Forever and Always

It is based on the song 'Forever and Always' by Parachute. I liked the song and it sparked off thoughts in my mind.


1. Chapter One

Well it all started on a summers evening. It was 6 months since he proposed to me so I thought I would cook him a nice home cooked dinner. I say home cooked I bought the Dine In For £10 'cause I can't cook. Seriously I can't cook, last time I attempted cooking I burnt and under cooked the macaronic cheese I cooked. A direct quote from Sam. He's my fiancé by the way. I've already put the muscles o to boil and the fish into the oven to cook. So I set up a table underneath the white blossom tree in the corner of our back yard. I've always liked it here, if I could I would sit here all day and plan the wedding of the century. of course Sam wouldn't want to play a part in the planning, it's just not his scene; and in all honesty I don' mind. As long as he turns up sober and dressed It should be fine. I can see it now. The aisle down the middle....on a beach...wait. What time is it? He said he would be here by six. It's now...ummm.....where did I put my phone? It's in my bag...I think. Now to discover where my bag is. I took it to M&S with me, paid for the shopping and....put it on the sofa I think.

I get up from the white deck chair at the table and walk across the yard. Feeling the soft green grass between my toes and walk through the bi folding doors into the cramped living room. I walk over to the sofa and pick up the cushions and throw them onto the floor. They land with a soft *pump* on the floor. 

"Come on where are you?" I absent minded mutter to myself while getting up off the sofa and stomp over to the chest of draws to the right of the sofa. I know it won't be in the draws but I check anyway. I take the draw out of the chest and tip it out onto the floor. It lands on a heap on the floor and I drop the draw. I do this with the following five draws in the chest. It's not in any of them, just as I had suspected. Where else could it be? I turn around in circles in frustration. I turn and turn and turn, I glimpse into the kitchen from this angle.

"There it is! I see it! " I run, full pace into the kitchen and grab my handbag that was on the kitchen counter all along. Now I remember I put it there when I came in to put the food on. I'm so stupid sometimes. Now why did I need my bag again? Do you ever get that, you get up but you can't remember what you need to get up for? I get it all the time. Umm think think think. Time? That's it I need my phone. I thrust my hand into my bag to pull out my Iphone. Once I have it in my hand I press the unlock button. It displays a photo of me and Sam from when he proposed. Above it says 19:42. 7 O'clock and he isn't here? Where is he? He should be here by now, he said 6. Why isn't he here? 

Maybe he has a friend that he likes to spend his time after work with? My subconscious says. it always tells me my deepest fears and exactly what I don't want to hear. Or maybe he is just...picking out a last minute present for me. Yeah didn't think of that did you? Remember that he doesn't forget things. He remembers every date that he needs to. This qualifies. I do hate you sometimes. Just remember I am in your head so you can turn me of when I want you to.

I take my mind off the bad thoughts now circling my head. I unlock the phone it is the date of when he proposed :1312. Such a goo day I must say. I pull up my contact list and type his name. His smiling face comes up and his phone number appears underneath. My finger hovers above the number. I decide not to call him. he's probably on his way and I don't want him to answer the phone while he is driving, so I decide to call his best friend Dave and also his work colleague. I pull his contact up just like I did with Sam's number. This time I press the 'call' button. I walk back through the living room, back through the bi folding doors to the table to sit down.

He picks up while the first ring is still going. "Oh hi darlin' , how are you doing?"

"I'm fine I just...Sam said he would be here by six for our dinners date and he isn't here. I was just wondering if you knew where he was? If he's still at work tell him to get his sorry ass down here right now." I mock anger, it makes me feel a bit better talking to Dave about it.

"I'm sorry honey. he's not here. He did mention that you two were having dinner together so he asked to leave the office early to get there on time. Theoretically he should be there right now Calm down he's probably on his way right now."

"Of course I have you idiot!" I snap at him and I instantly regret it. "I am so sorry. I'm worried about Sam. He's never late for anything." I take a deep breath and try to relax and calm down like Dave suggested.

"I'm sure he's fine, on his way as we speak...." I hear a beeping on my phone. I pull it away from my ear and look at the screen. I have another call. "...saying he's fi-"

"Sorry Dave I've got another call. I have to go."

"I told you he'd call soon. If you need anything just call me babe." Did he just call me babe? I can put up with darlin' not babe. "Good luck, you need it."

"You are so going to pay for that! Talk later, okay?" I hang up so I have the last word. I open up the new call. "Well it's about time you called, you're late for dinner and you are so going to pay."

"Hello is that Caroline Pierce?" A voice I don't know replies. A female voice. Oh. My. God. He's having and affair. My subconscious was right about something. He has a whore. A young one by the sounds of it. I get pulled out of my thoughts by the whore's voice "Hello? Miss Pierce?"

"Yes. Who is this and why have you got my fiancés phone?" I accuse her. What do you say to you fiancé's whore?

"Your fiancé is at County General Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit. he's had a very bad car accident and we think you should come to the hospital right now." No bloody shit!

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