In Harry's fifth year, an American witch moves next door to Harry and she's the same age. She starts at Hogwarts. Will she get in the way of Harry and Ron's friendship? Will Hermione's secret be revealed?


4. The New Girl

This Morning........

I can't believe my eyes! There's a moving truck next door! I tiptoe downstairs very carefully so I don't wake my aunt, Uncle, and cousin. I grab my coat and run out the door.

I go up to the new neighbors front door and ring the doorbell. " I'll get it" says a voice that sounds like it comes from a girl.

Then, a girl opens the door. She is a brunette with tan skin and bright green eyes just like mine.

She says " Hello. My name is Emma. My whole name is Emma Faith Jones. What's your name?"

"My name is Harry James Potter."



Sorry it's so short. I'm gonna try to make chapters longer in the future.  :)

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