Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


4. 4

John was on the second level landing of the Gate Room talking to Major Phillips when Ronon entered. John waved for him to come up and join them in the conference room. Ronon's massive frame sprinted up the stairs; taking the steps two at a time with ease. Once at the top he followed the two men into the meeting room; where Elizabeth was standing near the large conference table reading a debriefing file.

As Ronon walked in, he heard Dr. Weir ask, "How certain are you about this information Major because it's rather unbelievable."

SGA-3's team leader, Maj. Andrew Phillips stated, "I can't be 100% certain Ma'am, but this is the Pegasus Galaxy anything's possible. It's all in the report there." Phillips nodded to the file Elizabeth held.

"So now tell us what isn't in the report, Major." John knowingly said.

Phillips looked at each individual in turn. "Well the off-the-books version" Phillips reluctantly said, "is that there is a chance that survivors of Sateda have built a small community –"

"That's great!" John said enthusiastically.

" – on a planet that actually doesn't exist." Finished the Major.

Ronon was frowning at that last statement as he said, "Doesn't exists? That makes no sense." Maybe this was going to be a wild goose chase after all, he thought.

"You mean that it isn't charted yet?" Elizabeth asked.

"No Ma'am. According to one of the local vendors I questioned, the planet simply doesn't exist."

"But my people do?" Ronon asked confused.

Trying to explain himself, the Major continued. "It all started when we had some down time during the mission and so some of us walked through the city market place. I wasn't planning on buying anything. I was just killing time – until I saw this."

Maj. Phillips reached into one of his side pockets of his pants uniform. He pulled out a silver ring – like the think silver bands that Ronon wore in his hair – and handed it to him.

"The intricate design was what caught my attention. It reminded me of the design on one of your daggers you showed me once, Ronon." Phillips shrugged, "And so I bought it."

"Well, where did he get it from?" John questioned, "This vendor."

"I asked the guy that exact same question Colonel. He told me that it had been forged just last week by a Satedan craftsman."

Looking at Ronon, Major Phillips added, "I thought that was rather strange since your planet was destroyed by the Wraith years ago. Now he could have made the whole thing up. You know to boost the sale, but I don't know." Phillips said shaking his head. "There was something about the design etched on it. I told him that the silver was beautifully made and that I would like to get in direct contact with the craftsman for possibly more purchases. Unfortunately, he wouldn't answer my question about where he'd gotten it from and I didn't want to push the matter. The guy seemed to get a little spooked with me being so interested in Satedans."

While the Major told them of his encounter, Ronon stared at the wide silver band. He never thought that he would see such a thing ever again. The outside of the ring was masterfully designed with dark etchings of lines that swirled about and were made to look woven together. Inside the ring were words written in Satedan. The others wouldn't have known this for it looked to them much like the design on the outside of the ring. Ronon read silently to himself the inscription etched upon it - an old Satedan saying, "Your heart holds the truth."

Maj. Phillips shook his head when Ronon tried to return the item. "Naw, you keep it." The Major rubbed his hand over his military high-n-tight buzz cut and chuckled. "I don't think I have enough hair for it."

Smiling, Ronon silently nodded a thank you and placed the silver band in his coat pocket.

Maj. Phillips continued, "I don't know if the merchant had traded it for something else or really did get it off of a Satedan. I just thought you should know Ronon."

Turning to Elizabeth and John, the Maj. continued, "Seeing that he wasn't going to talk, I canvased the market area asking questions about survivors and a non-existent planet."

"And the answers to your questions were…" inquired Elizabeth.

"Most were really strange looks, Ma'am."

"But?" interjected Sheppard.

"Well, there was one individual that was a bit more talkative than the others. I think it had to do with the fact that he was a rival of the jewelry merchant I bought the ring off of." Then smiling a bit more mischievously said, "And a few coins in his pocket could have made the difference too."

"The informant claims that the jewelry merchant who I got the ring off of knows how to get to this planet and the Satedan settlement. The merchant hops through different rings so as to cover his tracks." Major Phillips shrugged and said, "That's about it."

"And he knows this how?" Ronon asked.

"It seems that the jeweler likes his drink. And he was slightly drunk when he supposedly spilled the beans about his merchandise and craftsmen."

"Thank you, Major. You may go." Sheppard said.

Before Phillips left the room he stopped adjacent to Ronon and said. "Hope you find what you're looking for." Then he left the three alone.

Once the officer was out of ear shot Ronon stated, "I'd like to go alone. This is something I need to do by myself. I'll have the handheld radio with me if anything goes wrong." Standing in front of John and looking down at him Ronon said, "I can go with or without your permission. I'd rather have it though."

John looked at Ronon, then to Elizabeth who was standing next to him. When she nodded ever so slightly, John said, "I don't see anything wrong with that. It's just a recon mission – a personal recon mission – and besides nobody is dumb enough to fool with you."

"Thank you."

"However, if it doesn't feel right, get back here asap. You understand?" Dr. Weir warned.

"Yeah. And we're keeping this between us, right?" Ronon more or less stated.

"Roger that." John confirmed.

"Of course, Ronon." Elizabeth agreed.

As they made their way to the Star Gate, Ronon informed the two, "I don't want anyone to know about this – any of this! It could be all for nothing."

"Understood, but if for any reason you get the feeling this is a trap." John let the sentence hang.

"I know. Get my ass outta there."

"Keep your guard up, Chewie! What with all the enemies that we've made over the years, can never be too careful. You never know, this could be a Geni scheme cooked up for some reason."

"Okay dad. I got it!"

"Well, ya know….we kinda like havin' you around, Big Guy. We'd really miss ya if you didn't show back up after this." John said slapping Ronon on the back.

Ronon didn't miss the double edged meaning. Was this a trap of some kind? Was he walking into danger? Or would Ronon find his people. And if he did, would he ever feel the need to return to Atlantis?

Questions swirled around in his head as he walked through the Star Gate and towards his fate.

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