Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


30. 30

Kyle, what are you doing here?

Apparently that was the million dollar question at the moment for Lt. Masterson.

Dr. Keller had been on his mind ever since she'd left him alone on the lower level of Atlantis less than an hour ago. During that time he had mentally kicked himself many times over for what happened, or to be more precise, for what had nearly happened.

He had tried to steal a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. However, when he had just barely grazed her lips with his, she'd quickly stepped away from him with shock and disdain upon her face; her expression forever etched into his mind. That one look alone had made him feel lower than a snake's belly crawling through a tire rut. All he had wanted was a sweet, gentle kiss. He should had known better though, but being so close to her had the rational thinking side of him being quickly outflanked by his love struck impulsive side.

Deep down Kyle knew that he had broken a very important and fragile truce between them with that brazen act. And he hated himself for it. He'd been such an idiot. What had he been thinking? They had a good working relationship together. Why ruin it with such an impulse?

Because Kyle wanted more. He wanted all of her. He just had to keep reminding himself that it would take time. It would take time for him to chip away at Dr. Keller's resolve. To wear her down. To get her to come to him. With his charm and persistence, eventually she would let down her guard and he'd slip right into her life and stay there permanently. Until that time presented itself, he just had to have patience and curb his wayward impulses.

So after having admonished himself for the hundredth time, Kyle had gone in search of Dr. Keller under the guise of getting his jacket back. Once inside her quarters, he had planned to apologize for his actions and then cautiously make his intentions known. In time she would be his, but first and foremost he had to apologize; to set things straight. His deep seeded southern upbringing wouldn't let him do anything less but to make amends for acting so bold. A gentleman did not take advantage of a lady – no matter how tempting the situation.

When there had been no answer he had assumed that she'd gone off to get something to eat. When he had entered the mess hall he had noticed that the only occupants of the dining area had been a handful of giggling, gossiping women. They were seated at one of the corner tables near the door. Jennifer hadn't been among them. He had even checked the balconies overlooking the ocean. He knew that at times she ate her meager meals outside as she stared off into the night sky.

No luck.

Kyle had begun to worry as to where Jennifer might be. As he passed the table full of women, Kyle smiled politely, nodded, "Ladies" and walked on. A pretty little nurse with dark brown hair caught his attention. She was talking to her friends about the most gorgeous man she'd had ever seen before in her life.

Sheer masculinity...Dominance...He could tie me up in bed anytime.

Kyle just shook his head, smiled and kept walking. He was nearly out the door when he overheard her say, "I don't know what he was doing with Dr. Keller in the infirmary, but..."

That was all Kyle needed to hear as he had raced for the med-lab.

After the transporter doors had opened, what stood before him was the most intimidating individual he'd ever come across in his life. The stranger's eyes fairly shot daggers at him. What shocked Kyle the most was when the stranger literally bared his teeth and growled at him. This was no man Kyle thought, but a beast in disguise.

Kyle tried to protect Dr. Keller from the danger, but, without warning, the insane woman positioned herself in the middle of him and the devil incarnate towering over them.

Coming back to her earlier question about what he was doing here, Kyle simply smiled and confessed, "I was about to ask ya the same thing doc." And when Kyle inquired about the other man, Dr. Keller glanced from Kyle to the stranger and then back at him. She looked worried and it seemed that she'd been crying. What the hell was going on?

Jennifer stood in the middle of the two men, with Ronon to her left and Kyle her right. She was determined to keep them apart until they both calmed down. Taking a deep breath, she took a moment to gather her thoughts.

The atmosphere was so thick with tension it nearly overwhelmed her. Instead of a knife, Jennifer imagined herself having to use a diamond-tipped buzz saw to cut through the hostility. It hung in the air like flammable gas. Jennifer knew that with one tiny spark - one wrong look, one misplaced word - tempers could ignite; escalating things to a whole new level and with her in the freakin' middle of it all.

Taking a deep breath, Jennifer made the necessary introductions before things got worse – if they weren't already.

"Kyle….uh I mean….Lieutenant this…" Jennifer said pointing to Ronon "…this is Ronon Dex. Ronon, Lt. Kyle Mast…."

"I know who he is." the warrior grumbled; his voice low and threatening.

Kyle was surprised that the missing link could speak. He also wondered what other tricks he was capable of preforming. Perhaps tying up women? At that thought, Kyle's jaw tightened and he fisted his hands by his side. He could feel his blood beginning to boil at the thought of this over grown neanderthal even touching Dr. Keller.

"Oh? Okay." She was confused. How did Ronon know who Kyle was? She was sure that this was the first time that both of them had met. Her thoughts were shattered, however, when Kyle spoke again.

"Goin' somewhere doc?" He tried to keep the anger from his voice but he failed miserably.

"Uh…yes actually…well…you see…." Jennifer turned to face Kyle now with Ronon once again at her back. She bit her bottom lip and was debating on what to tell him when a soft growl came from behind her. Jennifer elbowed Ronon before he could say anything.

"Uh…yeah I was just about to head off-world. There's this…"

"Alone? At this hour?" She wasn't actually thinking of leaving base with this devil was she?

