Diary of Secrets

Calum thought soccer was everything.....until he read Sam's diary.


27. Promising Future

I’ve been at this for hours. My back is caked in sweat and my hair is dripping with the stuff. Sam’s been rooting for me to continue and more than once, she’s been the reason I haven’t fallen over somewhere already.

“Faster! You‘ve got it in you! Come on! Don‘t be such a girl!” This is what she thinks is motivation? Chuckling to myself I fight against the tightness in my chest and push myself farther.

Running faster than I feel I’ve gone before, I continually kick the white and black ball across the field. Zig zagging repeatedly till I swing my leg back with everything I’ve got left and fall onto my back. I prop myself up on my elbows and watch as it flies into the net, hitting the top right corner and bouncing right back out. Laughing I fall backward and lay there watching the amethyst sky above me.

I hear a jingling and know Sam’s on her way over here. I wait till she’s laying next to me to stare at her. Her eyes are lined in the black pencil she adores so much.

“Told you, you had it in you.” She teases, kissing my forehead. In return I grab the side of her face before she can set her head on the ground again, and go in for one of our kisses I’ve grown to crave. Her left hand sets on my chest pushing me back toward the ground.

“If you can keep up with me on the field, we‘ll continue.” She says with a smirk. I open my mouth to protest but she’s already up and running toward the ball.

Groaning I lay back on the ground, mentally counting to five before pumping myself up to start this all over again. Once I’m up I can feel the ache in my muscles return, from the workout I’ve already given myself today. Clearing my throat I wipe the sweat from my forehead, slick my hair back down to prevent it from falling in my face and slowly exhale. I can do this. She must recognize the look on my face because for a second, just a second, the smug face she wears falters.

“You‘re slower than my grandmother.” She jokes, dropping the ball in the middle of the field and slowly walking backward.

“Do you feel lucky? Well do ya? Punk.” I say with a smirk.

“Ooo! We should watch that when we get home.” Sam says with a wide smile. I tilt my head in response with a confused expression on my face. Not the reaction I was looking for.

“Oh, I‘m sorry. Was I supposed to start quivering in my sneakers? Keep dreaming Clint.” She replies with another smirk. I laugh in response and as the smirk slowly turns into a smile on her face, I run toward the ball.

At first we’re simply testing the others reflexes. She darts left to see if I’ll follow, or I spring forward so fast she fumbles but follows with. But once our hearts began racing and our breath became harder, the real game started. I’d race after her and steal the ball right out from under her feet, or she’d swing in just as I was about to kick it in the net. I loved games like this with her. Challenging. Fun.

“Why don‘t, you just, give up?” She asks in between huffs of breath, while I’m kicking the ball toward the opposing net.

“Scared you‘ll lose for once Sam?” I ask in response, bringing my leg back to kick it in. Only to have her steal it out from under me and start running back toward the other goal.

“Never!” She screams along the way. I smile in response and releasing a small laugh I race after her. Not this time Luna.

Her jacket flies behind her as she continues forward and I watch her braided hair swing to her movements. Running directly behind her I can smell her shampoo and it relaxes me. My muscles knot up tighter and the sweat runs down my neck and back in small beads. Just as she’s about to kick the white ball into the net, I grab her from behind by her waist. She squeals in response and grabs onto my forearm for support.

As I swing her away from the ball she giggles and screams

“Calum! You cheater!” This sends me into an uproar of laughter. I set her down and as she steadies herself she falls into me and sends me on my back. I groan from the impact and then once more after Sam falls on top of me. But even after all that I’m still laughing. She’s giggling in response and rests her forehead on my chest. I hold her to me and slowly let the laughter fade away.

She looks up at me and I smile up at her. She has that look on her face, the one I saw in her eyes in the sandbox. Her face inches closer to mine and our hot breath intertwines. I smell the citrus drink on her breath and watch her lips part and her head tilt. Before our lips can touch I grab hold of her tightly and roll her onto her back. A small gasp escapes her and before she realizes what I’ve done, I say

“You made me wait. Now you can wait.” She blinks in response.

Grunting I lift myself off her and grab the ball next to us as I walk back toward the doors. The smug look on my face is unmistakable. She’s still quiet behind me and I can just picture her still laying there, wondering how I turned the tables so fast. But I won’t give her the satisfaction of looking behind me. I continue forward and push open the school doors.

I feel a force push me forward and realize Sam must have jumped onto me. Dropping the ball, I grab for her legs only to find they aren’t by my sides. There’s a cold pressure on my neck and it forces me to look behind me. As my body turns I see Sam directly behind me. Her hand lays on the side of my face now that I’m facing her.

