Secrets *Marauder's Era Fanfic*

(Yes, I know it's a crappy title, but I actually think the story's pretty good!)
Alex Chase is the new girl at Hogwarts. But she put a twist on the stereotypical shy new girl. Alex is funny, outgoing, smart, and a prankster. Everyone thinks that she's pretty much an open book, and her best friends always know how she's feeling. But, like everyone else in the world, she has secrets. Hers are particularly big. And big secrets cause trouble, everyone knows that. So what will happen when those secrets stop being into secrets? Will everything fall apart? Or will it only make her stronger?


8. Chapter Seven: Explaining What They Saw

Later that night, I was waiting for the Marauders in the Gryffindor common room. We had split up: me going through Dumbledore's office window, and the Marauders doing whatever they did.

I was sitting in front of the fire in human form, trying to warm up. Soon, I heard muffled footsteps from outside the portrait of the Fat Lady. Then it swung open, and I turned to see the Marauders walk into the common room and I noticed James stuffing some type of cloak into his bag. I shrugged it off and motioned for them to come sit by the fire.

They came over and collapsed on the couches and armchairs, while I was crouching on the floor. I turned to face them and crossed my legs. "So, I guess  I should explain." They all nodded, looking at me. I took a deep breath, then began to talk.

"I am a dragon hybrid. A night dragon hybrid, to be specific. There are very few of us in this world, and the night dragons are the rarest. We are all sworn to secrecy, like wizards are. I guess I'm breaking my oath right now, though. Anyways, there are some families who are all hybrids, and some with only a few hybrids. To become a hybrid, you must be blessed by a dragon before  you are born.

"I was blessed by a night dragon, which made me a night dragon hybrid. Us night hybrids are very rare because the full night dragons are much more...picky, I guess you could say, than other dragons. They only bless someone when they have a really good feeling about that person, or they really like the family. The blessing gives the human dragon-like traits. Like, you  know how I have black nails all the time? It's their natural color. I also have slightly pointy ears, like a dragon's. We also have the power to transform into dragons. Well, more like we grow wings, get a few scales and things like that. That was the form I was in earlier. Now, though, I'm in my human form. Oh, and some of us can also breathe fire. Like me, for instance. Also, we can have some dragon traits in our human forms.  Like, right now, I heightened my senses, so I have good hearing, eyesight and smell. That's about it, to be honest. Any questions?" I finished. They all basically just stared at me, which made a small smile appear on my lips.

"Sorry," I said, slightly sheepish. "Too much?" They nodded mutely. "But you get it, right?" They nodded again. Then Remus' expression changed into one o.f thoughtfullness.

"So, aren't forced to change into your dragon form," he said slowly, "unlike a werewolf?" His musings ended in a question, and he looked at me for clarification.

"Yup," I said, now grinning. "I can change by my own free will, but if I stay in human form for too long, I get really irritable, and, if I wait any longer, it will start to be physically painful." He nodded thoughtfully, and then James spoke up.

"But what's with the outfit?" He asked, glancing at my armor. I laughed slightly. "Oh, that," I said. "Well, I'm not indestructible, am I? If I ever come across a Gotham, which is unlikely, I want to actually stand a chance."

He chuckled slightly and The rest of them grinned, my faint humor seeming to snap them out of their trances.

"That's all, though?" I asked, stretching. Sirius shook his head, speaking for the first time. "Not even close," he said. "Well, we can talk tomorrow. About everything," I added, looking at Remus specifically. He seemed to remember the fact that I now knew that he was a werewolf, and looked down, ashamed, I think.

"So, yeah, I'm gonna go to bed," I said as I stood up and walked up the stairs to the girls dorm. I heard a chorus of "goodnights."

"G'night, boys," I called out over my shoulder, smiling.

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