That day (at Michaels)

In the elevator were a few people, a man a woman and a child, and in the corner a boy wich was about my age. I thought it was a family. But as always l thought wrong.

The paint supplies were on the top floor so I had to stay long in the lift, on the second floor the man and the child got out of the elevator, on the third the woman leaved, so the boy and l were left. Because I did not know his name, I called him in my head, Asian. Even though I did not know if he was Asian or not.

I saw him staring at me and l said: "Where are you looking at?" He answered: "You." I blushed . He said "You are cute when you blush." And l even blushed more.


3. Chapter 1



"Moooom!" I yelled from my bedroom. I heard footsteps en my mom leaned into my room and said: "Yes honey?"


"I need new canvas, can you pleas go to Michaels or something?" I asked


"Ok, what kinda canvas do you need?" She replied


I said "They gotta be bright white not grey or something and can you maybe get some pencils and brushes too?"


"Maybe u can go by yourself, then u have the perfect items and stuff."


"Alright." I let out a sigh


I put some sneakers on and headed outside, l got into my car and i drove to Michaels, without knowing that it will change my life...


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