Secrets *Marauder's Era Fanfic*

(Yes, I know it's a crappy title, but I actually think the story's pretty good!)
Alex Chase is the new girl at Hogwarts. But she put a twist on the stereotypical shy new girl. Alex is funny, outgoing, smart, and a prankster. Everyone thinks that she's pretty much an open book, and her best friends always know how she's feeling. But, like everyone else in the world, she has secrets. Hers are particularly big. And big secrets cause trouble, everyone knows that. So what will happen when those secrets stop being into secrets? Will everything fall apart? Or will it only make her stronger?


5. Chapter Five: A Quick Walk In the Woods

Later that night, I was feeling restless, so I got out of my bed and crept towards the window. I sat down criss-cross-apple-sauce-style and looked outside. Then I realized why. I looked up into the sky and saw the moon. It was a crescent moon. The last time I had been out for one of my walks was a full moon cycle ago. Time for another "walk", I thought getting up and going to my trunk to grab my things. I took out everything until it was empty, and then I felt around on the sides of the trunk for the button that only I knew was there. I quickly pressed it, and the bottom of my trunk opened, the wood sliding neatly to the sides.

I reached down into the secret compartment and grabbed my pitch-black and skin-tight, long-sleeved t-shirt, my thin leather corset, and my tight iron chest plate that had black sapphire embedded in it. And if I wore all three tops, my back would still be bare, so that was good. I also grabbed my skin-tight, stained-black leather pants and black leather ankle boots. I brought out my weapons next, my two sheaths, each equipped with three iron knives. One sheath had moonstone embedded in the knives. The other had black sapphire. And, finally, my necklace. The charm was half moonstone and half black sapphire, as you probably could've guessed. The absolute last thing I pulled out was a black, fingerless glove.

I waved my wand and the trunk's secret compartment shut, and everything I had taken out of the top was put back in exactly how I found it. I put my wand on the bedside table and made sure Lily, Marlene, and Alice, my other dormmate,  were completely asleep. I snapped my fingers and my armor, weapons, and necklace levitated and followed me into the bathroom, where I casted a silencing charm on the door and walls, so no one could hear me. I quickly changed into my armor and weapons, and the final touch was the necklace. I fastened it around my neck, then tied my hair up in a really high ponytail, then I was ready to go.

I got rid of the simple silencing charm, then opened the door and creeped out the door, down the staircase, and out of the common room. I crept through the halls, making basically no noise. I heightened my hearing, and just in time, too, because I heard Mrs. Norris' footsteps heading towards me. I was in the same room-thing as the moving staircases, so I flipped over the railing of a staircase. I lowered myself down until I was hanging under the staircase. I heard the footsteps come closer, along with Filch's, so I brought my legs up until I was pressed up against the bottom of the moving staircase. After a few minutes, my arms and legs began to get tired, and I started to sweat. How long was Filch going to be? Honestly! Soon enough, though, both of their footsteps faded, and I hurriedly pulled myself back up and over the railing, so I was actually on the staircase. I panted a bit and wiggled my arms and legs out, then continued on my way to Dumbledore's office. Now I know what you're thinking: Why in the name of Merlin are you going to Dumbledore?! You're going to get busted!

No, I'm actually not going to get busted. I would've gotten busted if Filch caught me. Not if I went to see Dumbledore. You'll understand why in a bit.

Anyways, I continued walking straight to Dumbledore's office. Thank Merlin that I didn't have any more close run-ins with Filch or his cat. I made it to the gargoyle that guarded the office and said what I knew was the password: "Pumpkin Pasty."

The gargoyle jumped aside, and I stepped onto the bottom step, and it carried me the rest of the way. I knocked on the door, and I heard a soft and slightly surprised "Come in." I opened the door and stepped inside, shutting the door behind me. To my surprise, it appeared as if Dumbledore had already been awake, which I hadn't expected. He looked at my outfit through those half-moon spectacles of his and nodded understandingly. "How long?" he asked me. "A full moon cycle," I responded. He nodded, and motioned me over to his giant window that was above the Forbidden Forest. I walked over, and pet Fawkes quickly while passing him. Dumbledore unlatched the window and opened it.