Another growl. This one a bit louder.

"What?" Jennifer put a bit more power behind the jab that she delivered to Ronon's gut with her elbow. "Alone?…no..umm…you see...actually we" Jennifer motioned indicating herself and Ronon "….we were j-just about to leave."

Having never taken his eyes off of Ronon throughout the whole conversation Kyle simply stated, "I see." She was going to leave with this man. Alone. He was sure that Jennifer Keller had lost her mind. Or else the dangerous looking individual was forcing her to go with him for some reason. Forcing her against her well.

"Medical emergency." she continued explaining. "Soooo as you can see" pointing to Ronon, "I'm in capable hands."

"Are ya sure Jen?" concern laced his words.

Before Jennifer could answer, Ronon growled, "She's sure." Those two simple words and the tone he used spoke volumes. He did not appreciate the casual use of Jennifer's name by the young officer. It seemed too intimate for his peace of mind.

Kyle was sure that the towering caveman was trying to intimidate him; but he wasn't backing down. He hadn't been in a good fight in quite some time. What was it his grandpa always said? The bigger they are, the harder they fall. This one was going to fall real hard!

At Ronon's tone, Jennifer turned to see the look on his face. Crap! Somehow things just got worse.

Bright blue eyes seared into pale green ones as the two men stepped closer to each other. And once again Jennifer was sandwiched in between them.

"Enough! The both of you!" Turning completely around to look up at Ronon she stated, "We don't have time for this."

"You're right." Ronon snarled without looking at her. He stepped to the side at the same time that he moved Jennifer out of his way. With speed born of skill, Ronon's fist connected with Kyle's face. His head snapped back with the force of the punch and he crumpled to the floor unconscious.

Adrenalin coursed through Ronon as he stood over the man. His stance resembled that of a dominant male who just laid claim to what was his in the first place - Jennifer. Ronon felt satisfaction knowing that he'd broken the lieutenant's nose. He recalled the crunch of cartilage underneath his fist and smiled.

"Ronon!" Jennifer gasped as she came to stand by him.

When Ronon looked down at her, she had one delicate hand covering her mouth and her eyes were wide from shock. Quickly composing herself, Jennifer smacked Ronon across his chest with the back of her hand and gave him a I can't believe you did that look before she knelt down next to the lieutenant.

"Kyle?" Jennifer spoke softly as she patted the side of his face. His nose was undeniably broken. However, before she could see to any further damage Ronon's fist might have caused, she was being hauled up off the floor by her arm.

"We need to go." Having already picked up both bags, the angry Satedan stepped over the body on the floor and dragged a reluctant Jennifer along with him.

"Ronon Dex!" Jennifer tried to get free of his grip and at the same time tried to keep up with his long strides as he headed for the gate room. "Kyle was just concerned for my well-being."


"You didn't have to hit him."

"You're right."


"I should have shot him instead." Ronon stopped abruptly and pushed Jennifer against the corridor wall. His massive body pinned her there as he leaned down close to her face and angrily whispered "Maybe I should go back and do just that? Blast a hole right through him."

"What? No! You can't do that." Jennifer tried to get free by pushing at the hulking Satedan, but he wasn't budging.

Ronon narrowed his eyes and looked deep into Jennifer's startled blue ones. She would have him spare the asshole? Did Jennifer have feelings for this man?

If it weren't for his sister being in a life-or-death situation, he would go back and pummel Kyle to a bloody pulp then shoot him.

"Ronon what is wrong with you?" Jennifer had never seen him like this…so very…angry. He reminded her of Brian but more dangerous – if that was even possible. Yes, with a man like Ronon she thought, it was.

He ignored her question as he once again headed for the gate room with Jennifer in tow.

Making their way to the platform Ronon dropped the bags at her feet and ordered her to stay. He bounded up the stairs to the control room. There was a new crew member on duty; one Ronon hadn't seen before. He told the tech to enter the following set of coordinates. Before Ronon could give him the sequence, the poor private stuttered that he couldn't do anything without proper authorization.

Watching from the platform below Jennifer could see that Ronon was not very happy with that answer. Before Ronon became more upset and did something foolish, Jennifer called up, "I authorize the jump Private. It's okay."


"You heard her. She's the CMO and this jump has just been authorized." Unceremoniously Ronon shoved the tech out of his chair and dialed the Chevrons. He was opening the gate to New Sateda. As Ronon ran back down to Jennifer, the wormhole materialized, shot out and then stabilized.

Gathering the bags, Ronon and Jennifer were less than a foot from the gate entrance when they heard a familiar voice giving an ultimate command.

"Cease and desist!"

Looking back Ronon made eye contact with Sheppard. Jennifer had turned to face the Colonel when the shimmering stargate blue turned red. The next thing she knew Ronon had grabbed her around her waist, picked her up and stepped through the gate.

Sheppard ran up the ramp to the gate, but it was too late, it had closed.

He commanded the new tech to dial the gate back up to the last coordinates entered and wait for further instructions. John then got on his mic and ordered Teyla, Evan and Rodney to the gate room on the double. They had a rogue Satedan on their hands and he'd just kidnapped their CMO.

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