Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


7. 7

Ronon followed Crieve from the alley way to the congested market place. People from many different cultures bartered, haggled, bought and/or sold nearly anything and everything an individual could possibly think of ever obtaining. There were vendors with fine silk cloth of every color imaginable, numerous carts filled with produce and meats, pastries and pies. There were hand carved statues, scented candles, hand-woven rugs, and many more things from across the galaxy here on display. All of which went unnoticed by Ronon. He walked close behind Crieve keeping a keen eye on him. At this moment in time he did not trust him. He was a flesh peddler or had been by his account. Either way, Ronon kept his guard up; keeping in mind this might be a trap of some sort. The two warriors shouldered their way through the crowd and away from the hustle and bustle of commerce.

Once outside the town limits, Ronon took stock of Crieve as they walked side by side in mutual silence to the Star Gate. Crieve once again wore the plain robe and red sash of the Kultara tribe. Ronon figured it was to conceal the outfit underneath. One doesn't take much notice of another dressed in drab clothing. However, if they were dressed ready to do battle with a big ass sword on display, then that could possibly cause some problems. It would seem his weapon of choice was a long narrow double-edged sword which he carried slung crossed his back with the hilt at his right shoulder within easy reach. Ronon had not seen any other weapons on the man, but that did not mean they did not exist.

Ronon noted that Crieve was nearly as tall as he was and built like a warrior - lean, muscular and powerful. The man's brown hair fell just past his broad shoulders. He sported three small braids - two plaited starting from his right temple and the other his left. Each braid had woven within them two thin red and black ribbons. As he'd seen with other cultures, Ronon assumed the braids showed rank or a status of some sort.

After a mile or so, Ronon finally spoke. "You're not Satedan by birth."

"No, I am not. I was born to a world long since gone now. Just as your planet, mine was destroyed by the Wraith also. Family and friends long since dead." Crieve spoke without any sorrow in his voice. He said it as if he were just stating a historical fact. "I am the last of my kind."

He continued, "I am Satedan by life bonding with one of your women. I adopted your culture which was not so different from my own." Crieve squinted one eye, thinking then said, "We have been bonded nearly over five summers now. She is a very spirited woman. Very opinionated. Very passionate." Crieve smiled, his arctic blue eyes seemed to brighten as he spoke of his mate. Chuckling he said, "The first time I laid eyes on her I knew that she was the one. I knew I had to have her, no matter what. However, it took her a bit longer to realize that we were meant to be together."

Sounded like another couple Ronon knew. "Why was she so reluctant?" he inquired.

"Well, my mate was the Satedan woman that Pelay, E'dru and I kinda kidnapped along with three of her friends."

Ronon stopped in his tracks. Glaring at the hated flesh peddler who also had stopped.

"When I went to steal her from the auction house she would not go. The crazy woman would not go! Not unless I helped her free her friends also. We had no time to waste before the guards that I paid would return. So I attempted to take her by force. Well she was not having none of that. Somehow she had smuggled in a knife."

"Did she gift you with that?", Ronon pointed to the scar on Crieve's cheek.

With a lop-sided grin, the man nodded his head yes. He seemed to relive the private moment, then said, "After lashing out and branding me as hers", sliding a finger over the faint scar, "I finally wrested the knife from her and the love struck fool that I was agreed to return them all. Once back at her camp, I knew the two village idiots would soon be coming after us. I convinced them all to come with me to a safe haven. All were skeptical, of course."

"And you won her over with your wit and charm?" Ronon sarcastically stated.

"But of course!" Crieve's face was stone cold serious just for a few seconds until he started laughing.

Ronon just glared at him.

Crieve continued, "She was argumentative. She kept telling me she knew what was best for her people. Stubborn wench that one! But finally she agreed and well the rest you know."

Starting to walk down the path again towards the Star Gate, Crieve spoke over his shoulder, "She made me want to be a better man. Let us just say I was not a very nice person until I met her." Ronon could relate to that also. Jennifer made him want to be a better man just to please her.

Ronon fell into step with him and asked, "So those two dumb asses have been tracking you for six years trying to get this woman back?"


Ronon wondered about the beauty this woman possessed to have men still tracking her for all this time.

They finally made it to the Star Gate and stood next to the DHD.

Focusing on the situation at hand Ronon asked, "You took the group of Satedans some place safe? Some place," Ronon couldn't believe he was about to say it, "that doesn't exist?"

Crieve had a devilish smile on his face. "A planet that does not exist. Makes you wonder, no?"

"Makes me wonder what the hell you're up too!"

"Still you do not trust me, friend?"

"No. And stop calling me your friend before I blow your fool head off!" As Ronon spoke, he placed his hand upon the butt of the gun.

Raising his hands in compliance Crieve said, "Well, my friend - um...sorry - let me show you the way to no where!" Crieve slowly pulled from his robe pocket a slender red crystal. He held it up for Ronon to see but just enough out of reach. "This is the key to our survival. Your people's survival!"

When Ronon frowned, the man continued, "I acquired this rare gem some time back.", he said while holding the crystal up and twisting it back and forth. The sun's rays refracted through the crystal giving off several different shades of red. "The creators of these star rings made only a few of these or so legend has it, to escape if they were to be over powered by the Wraith or any other foe. This crystal would take them to a planet that would be undetectable by any and all technology."

"That's impossible. A Star Gate can only dial seven chevrons any more than that and there would be an overload of power. The system would fail."

Crieve smiled that lop-sided grin of his and wiggled his eyebrows. "Have faith my friend. Have faith."

"So how does it work?" Ronon being skeptical and cautious of Crieve, took a step closer. If he were to make a run for it, Ronon was ready.

"Well, I dial up the coordinates to the planet. You know the non-existent one like so." Crieve punched the coordinates in, the chevrons clicked into place one by one. Both men walked to stand in front of the DHD. Once the wormhole stabilized Crieve told Ronon, "Then I take the crystal and place it first into the event horizon and then step through."

Ronon was waiting on the man to touch the crystal to the event horizon, but he just stood there looking at Ronon.


"Before I am to take you to your people I am to ask you something."


"Do you have on you a silver band with a certain inscription on the inside of it?"

Frowning, Ronon pulled the silver band from his coat pocket and showed it to him.

Amazed, Crieve looked at it and said, "Well by the gods! The damned witch was right!"

"Right about what?"

"Follow me and you will see." When Crieve touched the crystal to the event horizon it turned from blue to red. He then looked at Ronon and said, "Let's go home."


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