I looked at him. "I might be a while. Will you stay up or should I let myself back in?" I asked. "I might be up, but, just in case, I'll leave it unlocked," he responded. I nodded, and took a step forward, then hesitated. I turned to face the wise old man. "Thank you, again, for doing this. It's really generous of you, Professor," I said to him. He smiled and his eyes twinkled, "It is my pleasure, Miss Chase." I nodded, before turning and diving out the window and into the darkness.

In mid-air, I relaxed and closed my eyes, even though I was plummeting head-first towards the ground, but I was used to it! Suddenly I wasn't falling, I was gliding. I opened my eyes and smiled and the ground rushed past me. I turned onto my side so that I was flying parallel to the castle, and I laughed, giddy. I couldn't help it. It felt so good. Freeing, almost. Like I could do anything.

I quickly reached the Forbidden Forest and I did all kinds of loops and fancy flying to dodge trees. Eventually I made it to a clearing, and I stopped in midair, flapping my wings and slowly lowering myself to the ground. I looked up at the sky and sighed, just remembering. I looked back at my wings. They were very big, I have to admit. Big and as dark as night. They were covered in millions of scales that looked like they were made of obsidian. They were also powerful. I could make trees shake with just one flap. And, right now, they were very cramped. I arched my back, like a cat, and stretched them. I smiled. That was much better.

I looked down at my hands, one palm covered with a fingerless glove. My nails grew into talons during the transformation, but they hadn't changed much otherwise. They were still black, which was their natural color, but I just told the humans that it was nail polish. I knew that the transformation had changed more than just my nails, though. If I looked in a mirror right now, my eyes would be completely golden, with a black line for a pupil. I also had two eyelids now, like a cat, I guess. I knew I had scales in some places now. They were mostly on my upper arms and my lower neck, though. I also knew that my teeth had grown. They had lengthened and now ended in a point. My tongue also had thinned and became forked, like a snake. And my ears had changed as well. Now they were longer, and ended in a point. But those were just the physical changes. Now, after I had transformed, all my senses had become stronger. I could hear better, see better, smell better, and everything.

I looked up at the moon and spread my wings, ready to fly again. I pushed off the ground and flew upwards, higher and higher until I was at the treetops. I started gliding again, relaxed, almost touching the trees. I then started to do more tricks, practicing. I did loops, flew upside down and everything. Then I changed directions, heading back to that clearing I was in earlier. I raced past the trees, and did a flip as I landed in the clearing.

I realized that I hadn't tried my fire breath in a while. I blew, but only a puff of smoke came out. I huffed, frustrated. I tried again, and there were some sparks this time. Getting better. I took a deep breath, and blew for the third time, and it was actually fire this time! I grinned, proud of myself. I decided to make a torch, just for the fun of it. I found a decent-sized stick and blew. It came to me easily now, as I smiled at my new torch. Unfortunately, my fire-breathing didn't have much range. I had to keep the stick about an inch away from my mouth, unlike a real dragon. But I got lucky with the fire-breathing thing. Most of us can't breathe fire at all. But oh well.

I looked up at the sky again, and saw the moon. It was getting late - I'd better be going back to my dorm. I took off again, sticking out of sight as I flew back up to Dumbledore's office window. I'm gonna be so tired in the morning, I thought with regret, but I knew that this was worth it. If I hadn't gone out tonight, I probably would've started acting like a werewolf the day of it's full moon. In other words, very irritable.

I finally got to Dumbledore's office, and I pushed open the window, which he had left open. I knew he was asleep because the lights were all off and I heard the even breathing that came from someone who's asleep. Before I transformed back to my human form, I tucked my wings in and turned around to look at the night sky with the crescent moon high above the castle. I took a deep breath.

Merlin, I thought. I love being a dragon hybrid.

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