Forever and Always

It is based on the song 'Forever and Always' by Parachute. I liked the song and it sparked off thoughts in my mind.


2. Chapter Two

Ummm...what do you say to that? "Yes thank you. Ummm...where is the ICU unit?" I stay sitting down. If I get up I might faint. How did he get into a car accident, he was on his way home, he's the most careful driver I have ever known.

"My name is Lucy I can meet you in reception if you want. I can take you up to him." She offers. Well thank you for that vital bit of information Lucy. I would love to say that but I can't, 'cause that is rude.

"That would be amazing Lucy. Thank you. I'll be there as soon as possible." I hang the phone up. I don't know how long I sat there just staring into the distance. As soon as I snapped out of the daze I was trapped in I got up and ran into the living room and through the front door. I tug the car door but it won't open. I need the keys, they're in my bag. I run back in and grab my hand bag off the kitchen counter. Where I left it when I phoned Dave. Dave needs to know. I'll call him when I get to the hospital. This time I shut the front door behind me.

I root around in my bag for the car keys. Why can't I find them when I actually need them? I finally find them and open the car door. I pull out of the drive and onto the street. It's only when I get onto the freeway do I realise that I left the back doors open and the oven on. Shit! I can't turn around. I'm usually a law abiding citizen but I pull my phone out of my pocket and text my next door neighbour Amber.

Hi, it's Caz from next door. Left backdoor open and oven on. Can U shut? Help urself. Thx Caz.

There that should do it. We haven't really talked but we have each others numbers just incase of an emergency. I think this qualifies as an emergency. All I can think of is how Sam is and what I can do to help. Take your mind off it. Think about the good times you're had together. WOW! My subconscious has actually advised me on something useful and that might help. Umm...okay good time. We haven't had any good times you stupid voice. Why can't you just leave me alone? I cry. 'Cause I only stick around to annoy you or when you actually need me. I think him proposing to you is a good thing. Think about that! Okay proposal. Winter. Snowing. Perfect. I start smiling as I conjure up that memory.

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