Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


6. 6

As Ronon took a few steps back from the sword wielding idiots, he slowly un-holstered his gun – which for now was set to stun – and held it down by his side. He positioned himself with his back against one of the alley walls. The two halfwits were to his right and Crieve along with the girl to his left. Ronon watched and listened to their conversation.

"Pelay. E'dru. Long time no see." Crieve said while placing himself in front of the frightened bar maid. Ronon noticed that he was navigating her towards a pile of overstuffed grain sacks by backing up and moving to his right. The girl wasn't stupid. She realized that the situation could become dangerous and so she quickly took cover.

"What brings you two assholes here?" Crieve asked smiling. However the smile did not show warmth in those ice blue eyes of his. The barkeep was right. Those eyes could pierce right through someone's soul and place within it deadly fear. "I see you have acquired another partner." Nodding his head towards Ronon but never taking his eyes off of Pelay and E'dru.

Taking a step forward Pelay stated, "He's no partner of ours. Seems he's been looking for you too. Did he take some of your merchandise to friend?"

Ronon said nothing but glared at the scrawny man; it took all he had to keep himself from shooting the little prick.

"Crieve, you know exactly what we're here for. You've got something that belongs to us." He motioned to E'dru and himself. "And we want it back now!"

"Now fellas you know the woman wasn't yours to begin with."

"We three caught her fair and square. Then you had to get all self-righteous and love struck over the bitch." E'dru said in disgust.

Woman? Frowning Ronon ground out, "You three are flesh peddlers?" His inner beast was stirring. Flesh peddlers were scum. They would kidnap women and sell them to the highest bidder before or after they had their way with them.

"Oh yeah! Damn good ones too." Pelay said. "We came upon a ragged bunch some 6 years ago. Nearly 100 - men, women, children. The women were all ripe for the taking!"

E'dru stated, "By the gods, we had hit the mother load! The men of the group were either too old or too young to protect the women. It was an easy mark. Unfortunately there were only three of us to capture what we needed. So we had to choose the best of the lot."

Pelay was nearly drooling as he spoke, "Yeah. Yeah. There was this one, you see, who stood out amongst the rest. She had long silky hair black like a raven's wing and a body to die for. This woman had flawless skin that was so soft to the touch."

E'dru began, "And her face..."

Pelay chimed in, "Men would go to war for a face such as hers. Her eyes were dark emeralds and her lips were like the ripest berries just waiting to be tasted. Oh so perfect."

As the two men told their story, the beast within Ronon became more agitated. He fought with his anger and disgust to whether or not to keep the gun on stun or switch it to kill and rid this world of them.

E'dru dreamily spoke, "She was the most beautiful creature we'd ever seen in our line of work. In our entire lives."

Looking past Ronon, Pelay wickedly grinned and said, "She had a mouth on her that could be taught many talents - especially the kind on her knees." Both men laughed at that.

Ronon was about to stun the filthy bastards when he heard a Satedan war cry from Crieve. Confused, Ronon watched as Crieve slowly untied the sash from around his waist, then shrugged off the plain robes. Underneath he was dressed all in black. From his leather boots, pants and vest. Leather gauntlets covered his forearms. Reaching behind him he withdrew a rather large wicked looking sword - which had the same intricate designs as one of Ronon's dagger.

He looked at the merchant and the expression on his face even had Ronon on guard. Crieve said nothing. He was trying to contain the anger that threatened to spill forth at any moment.

The idiots kept goading the man by continuing to tell their story to Ronon. Oblivious of the danger they were courting.

"We had captured four of the females and had successfully taken them to the trading auction on Zempora." E'dru informed Ronon.

"We were to be rich men until this one", Pelay pointed his sword at Crieve, "grew a conscience! He took the bitches back to where we found them, but when we went to get them back the next day the whole place was deserted."

"Now thanks to you, you fucking bastard, we have Giard after us since he was to purchase the girl for a handsome sum."

Crieve finally spoke, "Well if you had given the money back and called off the deal, your lives would not be in danger. Very simple, for a couple of simpletons!"

"No the way I see it", Pelay sneered, "is that you give us the girl where ever you've gotten her hid and then we kill you and then we'll be even. She was to bring a nice price, Crieve. You cheated us out of our money. We're here to get back what belongs to us!"

"Hate to break the bad news to you fellas, but she has been taken."

"Taken?" Both men said simultaneously.

"She's been bonded." Crieve smiled and this time the smile reached his eyes.

"We want the Satedan bitch Crieve. Where have you hidden her."

At that last statement Ronon raised his gun to the two men while keeping an eye on the other. "Satedan?"

"Yeah, the group we captured was diffently Satedans. He stole our most prized female – a young, very pretty Satedan"

Ronon's heart was racing. Could it be? "How do you know she was Satedan."

"Of the mark on her neck." Replied E'dru.

Ronon's coat and dreadlocks hid his mark so they had no clue that he was Satedan.

"That planet was culled by the Wraith years ago. The people no longer exist." declared Ronon.

"Apparently some survived and fled." Pelay responded.

Ronon had enough of the two scumbags. In quick succession, he stunned Pelay and E'dru into silence. Ronon then turned his weapon and attention on Crieve who was standing staring at Ronon.

Seeing her chance the barmaid ran past the two men and back to the tavern.

The two warriors glared at each other until Crieve broke the silence by saying, "You are from the house of Al'drid"

Shocked, Ronon demanded "How do you know that?!" He raised and aimed his gun at the merchant.

"You have been tracking me for nearly half a day now. I had thought it was for the necklace I was to deliver here, until I saw your tattoo a couple towns back.

Ronon raised his hand to the mark on his neck. The tattoo that declared that he was from the house of Al'drid - one of the oldest families on Sateda or was one of the oldest.

Sighing, Crieve sheathed his weapon. "I can take you to your people."

"Why should I trust a flesh peddler?"

"Because I am bonded to a Satedan woman. And as a Satedan I give my word as a warrior that I will take you to your people or may my honor be stripped."

A warrior having his honor stripped was one of the most humiliating and disgraceful things to happen. It brought shame to the family.

Ronon thought for a moment, then holstered his gun. Looking at Crieve he said, "Lead the way, but take heed if you're leading me into a trap, I will not hesitate to kill you."

Crieve gave a chuckle, "If you were to kill me, my mate would be quite angry with you. And I assure you, you do not want her wrath focused on you."

Crieve could not stop laughing and Ronon had second thoughts about killing him just to shut him up.

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