Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


3. 3

It had not taken Ronon long for him to get dressed and pack a few things after Sheppard left his quarters. He told John that he'd meet him in the Gate Room to go over the details of SGA-3's mission report and make plans. But first Ronon had to - needed to - see Jennifer. To tell her the news that there was a possibility of survivors from his home world living on another planet. Satedan survivors that had found sanctuary and started over.

As he left his rooms, he realized that it was still very early in the morning and that Jennifer would more than likely be sound asleep after coming off a double shift. Nonetheless, he had to see her. A few minutes later, he was second guessing his decision after his hand made its third swipe over her door chime. Shifting his backpack from one shoulder to the other, Ronon was getting ready to turn and leave when the double doors finally swooshed open.

There before him in the entryway stood Jennifer rubbing the sleep from her eyes with one hand and trying to hold back a yawn with the other. Her golden hair was a lovely bed-head mess. He watched as one of the thin straps of her top slowly slipped off her shoulder. The silky material drooped a bit exposing the soft slope of her breast. As his gaze fell further down, Ronon glimpsed her lower midriff peeking out from between the bottom of the shirt and just above her pajama bottoms - which hung seductively low on her hips.

She is a temptress, he thought, and does not even know it!

"Ronon," she asked in a sleepy voice, looking up at him, "is everything okay?" She stepped to the side to let him enter.

He took a couple of steps into her room and stopped just past the entryway. He swiped his hand over the key panel to close the doors. Letting his backpack slide off his shoulder, he tossed it over towards the wall. Looking around he saw the trail of clothes she'd removed when she had gotten off work. It began from the door where he stood then trailed off towards her bed - shoes, socks, shirt, pants, lacy bra and panties - all haphazardly strewn about.

The door to her bathroom was open slightly and the light was still on - illuminating her living area with a soft glow. Ronon smiled and took note that she slept with the lights on. Looking over to her closet he noticed the towel that she had apparently dried herself off with - he was jealous of that damn towel. He turned his attention back to the woman standing in front of him.

While waiting on his reply, Jennifer crossed her arms over her chest, which in turn made the other tiny thin strap start to follow suit with its twin and fall off her other shoulder as well. Instantly his gaze went to her lovely breasts that were being pushed together by her upper arms.

Talking through a yawn she once again asked him if anything was wrong.

Beautiful Temptress, he again mused. Then clearing his throat, he reluctantly brought his gaze back to her face and told her, "I just stopped by to tell you that I'm going off-world."

"Another mission?" She frowned. "So soon? You just got back yesterday morning." She said as she wrapped her arms around his waist. Jennifer laid her head upon his chest listening to the strong steady beat of his heart.

Holding her tight to him and kissing the top of her head, he replied "Yeah. I'm sorry."

He had come to see her - to apprise her that possibly his people lived - that some had survived the culling. But standing here with her in his arms, he wasn't sure about telling her. What if this was - how did John phrase it - a wild goose chase? What if he went in search of something that did not exist? Something that he'd constantly wished for with all his being ever since crossing paths with his three colleagues. He would once again find himself the lone survivor of his world's destruction. So he decided to kept everything to himself until he had solid proof, because if these truly were his people - were really Satedans - then the question next would be "Where would he call home?"

Jennifer's sweet voice shook him from his thoughts. "Promise me you'll be careful." She whispered as she tilted her head back to look into his soft green eyes.

During their short time together, Ronon had let Jennifer set the pace. He did not want her to feel uncomfortable in their relationship. He had never asked her about her past. He waited for her to tell him when she was ready. Their time together mostly consisted of being in each others company. Holding hands. Holding each other. Talking about everything and sometimes just not talking at all.

But now, all he wanted to do was kiss her before he left to find his people. He didn't know how long he would be gone. He wanted to remember the taste of her lips.

Ronon was drowning in those lake blue eyes of hers as he looked into her lovely face. He slid his hands up her arms. Hooking the thin straps of her top with his thumbs, he resettled them back on her shoulders. He then rested both hands on either side of her slender neck. He inhaled her jasmine scent as he leaned his head down. Ronon softly claimed her lips in a tender kiss. She fisted the back of his shirt as he finished the kiss by gently sucking on her bottom lip.

With his hands still resting upon her neck and his forehead touching hers, he smiled down at her. "I promise. I will be careful."

He placed the barest of kisses on the tip of her nose and turned to exit the room. But she grabbed his arm and stopped him.

Standing on her tippy-toes, Jennifer reached up and urged his head down to hers for another kiss. A very different kiss from before. One of her own choosing. She kissed him with a passion and fire that stole his breath away.

"Come back to me!" she fiercely whispered. It was a plea. A plea from the heart. Her heart.

Not trusting his own voice, Ronon only nodded that he would. He quickly kissed her again, picked up his backpack and left her quarters.

Once her doors had shut he placed his hand upon them thinking, I am already home.

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