“It‘s still my game Hood.” She says before pulling herself up to kiss me.

By instinct I grab her waist and pull her close. Our mouths are glued together and only the occasional breath is heard. I tighten one of my hands in a fist at the ball of her lower back. She makes this so hard and I don’t think she realizes it. I push her toward me tighter and a small whimper escapes her. Fuck.

My hands reach down and grab her thighs, wrapping her legs around my waist and push her against the wall to support her. She grunts at the sudden impact and I feel her left hand grip tightly into my hair. It pulls slightly and I grunt in response. Her right hand trails down the side of my face slowly and runs along my shoulder blade. The tips of her fingers run across my back and down my spine slowly. Before I realize it the hairs on my arms spring up. I can feel the bumps form everywhere on me.

Our lips part and we’re looking each other in the eye. With our foreheads still touching we catch our breath.

“Fuck.” She says with a pant. I smile in response and kiss her softly before saying

“I‘d love to.” With a smirk. She laughs in response and hides her face in the crook of my neck.

“Oh Calum. You know I‘m not ready.” She says with a small whine. Having this conversation kills her every time. She knows if I were with someone else that we would’ve already done that.

“I know. I know.” I answer with a small smile. Her face meets mine again and we’re kissing again. Softer this time. I slowly release her legs from around me and feel her drop to the ground. With my hands placed onto her hips I tilt my head and kiss her cheek, following along her cheek bone till I bring myself down to her neck. Once there I poke my tongue out and leave a small wet trail on the underneath of her jaw. I open my mouth once more and suck on her neck, sliding my right hand further behind her back to pull her closer to me.

“Calum…” She says with a small moan.

Sighing into her neck I rest my forehead on her shoulder blade. I know once I hit that point we’re going too far again. Coming out of her neck I sigh once again as I stare down at her small defined face. She stares up at me and runs her thumb along my jaw.

“I‘m sorry.” She says before biting her lip. Kissing the top of her head I answer

“It‘s okay.” Into her hair. Someday. We’ll get there someday.

It’s the day of the game. My nerves are shot. Somewhere out there is a guy who has the power to grant me a scholarship. It all depends on how good I seem to him today. No pressure. None at all.

“You alright, Calum?” Jared asks just before we step outside.

“I think so.” I reply with an unconvincing smile.

“This is just one more game. Keep telling yourself that. You‘ll get through.” He assures me with a smile and a pat on the back. I thank him and we make our way onto the field. He has a point though. If I treat this as just another game, my focus won’t be deterred. As I stand in front of the ball, staring at my opponent I repeat the same words over and over again in my head. It’s just a game. Just a game. The whistle blows and we’re off.

Throughout the entire game I’m focused, strengthened, and determined. By the halfway point I’ve completely forgotten about the scout. Our team has stolen ten goals so far and the opposing team has only gotten three past us. With the intense workout I had with Sam last week at the school I can barely feel the twinge of pain from my muscles. I haven’t even soaked my uniform yet with my sweat. There was no way we were losing today.

I watch as the opposing team uses another strategy to steal the ball out from under me. The forward tries to block me so the striker can steal the ball. Before the striker even has a chance to catch up to us, I’m sending it flying to our forward. He kicks it around the field long enough for me to become open again. Once I’m close enough he kicks it back over to me. It flies over the opposing player’s heads and bounces in front of me. Without wasting any time I’m shooting it into the net.

The game continued like that for a while longer. The two teams running from one side of the field to the other. During which time only one goal made it into our net. While I made three more into theirs. I just needed one more goal. One more. Then the game would be through and we could all go home. Then I could spend the night with Sam.

Swiftly I jerk my head up and search for the familiar faces. Scanning the benches I come across ones I’m unfamiliar with and others I see in the halls. Then I see them. Sam and the guys are all sitting in back, Sam with a foam finger. I smile in response and as if she caught it, I watch Sam jump out of her seat.

“Woohoo! You got this Calum!” She screams in my direction. Laughing to myself I watch the guys all snickering at her before she shoves Michael, causing him to bump into a girl. Her drink goes everywhere.

Focusing onto the game again I realize the teams are running in the opposite direction. I run to catch up and watch as the opposing team shoots the ball into our net. Jared dives for it and his head hits the side of the net. The shrill sound of the whistle echoes in my ear as the referee runs toward him. His body is turned away from us and his plump small body is curled into a ball.

