, Bosslady," a black raven said, landing on Deer Dipper's shoulder.
"Honestly, stop trying to do these things on your own," a fluffy red fox stated, sitting next to Dipper. "It kills the major bonding vibes we all got for each other."
"And besides," another voice said, coming from a dull grey-brown stag, "...what kinds of Guardians don't help their friend save the world from insufferable peril?"
"It's totally not worth making myself presentable if there will be no one to appreciate what I look like. So I'll help too," a platinum linx said, standing beside a large brown bear cub.
"An' besides, we're all friends, right? We always stick together," an elegant dove said, speaking in a horrifically familiar southern drawl.
"You lot...," Cypher muttered, a slight smile crossing her features. The smile quickly faded when Bill let out a highly exaggerated yawn. 
"While this is nice and all, what with the whole 'friendship sentimentality' and whatnot, I'm kind of in the process of DESTROYING YOU!!!!"
"Oh get over yourself, Cipher," the fox said, twitching her tail slightly.
Cypher looked between Bill and the Guardians who'd come to help, and came to a conclusion.
"You know there's way to do this without...without completely destroying everything, right?" she asked them, a glint forming in her golden gaze.
The Guardians all glanced at each other briefly, then nodded.
"We'll do whatever it takes," Deer Dipper said.
What...are they doing? Human Dipper pondered as he watched the scene unfold before him. 
Cypher nodded, then stood on shaky legs. "Alright...everyone concentrate. I'll get this going," she said, facing Bill, who lit his hands ablaze again.
"And just what do you plan to do, kid?" he asked, glancing warily at the silent Guardians.
"This," Cypher replied, and the sky rumbled with thunder, crackling with blue electricity. "Triangulum...."
The hole in Bill's chest closed up, becoming replaced by an empty cipher wheel.
"What are you doing?!" Bill exclaimed, returning to his normal golden-yellow color.
Mabel and Stanley disappeared, and two symbols appeared on the wheel: a shooting star and a strange crescent shape.
"Stop it!" A light blue energy sphere formed around the demon.
"Metaforis Dominus Ventium."
The cub, fox, and raven were next: a question mark, a stiched heart, and a bag labeled ICE.
"Metaforis Venetisarium."
The brown stag, the linx, and the dove faded as well, and three more symbols appeared: a pentacle, a pair of glasses, and a llama.
"Asetnoheptus. Asetnoheptus. Asetnoheptus. Asetnoheptus! Aset--"
"You're going to destroy everything you worked for! Everything you created! Your creatures, your formations! Don't be stupid!" Bill shouted, pushing against the energy sphere that was slowly shrinking around him.
Cypher paused. 
"Don't listen to him!!" both Human and Deer Dipper shouted.
Cypher turned to them, though only saw the derr version.
"He's playing you for a fool, Lady," Deer Dipper said. "He wants you to feel confused enough to let him go! You created this world, remember? You created this earth. Look around you. This is your home, and he invaded it. Now it's time to take it back," he stated, giving a small smile.
Cypher stared at him a moment longer, then smiled slightly. "You're right...." She turned to Bill. "I'm not destroying everything I've worked for...I'm destroying everything you've worked for."
"Cypher!! This is a mistake!" Bill shouted, the ever-shrinking sphere constricting his movements.
"Sorry, Bill.....," Cypher said, looking away. "Asetnoheptus."
Deer Dipper faded away, and two more symbols appeared on the wheel: a journal, and a pine tree.
The area glowed with an electric blue hue, illuminating the entirety of the forest and beyond.
"You realize you'll lose your powers right?! You won't be able to help your precious people!" Bill shouted.
"Wrong. While my powers for the majority will be gone, nothing can stop me from living until the end of time. I will be here to watch my people grow and prosper."
Bill growled, and the sphere stopped shrinking, but suddenly it opened into a vortex of sorts, taking the greyscale hue away.
"So until the end, I banish you. Roam your Mindscape for eternity. Dwelve in your thoughts and rot."
The last of the grey was sucked away, and with s dull pop, the vortex disappeared, along with Bill Cipher and the luminescent blue light.
Dipper stared at the sky where Bill disappeared for a long time, until he finally looked over at Cypher.
The she-wolf was back, sitting solemnly on the ground, her head tilted up. Though her mouth never moved, Dipper hrard her next thoughts clear as day.
Farewell, Bill Cipher.... It was fun while it lasted....
She stood, walking off towards a large mountain.
History will repeat itself...until then, I will watch my world. And maybe one day...I'll find them all again.
Dipper was about to run after her, but a chasm in the ground opened up, and he fell through, screaming at the top of his lungs.
He sat up quickly, feeling himself to see if he was all there. 
"I'm...I'm alive!" he exclaimed. "Yes!"
A pillow whacked himninbthe face, and he glared over at his sister, who settled herself back under her covers. Dipper smiled, then frowned. He looked over to the desk, where he kept journal 3. 
It was glowing....
Cautiously, Dipper got out of his bed and walked over to the desk, opening it to the glowing page. 
The black silhouette of Bill Cipher was glowing, and when the light died, an upside down triangle with a slash through the bottom corner appeared in blue over the black drawing.
The alchemical symbol for earth.
A tingling sensation on his head made Dipper go over to the full length mirror on Mabel's side of the room. He lifted his bangs to see his birthmark.
It was now glowing a blue color.


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