Secrets *Marauder's Era Fanfic*

(Yes, I know it's a crappy title, but I actually think the story's pretty good!)
Alex Chase is the new girl at Hogwarts. But she put a twist on the stereotypical shy new girl. Alex is funny, outgoing, smart, and a prankster. Everyone thinks that she's pretty much an open book, and her best friends always know how she's feeling. But, like everyone else in the world, she has secrets. Hers are particularly big. And big secrets cause trouble, everyone knows that. So what will happen when those secrets stop being into secrets? Will everything fall apart? Or will it only make her stronger?


4. Chapter Four: Quidditch-Off

"Alex! Get up already!" I heard someone shout, but I ignored them and curled up more under the covers. I heard a sigh, and all of a sudden I was freezing and drenched. I shot up in my bed, and I yelped. "COLD COLD COLD!!!" I shrieked, jumping out of bed and then I probably looked like I was having a spasm attack as I tried to shake the water off of me. It didn't work.

Then I noticed someone laughing at me on the other side of my bed. Lily. I sent her a death glare, which only made her laugh harder. I guess I can't blame her, I mean, imagine a blonde girl half-drenched and shivering, giving you a death glare. Plus, I was in my teddy bear pajamas, so that didn't help.

"Lily," I said slowly and calmly. "I am going to kill you." I said it completely seriously, and then I lunged at her. She yelped and jumped out of the way, and I landed on the floor in a crouch. I turned toward her and chased her around the room and over the beds and everything.

Soon, though, one of my other dorm mates, Marlene, came out of the bathroom. "What in the name of Merlin?!" she shouted when she saw us. Lily stopped running for a moment and I pounced on her, tackling her to the ground. I pinned her quickly, then looked back up at Marlene.

"She dumped freezing water on me. I want revenge. So I'm getting it," I said calmly. Marlene's eyes widened and she ran over to us and pulled me off of Lily. I started to fight against her, but then I had an idea. She looked at Lily, then at me. "Okay then. Alex, will you attack Lily if I let you go?" she asked me. I shrugged. "I might." Marlene took that as a yes and told Lily to go to the bathroom and get ready, and to lock the doors. Lily did and when we heard the lock click, Marlene let go of me. I just stood there, blinking at the bathroom, like a robot.

"Alex?" Marlene asked, waving her hand in front of my face. I ignored it. Then she snapped her fingers in my face, and I looked at her, partially annoyed. "Yes, Marlene?" She tilted her head at me, then responded. "Nothing," she said, and then went to her trunk to get something that I didn't care about.

I turned around and walked over to Lily's bed - mine was soaked - and collapsed. I groaned into the pillow, then sighed and got up. I looked around in my trunk for my robes. I pulled them out along with my Griffindor tie, and after shaking my head like a wet dog to attempt to dry my hair, I changed into them. I also wore a light blue v-neck t-shirt and skinny jeans under them. I also tied my tie around my high ponytail. I added a hair elastic around my wrist, just in case.

I did a quick once-over in the floor-length mirror on the wall, and I grinned at my handiwork. I didn't even care if I was breaking any school rules, even though I didn't think I was. I mean, I was wearing my wizarding robes and my tie! I just needed a bit of make-up, and I would be ready to go.

I knocked on the bathroom. "Lily? Can you unlock the door? I need to put on my make-up." "Will you attack me again?" Lily asked tentatively. I laughed softly, "No, of course not!" She opened the door a crack and pressed one eye to it so she could see me, then slowly opened it all the way. When it was completely open, I jerked forward and growled, and Lily shrieked and jumped back. I started laughing, and soon Lily joined me, as soon as she realized that I was playing with her.

I stepped inside the bathroom, and me and Lily applied our make-up, talking a bit. I apologized for attacking her by saying that I was not a morning person. Lily understood and forgave me easily. She's a good friend.

I walked out of the bathroom with natural look: cherry chapstick, barely noticeable eyeliner and waterproof mascara. I know: waterproof? Yeah. You never know! I might watch a really sad movie later or something, and if I cried, I wouldn't want to ruin my make-up!

Anyway, I walked out of my dorm as gorgeous as ever - just kidding! :D - and I walked down the staircase, only to find the Marauders talking by the fireplace again. I snuck over to them and hid behind the armchair where James was sitting. Remus saw me, but I put a finger to my lips and he didn't say anything. Laughing silently, I gave James bunny ears. And he didn't even notice! It was only when Sirius burst out laughing did he turn around, and I jerked my hand back down a bit to late. He looked over the back of the chair, and I smiled innocently up at him. He didn't even seem surprised to see me.

"Hey, Alex," he said casually, before standing up. Sirius and Remus stood, too. And Peter followed our lead, even though he wasn't there when we made plans to go to breakfast this morning. I straightened up, and called a quick goodbye to Lily before leaving the common room with the Marauders.


McGonagall was passing out class schedules when we got to the great hall, and she gave all of us ours. And luck was on our side, because we all had the same classes! Well, except Peter. But he only had one class without us! "Dumbledore's gone mad, putting us all in the same classes," Sirius said, shaking his head. I smiled at him, "That's why we love him!" Sirius nodded and chuckled to himself. We ate breakfast and then we headed off to charms, which was pretty boring.


At the end of all our classes, we all had a boatload of homework, but we just left it all in our dorms, me and James grabbed our brooms, and we met up on the Quidditch Pitch. You see, me and James had planned to have Quidditch-Off to see who was better. Remus was the judge. It would've been Sirius, Peter, and Remus, but Peter would probably pick James no matter what, and we couldn't trust Sirius to give his absolute honest opinion. So we went with just Remus because he's, well, Remus.

Me and James both got on our brooms - both the newest model, coincidentally - and pushed off the ground. We were going to switch out the positions - first he'd be a keeper and I'd be a chaser, then we would switch and he'd be a chaser and I'd be a keeper. And we were only aloud to throw 35 times each.

He flew to one end of the pitch to guard the posts, and Sirius tossed the quaffle up to me, and I started to zoom towards James' end of the pitch. I faked left, then scored in the middle post, but just barely. We kept on going like that, and Remus was keeping score down on the ground.


James and I were both exhausted as we flew back down to Remus to see who won. "So how much did I beat her by?" James asked, cocky as ever. "One second," Remus said, scribbling a few things down on the paper, then he looked up. "Um, well, James, you didn't beat her," he said, looking astonished. James' mouth dropped open, and I grinned. "So I won?" I asked. Remus shook his head. "Nope, you didn't win either, Alex." Now James and I were just confused. "What do you mean?" I asked. "What I mean is," said Remus, clearing his throat, "that you've tied 28 to 28."

Both of our mouths dropped open. "What?" I said, just as James said, "That's not possible." Remus cleared his throat again, "Um, actually it is possible. Alex scored 28 times, and James scored 28 times." I looked at James at the same time he looked at me. I could tell that we both had a little bit of respect for the other in our faces. "Wow," I said. "You're better than I thought." James nodded, "Same."

I flew forwards a bit, and stuck out my hand to shake. He grabbed it with a firm grip, and he said, "Good game, Alex." I nodded. "Likewise."

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