Pushing through team mates I find my place in the front. I’m watching and craning my head to get a better angle. He’s gotta be alright. The referee is bent over him so it makes it hard to see but I think they’re talking. I can’t hear over the chattering crowd and our teams. The referee turns to wave someone over and I see the opposing teams school nurse run onto the field.

Her small hands move quickly as she works over Jared. The referee turns to us and calls our attention.

“The game will continue. Left side, your ball. Right side, no goal.” As the opposing team groans in response I watch as Jared slips me a thumbs up while he holds the ball. Smiling I return it, watching as the nurse finishes applying the bandage to the left side of his head.

We make our way into our previous positions and continue on. The striker from the opposing team has worked up a sweat in our game. It drips off of him like water. His breaths come harder and he fumbles too easily with the ball. I almost feel bad when I steal it from him and send it soaring toward their goal.

The two teams are staring up at the white ball as it flies into the air. We all watch waiting to see where it’ll land, telling us which direction to run in next. Slowly it drops and their goalie runs from the right side to his left, darting his head left and right repeatedly, watching for it. He stands and hops from his left foot to his right, anticipating the direction it’ll land in. The ball keeps dropping, soaring, until it flies right over his head and through his hands.

I’m so amazed I made that long kick I fall right on the spot. My ass would sting later but right now I feel nothing. How is it possible that we’ve won already? That seemed too easy.My team is surrounding me and I feel hands grab onto my appendages. I’m slowly raised into the air and rocked up and down as they cheer our school fight song. If I wasn’t still so stunned I might’ve joined them.

“We are fighters
We’re a sight
Lakeside otters
We hold tight!”

They continued to chant it on the bus ride home and after a while I felt obligated to join in. The weekend was here and after winning this last game, we felt like the weight of the world was in zero gravity. School was ending and summer was coming. Nothing could kill the mood we were in. The only thing that would make today even better is if Sam were here. I didn’t have long to wait I know she’ll be there with open arms when we reach the school.

As I grab the necessary books and things from my locker I feel a hand on my shoulder.

“Calum. We need to talk.” Turning I see it’s coach Welch. Nodding in response I close up my locker and follow him to the locker rooms. Most everyone has gone home by now so when we arrive it’s just me and him. Clearing his throat he sits at his desk and stares at me expectantly while leaning back into his chair.

“You wanted to talk coach?” I ask, unsure as to where this conversation will lead. He nods in response before sitting up and folding his hands atop his desk.

“Do you remember my telling you about there being a scout at this game?” He asks with a gruffness added to his voice. His face is blank and I can’t tell if I should be worried or not.

“Yes. But I didn‘t expect there to be an answer so suddenly. I figured he‘d get back to you after having some thought.” I answer honestly. My nerves were shot again. How in the hell did I fuck up this time?

He clears his throat once again and now it’s my turn to stare at him expectantly.

“Well. You were wrong.” He answers back in the same voice. Shit.

“Sir?” I ask, hearing the crack in my voice. Out of no where a loud laugh erupts from him and his hands slamming against his metal desk, startle me into a jump.

“YOU DID IT!” He shouts with more laughter. What did I do?

I give a small smile and watch as he comes around to the front of his desk. He leans against it with a wide smile.

“Calum. My boy. You did it. That scholarship is practically in your mailbox as we speak.” He says with another blinding smile. My nerves stiffen and the queasiness in my gut is fading.

“What?” Did I just hear him right?

“He said out of every kid he‘s seen over the past few weeks, none of them can hold a flame to the fire you bring. Son, he said and I quote ‘I want him. No. I need him.’ you are exactly what he‘s looking for! Now he obviously has to sit on it for a while, but it‘s practically sealed in the bag for your acceptance! Congratulations my boy.” He says reaching out a hand. I stare at his outstretched hand. Giving a small laugh in response I stand and hug him.

He returns it and pats me on the back.

“You‘ll have to remember to visit me before you get too popular. I don‘t want to learn the hard way that I‘m easy to forget.” He teases with a light laugh. I’m so happy I could just cry.

“No sir. Not you.” I reply, holding back the waver in my voice. I never would’ve been here if it weren’t for him believing in me and fighting to keep me in, looking out for me. I would never stop owing this man for handing me my future.

“I want you to go home and get a good meal in you. Have some fun and get some rest. The school year isn‘t over just yet, but your future is no longer hanging by a thread in the distance. ” He says, holding me out from him to look at me. I nod in response and thank him before leaving his office. Finally everything I’ve wanted since the start of this school year is coming around. Just wait till I tell Sam.

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