Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


32. 32

Ronon emerged from the Crimson Star Gate with the medical bags and one very irate Dr. Keller in tow. He quickly dropped the supplies where he stood and, with his free hand, removed the crystal key from his pocket. Without letting go of Jennifer, he closed the portal by touching the crystal to the surface of the gate; insuring that no one from Atlantis followed.

After returning the key to his pocket, Ronon deftly picked up the supplies at his feet and, with his arm still firmly around Jennifer's waist, guided her straight to the DHD. He tossed the bags onto the ground next to the device, but refused, however, to relinquish his hold on the squirming, agitated woman. And for good reason too. Ronon could've sworn that he had heard Jennifer mumble the word "castrate" from underneath her breath right before he pulled her into the event horizon. He doubted she'd do anything so drastic, but to err on the side of caution, he wasn't about to take any chances and let her go. Not yet anyway. Not until she calmed down a bit. Besides he liked his prized body parts right where they were, thank you very much. So with that in mind, Ronon tightened his hold about Jennifer and, with her back to his chest, hefted her up against himself. As a result, and at his great height, her feet dangled several inches from the ground.

Ronon could tell she was none too pleased with this arrangement because, in spite of being suspended in mid-air, Jennifer didn't cease her struggles of trying to break free of his iron grip. If anything, it seemed to make her even more determined to get loose. "Ronon," her threatening tone held promise of retribution towards him, "let me down. Now!" she demanded as she tried to remove his arm from about her. Apparently Jennifer didn't realize she was fighting a losing battle; though, she was soon to find out.

"Let go of me you over-grown Satedan bast…" Ronon's arm, like a snake wrapped around its prey, squeezed tighter about her waist, literally forcing the breath from her and effectively halting her insult. She pushed and tugged at his arm while, at the same time, kicking her legs. His grip did lessen slightly when a booted heel made contact with his shin. The grunt that escaped the great warrior was but a slight victory for Jennifer. Her attempt to free herself was all in a vain. She still dangled several inches from the ground and was powerless to do anything about it. She was at Ronon's mercy.

Even with her futile attempts of escape and the slight pain in his leg, Ronon refused to release his squirming cargo. If truth be told, Ronon's reluctance had nothing to do with the tone of her voice or the idle threat to make him a eunuch. No, it had more to do with the untamed darkness deep inside of him awakening. A darkness whose shackles were being secretly unlocked by the ba'ni. The beast was being set free to gradually gain control over Ronon. It was slowly becoming master.

In return, the ba'ni was gathering strength from the deepest, darkest parts of Ronon. It was swaying the beast to its side in order to weaken Ronon's resolve of protecting Jennifer from himself. The ancient power was focused on one thing and one thing only - to join the two halves and see the ritual completed. To see Ronon and Jennifer become one – no matter what. No matter the cost. Sooner or later, the fated couple would be both bound and mated. The ba'ni would see to that. Even if Ronon's darkness had to be made to take control and complete the ritual itself.

Quite frankly, it wasn't that difficult for the beast to claw its way to the surface and take charge. Jennifer was doing a pretty good job of enticing the beast and, at the same time, having the man lose his self-control. Ronon knew that Jennifer didn't have a clue how she effected him. Having her temper overshadow her logic thought, she was blinded to the fact that her body seductively pressed against Ronon as she tried frantically to get loose. With her soft curves - which were in complete contrast to his hard physique – rubbing in all the right places, he was easily becoming aroused. His heart pounded, his blood raced through his veins, and an overwhelming need to take what was his consumed him. Ronon closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, trying yet again to gain control of himself. He needed to let her go, but it felt so damn good her being this close to him.

He warred with himself. Having Jennifer pressed up against him in such a fashion was putting a strain on him. He wanted to give into his desires. The feelings she stirred deep within him had Ronon focusing on only one thing. The one thing that could never happen! The one thing that he would never let happen! But, at the moment, he barely held onto his control by a thread.

Still trying to free herself, Jennifer unintentionally pressed her shapely ass firmly against Ronon's semi-hard length. He sucked air between his clenched teeth and swallowed the moan that threatened to escape him. Didn't she realize what she was doing to him? If not, then she was soon going to find out because he felt himself becoming even harder as her ass continued to tease him. It was a matter of time before the evidence of his excitement prodded her backside. Ronon knew, once that happened, her face would be flushed from embarrassment, anger, and a bit of wanton excitement.

The moan he tried to suppress seconds ago came spilling forth as she arched her back against him trying to dislodge his arm.

Jennifer immediately froze. With her head thrown back against his shoulder, Ronon's hot breath fanned next to her cheek and down her neck. He felt her shiver and heard her tiny gasp of surprise. He was quite certain that she had felt his arousal twitch to her reaction.

In a seething whisper, she ground out through clenched teeth, "Ronon Dex, put me down this instant!"

Angry and independent - always a lethal combination where she was concerned, he thought. He was glad that she couldn't see the briefest of grins that flashed across his rugged face at her realization of how she affected him. Reluctantly Ronon released Jennifer but he couldn't resist on letting her slowly slide down the length of him. The beast within was not pleased that Ronon didn't take advantage of the situation before him but grudgingly understood that time was of the essence. It'd been close to an hour since he'd left Alianna. Ronon had to get his mind back on the mission and not have it muddled with soft curves and lake-blue eyes.



As soon as her feet hit the ground, Jennifer whirled around to face Ronon. For a split second she thought about grabbing his gun and stunning the shit out of him, but couldn't bring herself to do it. Besides, he was more skilled than her at disarming an opponent. More than likely she'd find herself hoisted up against him once again. Or worse yet, thrown over his shoulder until she calmed down. Oh good lord! She could feel her face turn bright red just at the reminder of how hard his body was - every last inch of it.

Closing her eyes, she tried to focus on reining in her embarrassment along with her rising temper toward the Satedan. What had gotten into Ronon? First he assaulted Lt. Masterson for no apparent reason, disobeyed a direct order from Col. Sheppard no less, then, before she could explain the situation to John, Ronon had taken it upon himself to usher her through the Star Gate somewhat against her will. In a way, Ronon's actions reminded Jennifer all to well of her previous relationship with Brian. He always dictated to her what, who, when, where, why and everything else in between during their time together. Now it was Ronon dictating her actions and she was not about to stand for it.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!", she demanded. "Have you lost your mind?"

Lake-blue eyes battled with soft emerald green.

"And what is up with the Star Gate?" she asked waving her hand towards the silent ring, "Why was it red instead of blue?"

Without saying a word, Ronon bent down and picked up the supply bags. Slinging them over his shoulder, he opened his mouth to answer her but was cut off by an all too familiar voice.

"By the gods, brother, does your woman's tongue never cease to wag? No wonder it has taken this long for you to return to us."

Crieve came from the woods riding a black stallion and leading another. "Be quick Ronon." Crieve instructed as he halted the horses near the ring. "The one we love is knocking at death's door and I am afraid the bastard is eager to welcome both her and the babe into the afterlife."

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