Diary of Secrets

Calum thought soccer was everything.....until he read Sam's diary.


18. Secrets Revealed

The principal is looking from Mr. Welsh to us before clearing his throat.

“Daniel. He‘s done it again. This time he‘s brought in one of my best players, I will not tolerate this anymore!” I’ve never seen coach this livid before. Nor have I ever heard him talk to the principal in this manner. Since when are they on first name bases?

He rises from his seat to stare at the three of us.

“What happened this time Kevin?” He asks with a knowing tone and sad sigh. Kevin fidgets in his seat and stares off to the side, deliberately not looking at Mr. Highler.

“I hit him for pouring a drink on my head.” I answer honestly. Maybe with this being my first offense and coming forward willing, he’ll be lenient.

“Kiss ass.” I hear Kevin mumble under his breath. Mr. Highler looks in my direction to find the owner of the voice, before he’s staring at coach again.

“I told you months ago that he‘s had it out for Calum, today I finally saw it! What the hell are you going to do about this?! I am not going to get rid of my best player, because your son doesn‘t know how to stifle his attitude!” Coach is holding the back of the chair to steady himself, while trying to regain his composure.

Did I hear him right? Did coach just say that Kevin was the principal’s son? How is that possible? They don’t even have the same last name. If he took his mother’s last name it’s no wonder that no one knew. I stare in bewilderment at Kevin, now aware of why coach has never booted him.

Mr. Highler is staring from coach to Kevin, his eyebrows furrowed as if he’s lost in thought. Kevin looks over at Mr. Welsh, removing his tissue long enough to say

“Thanks uncle, I feel so loved.” sarcastically before the blood starts running again. It’s not as fast as earlier, but enough is coming out. If I weren’t so surprised that coach is related to Kevin, I might smirk over my handy work.

“Enough! From both of you!” Mr. Highler yells, standing to his feet. He leans forward on his desk, glaring at both coach and his son. I stand between the desk and coach, wondering if I should even be here. This has quickly turned from me worrying that I’ll be kicked from the team, to who’s gonna throw the first piece of furniture. I stare at the principal watching the veins in his neck pop out, as he screams at coach again to calm down.

Mr. Welsh groans as he turns away from Mr. Highler, running his huge hand through his short brown hair.

“Calum, Kevin, I ask that you two sit outside until I call you in again.” He says with closed eyes and a strained voice. Kevin without another word storms out into the secretary’s office that leads to the hall. Looking at coach and Mr. Highler once more, I nod silently and walk out following Kevin.

The petite woman is sitting at her desk scribbling away at a paper, not even flinching at the raised voices behind me. I wonder how she reacted the first time she heard this. Her pale skin looks too young to be used to this, so I gather she was nervous before the wrinkles forming in the corner of her eyes, formed after working here. Many thoughts ran through her head, wondering if she should inform someone, walk in, something to help. Before she just became accustomed to this.

Stepping out into the hall, I sit a couple seats away from Kevin. He’s trying to clean up the remains of the leftover blood from his nose, while sighing heavily. I wonder if I should ask about what’s going on in there, or if I should just leave well enough alone. Staring at my knuckles again, Kevin’s the first to break the silence.

“You‘ve got a nice right hook.” He states, staring at the excess blood on his now dry tissue.

I blink at him, unsure if I should comment. Moments ago I wanted to kill him, but with everything that’s going on I find myself feeling sorry for him.

“Thanks.” I reply with nothing better to say. He scoffs, looking back at me.

“Do you have to be so well mannered all the damn time?” He asks with a bite. He’s clearly irritated but I’m not sure what set him off this time.

He sits back in his seat, crumpling the tissue in his fist.

“If you‘re looking for another fight, I won‘t give it to you. You aren‘t worth losing my place on the team for. Or getting expelled for that matter.” I answer, staring out at empty halls. I wonder how much longer till class is over.

“Figures. Every time I think you finally step up and stop being lame, you revert back to your old ways. You‘re pathetic.” he states, looking at a spot in the green wall. The paint is chipping away so you see the white granite behind it.

“I‘m going to tell you the same thing I told your girlfriend. My sole purpose in life isn‘t to entertain you. If you think I‘m lame, I really don‘t give a shit Kevin. I‘d apologize, but I‘m not even going to give you that. There‘s no need for me to.” I reply, staring at his scrunched up face.

