Secrets *Marauder's Era Fanfic*

(Yes, I know it's a crappy title, but I actually think the story's pretty good!)
Alex Chase is the new girl at Hogwarts. But she put a twist on the stereotypical shy new girl. Alex is funny, outgoing, smart, and a prankster. Everyone thinks that she's pretty much an open book, and her best friends always know how she's feeling. But, like everyone else in the world, she has secrets. Hers are particularly big. And big secrets cause trouble, everyone knows that. So what will happen when those secrets stop being into secrets? Will everything fall apart? Or will it only make her stronger?


7. About: Alex Chase

Name: Alexa "Alex" Leila Chase

Name Meaning: Alexa - Defender of men, helper

                            Leila - Night, born at night

                            Chase - Huntsman

Species: Witch, Dragon Hybrid

Looks: Long, blonde hair, blue eyes, decently tall, pale (look at the cover pic)

Personality: Outgoing, prankster, fun, kind, loyal, not really trusting but it doesn't show, secretive

Past: Unknown.

Family: Unknown.

Where She Lives: Unknown.

Extra: She's a night dragon hybrid.

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