That day (at Michaels)

In the elevator were a few people, a man a woman and a child, and in the corner a boy wich was about my age. I thought it was a family. But as always l thought wrong.

The paint supplies were on the top floor so I had to stay long in the lift, on the second floor the man and the child got out of the elevator, on the third the woman leaved, so the boy and l were left. Because I did not know his name, I called him in my head, Asian. Even though I did not know if he was Asian or not.

I saw him staring at me and l said: "Where are you looking at?" He answered: "You." I blushed . He said "You are cute when you blush." And l even blushed more.


6. Chapter 3



l really liked that girl, but why slipped she away when l came close?

I don't know how but it feels like I already met her, it sounds a bit crazy, but it feels like that.

l notice she is daydreaming, it looks very cute, but l start clapping in front of het face, and l say "Where were you?"
She replies with "In my head just uhmm, in my head"

"Were were you thinking about?" l ask soft

"Just, uhm, about something private"

"So, Julie, why are you here?" l ask

"For some painting stuff, you?"

"My friends wanted to go to Michaels" I said "Don't know why."

"So..." She said

Gosh she is just sow cute! l just wanna kiss her, and thats why l come closer to her, again.
She wanna slip away but l grap her arm.

"Get of of me" She says

l let her go, l don't want her to think l am creepy or something. l ask "Do you have a relationship?" Thats maybe why she slips away.


"Why do you slip away then?"

"I am not ready for an new relationship"

"Can we at least be friends?" I ask

"That's good." She replies




l do think he is a good guy, but l'm just not ready for another one.

"Shall we go to my friends?" He asks softly.

He is so gentle, and carefull.

"No" l say to myself. "U can't fall in love with him!"

"What?" l hear him ask.

"Did i said that out loud?" I say "Sorry l, uhmm, lets go to your friends." I say trying to change the subject.

"Ok" He says as we walk out the elevator, wich was opened a long time ago.

We walk pretty close to each other, without realizing it. 

"This is Ashton." l shake Ashtons hand, it feels big and hard, but soft too. "This is Michael." I shake Michaels hand, its fluffy and soft. "Where is Luke?" He says.

l freeze for a moment.

"Oh there you are, this is luke." He says as Luke turns around.

"Hey Julie" Luke says.

"How do you know her?" Calum says.

"She was my Ex-Girlfriend." Luke says, carefully.

"Yup" l say.


Sorry for those short chapters, but I do it so that I can more often update.

Hope ya'all like it! Let's try the 2 like's xD

Xxx Eva



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