Secrets *Marauder's Era Fanfic*

(Yes, I know it's a crappy title, but I actually think the story's pretty good!)
Alex Chase is the new girl at Hogwarts. But she put a twist on the stereotypical shy new girl. Alex is funny, outgoing, smart, and a prankster. Everyone thinks that she's pretty much an open book, and her best friends always know how she's feeling. But, like everyone else in the world, she has secrets. Hers are particularly big. And big secrets cause trouble, everyone knows that. So what will happen when those secrets stop being into secrets? Will everything fall apart? Or will it only make her stronger?


6. Chapter Six: Remus's "Furry Little Problem"

I was right, that night, about being really tired in the morning. I was exhausted all day, and I went to bed as soon as I finished my homework. But that was a little while ago. Now, it's been at least a week. I haven't been with the Marauders as I was at the very beginning of the year - they said that they were working on a long-term project and it's about to be finished. I'm just assuming that it's a prank. Anyways, I've been out to stretch my wings a lot more recently, and I've been hanging out with Lily, Marlene, and Alice a lot, too.

When Lily found out that my other best friends were the Marauders, she totally freaked. I mean, she practically threw a fit! But she eventually became okay with it, as long as she doesn't have to be friends with them. At first she thought they were bad influences on me, but I reassured her that it was probably the other way around.

Anyways, tonight I'm going out flying again. I think maybe I'll stay closer to the castle this time. Last time I was out, I was almost shot by a centaur, and, trust me, that would not be good.

~That Night~

 I thanked Dumbledore, and jumped out of the window, and this time my wings opened immediately, because of all the practice I've been getting. I soared down to the Forbidden Forest - nothing but another shadow in the night. I flew to my clearing - the same one I found on my first fly here in Hogwarts - and relaxed for a bit. I laid down on the ground, my wings spread wide. I was playing with my necklace and staring up at the sky - the full moon to be exact.

All of a sudden I hear a loud howl, not far off, and some barks, plus some scuffling. The sounds were getting closer, so I stood up quickly and flew to a large branch about half-way up a tree. All of a sudden a werewolf bursts into the clearing, and howls again, the starts sniffing around where I was laying. A stag, a shaggy black dog, and a rat follow closely behind. Well, the rat, not so closely, but still. The wolf keeps sniffing until it lifts it's large head and looks directly at me. It starts to growl and stalk toward the tree I'm in, but I just stay still, wishing, foolishly, that it would go away eventually.

The dog and stag trot right up to the werewolf and look up the tree as well, and I try to flatten myself against the trunk. Then I began to wonder about this werewolf's weird choice in company. I mean, a stag, a rat, and a dog? How curious. Oh gods, the British accents are rubbing off on me. Anyways, I was staring at the ground below me, wondering what my chances of getting away unnoticed were. I mean, normally I'd just scare them off, or not care if I was seen, because they were just some wild animals, right? Right. But these animals seemed, just.....human. Like they were animagi or something! Then I began to wonder...

The Marauders are working on a long-term project, becoming animagi is a long-term project. Now that I think about it, Remus was really sick today...and cranky. And the rest of them always joke about his "furry little problem," and everyone thinks that he has a badly behaved rabbit, but the Marauders never say anything... And he has all of those scars! I finally came to the conclusion that Remus was a werewolf - specifically, the werewolf prowling around under my tree - and that James, Sirius, and Peter were animagi - specifically, the stag, dog, and rat below my tree with werewolf Remus.

But what to do about my situation? I had figured out the Marauders' secret, but should I let them know mine? I took another look below me, then took a leap of faith.

"James? Sirius? Remus? Peter?" I asked timidly as I flew down from my tree. The stag's jaw dropped, along with the dog's as they saw me. I laughed, "Yup, it's definitely you guys." I made sure to stay out of Remus' reach, just in case he wanted to use me as a hybrid chew toy. You can never be too careful.

I looked down at the werewolf. "Poor Remus," I said. "Having to go through all that pain for transformations." My transformations were painless, but his weren't, and it sucked. And was very unfair. "It must suck..." I trailed off. While I was lost in thought, I didn't realize that I started to fly lower. Soon I was snatched out of the air by a large paw. I yelped and Remus pressed me up against the ground and started to lick me.

At first I was too startled to react, but then... "Ewww, get off me!!! REEEEEEEMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I squealed, trying to wiggle away from the giant puppy that was Remus. I started flapping my wings frantically at some point in the chaos, which apparently scared Wolf-Remus. He whimpered and backed away from me. I stood up and tried to wipe the slobber off of me. "Yuck!" I said, scrunching up my nose. I heard what sounded like a dog barking, and I turned to glare at the shaggy black dog. "Oh, shut up," I grumbled.

Then I glanced up at doggy-Remus, and suddenly felt bad for escaping. "Aw, I'm sorry, Wolfy-Remus," I said, approaching him. When he saw me walking towards him, he perked up and took a tentative step forward. Then another, and another, and then he was right in front of me, licking my face. I recoiled, and gently pushed him down. Then I scratched him behind the ears, and he began to wag his tail. I laughed. "I'm a natural! Alex Chase, Professional Werewolf Tamer!" I said. "Hmm, I like the sound of that!" I grinned.

I heard the dog Marauder bark a laugh, and I finally realized who it was. "Sirius!" I exclaimed, turning to the dog. "You're Sirius! That actually makes sense, you look and act like a dog as a human, too!" Doggy-Sirius stuck his doggy tongue out at me, which actually looked more like he was panting. Then I turned to the stag, who was very obviously staring at my wings, looking absolutely confused, and I was also guess who he was. "And you're James, obviously," I looked around for Peter. "So that must mean Peter's the rat." Doggy-Sirius bobbed his little doggy head. "Aw! You're so cute! Like a wittle puppy!" I teased. He trotted over to me and jumped up on me. I reached down to pet his head, but he licked my hand.

"Ew! Really, Doggy? Bad dog!" I scolded him while holding back a smile. He stuck out his tongue again, and I stuck mine back out at him. Then Wolfy-Remus tried to jump up on me like Sirius did, and ended up knocking me on my butt. Sirius sniggered and I flipped him off. I patted Remus on his head and he stuck his tongue out the side of his mouth. I laughed and stood up and looked up at the sky. The sun was about to rise, so that meant that Remus was going to change back soon, so I turned to Doggy-Sirius. "The suns almost up, you know," I told him. He looked up, then nodded. "And Remus won't have clothes when changes back, right?" I asked. Sirius nodded. I bit my lip. "Then should I stay or leave?" I asked. He thought about it for a moment, then sat down. I interpreted that as "stay." "Stay?" Doggy-Sirius nodded his head. I nodded back, and then it started.

I turned away from Remus and started to walk a bit before stopping to wait. He let out these guttural howls and barks, which made me flinch. Soon the screams turned more human, until they completely stopped, and I heard panting. I lowered my hands from my ears - I had subconsciously covered my ears because of my sensitive hearing.

"Remus?" I asked after a minute. "Are you decent?" I heard a whispered conversation behind me, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. After a bit, I heard Sirius' voice call, "Yeah, he's decent!" I slowly turned around behind me, and, like Sirius said, Remus was fully clothed.

I immediately ran up to Remus and hugged him. "I can't believe you're a werewolf! Just imagining that...ugh," I shuddered, then pulled away. "Are you okay, Remus?" I asked him seriously. He looked shocked, to be honest. But then the expression of surprise disappeared and was replaced by a smile. "Yes," he said. "I'm perfectly fine." I smiled again, "Good."

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