He’s quiet for a moment, I almost think that maybe he’s done talking to me. I open my mouth to ask about his father and coach, but he cuts me off.

“How do you make it sound so easy?” He asks, staring at me with furrowed brows. I blink, confused by his question and unsure how to answer it.

“Make what sound so easy?” He sighs,

“Being yourself.” He answers with a huff. Staring at the empty halls again, I wonder why out of all the things we’ve said, this is the one he’s chosen to stay on top with.

“Because it is Kevin.” I answer, looking back at him.

He scoffs before staring back at the spot and rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, right.” He replies sarcastically.

“I‘m serious. The odds of you seeing any of these people again after you graduate is slim to none. Why should you waste four years of your life trying to be someone you aren‘t?” I ask, not looking away.

“So it‘s easier to shut people out.” He answers blankly.

“It‘s also easier to feel alone and unwanted doing that.” I reply in a quiet tone. He looks over at me for a moment and I wonder if this is helping him.

“Tell your Hallmark pamphlet responses to someone who gives a shit.” He states before the bell rings.

Students are walking out of classrooms and opening lockers. We’re supposed to be going home now but I have to wait to hear what Mr. Highler wants to do with our situation. A few questioning glances are shot in our direction, some just glaze over Kevin but then stop in their tracks for a moment as I come into view. One girl stopped for so long someone crashed into her, sending her books flying all over. I stand to help but a few girls stop to give her a hand, so I return to my seat.

The principal comes out and looks in our direction,

“Go home boys, we‘ll discuss this tomorrow.” He states with an exasperated tone. Before I can get a word in he closes the door and it’s opened again as the coach storms out. Kevin’s already down the hall throwing his used tissue in a trashcan as he passes it. Since I came to school unprepared today anyway, I simply walk out the front doors and head to my car.

What is going on here? Today wasn’t even physically brutal but I feel so exhausted. I’m going home and crashing. I never want to relive a day like this again, not to mention I still don’t know if I’m off the team or not. Did I brig my uniform tomorrow? Am I walking into the principal’s office first thing? I hate unanswered questions.

Groaning, I climb into the driver’s seat and reach into my pocket for the keys. But then I realize Luke has them.

“Come on Luke.” I say to the gray interior inside my car. He didn’t lock my car…..he was no longer allowed to drive my car. How would he like it if I didn’t return one of his library books and he had to pay the fine? I laugh thinking about a frantic Luke, searching everywhere for a book he forgot he lent to me.

My passenger side opens and Luke sits himself inside, throwing his book bag on the floor. He smiles at me reassuringly before closing the door.

“It‘s a great day isn‘t it?” He asks with stupid grin on his face.

“Depends on who you ask.” I state cautiously. He leans back into his seat, strapping himself in with the seatbelt without looking at it.

“Hello? Earth to Luke?” I question, waving my hand in front of his face.

He blinks a few times before looking over at me.

“Yeah?” He answers, not realizing that we can’t leave till he hands over the keys.

“Aren‘t you forgetting something?” I question, tilting my head a bit. His left eyebrow raises. He searches inside his bag, naming off classes he had today and then making a check mark with his finger. Closing up his book bag he leans back in his seat. He looks down at his lap, making more check marks as he thinks to himself.

With a sigh he looks over at me and shakes his head.

“No.” He answers confused.

“My keys?” I inquire. Instantly he smacks the palm of his hand against his forehead. Reaching into his right pocket he fishes out the metal objects and hands them over.

“By the way, you are no longer allowed to drive my car because you forgot to lock it.” I state, starting it up and pulling it out of school grounds.

“Aw shit, I knew I forgot something.” He mumbles to himself.

On the car ride home, I explained to Luke that the conversation we had this morning was the last thing on my mind, after learning about Kevin and the principal. I dropped him off and insisted I’d call him later after I got a nap in. He agreed and watched me walk down his driveway to my car. It took everything for me not to fall asleep at the wheel on the ride home. Thankfully I only lived a few minutes away, but the stop lights were what killed me.

As I trudged inside the house, I realized I wasn’t greeted with the familiar sounds I hear at this time. There was no T.V. playing in the living room, no sizzling in the kitchen from cooking food and Mali wasn’t upstairs singing. The house was devoid of sound and I wondered where everyone was. Closing the door and removing my shoes at the door, I called out but received no reply.

Sighing I walked in the kitchen and headed for the fridge to grab a beer. Among the report cards and magnets I noticed a white paper. Pulling it from the clip I opened it to read

‘Your father and I are having a date night, there’s some money under the cookie jar for pizza tonight. Love you! - Mom’ My initial thought was that my parents were too old to still be having dates. I clipped it back on the fridge and grabbed the beer. Chugging it down in the kitchen I burp loudly from the carbonation.

Walking upstairs I head to my room with a smile on my face. I would be able to have a nap and not deal with interruptions! Sighing contently I open my door only to have the smile on my face fall. Sam was sitting on the edge of my bed; holding the razor that was under my mattress.

“Sam?” I call out, closing the door behind me.

Her gaze finds mine and for a moment she seems upset with me. Then her features change and she’s standing with fists clenched. Since she never dropped the razor it slices into her hand, I can already see the blood oozing out.

“How long have you known?” She asks through gritted teeth. I stare at her dumb founded,how do I respond to this?

“I should have known. God, I knew that tulip wasn‘t from Michael!” She shouts, turning away from me and laying her right hand over her stomach.

“Sam, just hear me out.” I start daringly. My hands are out stretched in front of me, palms out as I walk over to her.

“Fuck off Calum!” She screams leaning against my wall. The blood from her hand drops onto my carpeted floor, it absorbs the red liquid making the once light blue fibers turn to a dingy brown.

“Just have a seat Sam, let‘s talk this out.” I state, walking closer to her. She slams her fist against the wall, leaving a bloody smear.

Her eyes are welling up with tears and there’s nothing I can do to stop them. Just like every other time before, I was the one who pissed her off again.

“Sam please.” I urge, reaching over to grab her right hand. She swats me away and stares at my face. Her tears falling and leaving black streaks down her cheeks from the make up she wore. She’s dressed differently from this morning as well, I wonder why she’s here to begin with.

“You lied Cal,” She says with a quavering voice. It sends my heart plummeting to my stomach.

“You‘ve been lying ever since I let you back in.” She continues.

“That‘s not true Sam. I haven‘t lied about everything. I‘ve just kept you out of the loop of some things.” I answer cautiously. She slaps me so hard it takes a minute for my eyes to readjust. Once my vision clears again I can’t get rid of the ringing in my ear.

“Go screw yourself.” She says before walking out.

I follow after calling for her, but once she slams the door I wince. Please don’t let this revert her back to her old ways. I should’ve gotten rid of that razor when I got it. Sitting on the steps I lean my head against the cold wall, and rest my hand on my cheek. It’s hot to the touch and throbbing with the blood that pulsates in my ear. I’m sorry Sam.

A short while later Mali walks in and after seeing me on the steps, I go into full detail as to what happened not moments ago. Her arms wrap around my shoulders and I return the hug.

“She‘ll be okay lil bro. She isn‘t pissed at anyone else, we‘ll make sure she doesn‘t hurt herself. Her mother checks her arms daily so if she does, her mom will be the first to know.” She explains, still holding me tight. I nod but know that it’s not enough, didn’t Sam threaten to slice up her thigh in one of her entries? The thought sickens me.

“I‘m sorry I snapped earlier.” She says, letting go and watching my face.

“You didn‘t need that and I wasn‘t helping the already bad situation.” She admits. I give her a small smile before she sighs, content and grabs my hand leading me to the kitchen.

She goes into her day and I stand there, pretending to be amused about one of her friends, who I can’t remember the name of. She shows me pictures as she fixes a salad and I smile nodding. I’m not sure why but doing that seems to brighten her up. Instantly she’s wanting us to meet and hang out because we’d get along so well. I simply nod in response knowing she’ll get the details together. I’ll find a way to avoid the meeting somehow but as of now I let her think it’s happening.

Her salad completed, she walks into the dining room and I excuse myself to my room. It’s on the walk up the stairs that I remember the state Sam left my room in. I can’t go back in there now, it would just make me think of her. So I turn and enter the guest room knowing I’ll have to break in this bed to get comfortable. It’s not like it matters anyway, with everything on my mind I won’t be getting much sleep anymore.

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