Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


29. 29

This chapter took me some time to come up with. I would write then re-write then re-write some more and re-write even more. Finally I said screw it...and so here it is. I hope you enjoy it. Reviews would be welcome as always. Also I would like to thank all the readers who have stuck with me thus far. Writing is a joy to me and writing to entertain others is even a greater joy. Once again, Thank you all!


After Kyle had stepped from the transporter, everything happened rather quickly for Jennifer. One minute she had been standing alongside Ronon; and the next, she found herself situated behind the young officer. Before she could ask Kyle what was going on, he started backing up. Jennifer had to follow suit if she didn't want to be stepped on.

A few seconds later she came to an abrupt halt when the closed transporter doors ended her retreat. Instinctively Jennifer brought up her hands. She placed them upon Kyle's back, indicating that there was no more room and for him to stop before he squished her.

Kyle was acting so strange. He glanced back at her. His face showed determination and purpose. Gone was the laid back, good ol' boy personae from earlier. Standing in front of her now was a soldier ready to do battle. Lt. Masterson's entire body language spoke of a man on high-alert; of someone who was preparing for the worse. But why? And why pin her up against the transporter doors?

The reason was soon evident when Kyle raised his hand to swipe the transporter's operating panel. Jen realized that he was about to open the doors and usher her inside. What was going on? It was as if he sensed some type of danger; some threat and was getting her away from it.

They were on Atlantis. What sort of trouble could they possibly encounter while here in the city? What foreboding concern had Lt. Masterson using his own body as a shield? And why make such an effort to escape in the transporter?

A frown crinkled her brow. Jennifer's thoughts raced. The possibility of danger was overshadowed by confusion. The only other person around was Ronon. And, of course, he was no threat. Maybe he sensed something too.

Jennifer tried to see if Ronon was acting the same, but Kyle temporarily blocked her view of the man. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Jennifer's puzzled look faded as it finally dawned on her that maybe the question shouldn't be what Kyle was shielding her from but more along the lines of whom. Jennifer probably would have figured it out a lot sooner if she'd not been so damn upset with Ronon in the first place.

Apparently Kyle regarded the big, bad-ass looking Satedan standing in front of them as the danger he'd been sensing; the threat that he needed to protect her from. Jennifer couldn't help but grin. How could anyone fault Lt. Masterson for mistaking the stranger before him as a threat? Any sensible individual would have thought and done the same thing.

Ronon was, by nature, a dangerous man. By adding his military training and years of being a Runner into the mix, his volatile personality was primed and ready to explode with the slightest of provocations.

In spite of this, Ronon always gave fair warning to the individual who was coming close to crossing the fine line of pissing him off; the fine line of life or death.

Ronon simply conveyed the warning with his customary dark, brooding glare. The look was to strike caution, fear and dread within the hearts of the bravest – or most foolish – of men. It was meant for them to change tactics; to get them to back down.

Even individuals who were familiar with the Satedan and his ways were taken aback at times with his foreboding presence; especially when he bestowed the look on them.

It was something that Jennifer had been first made aware of those many months ago when she'd beamed down from the Daedalus to stand before the most frightening man she'd ever seen. Luckily Ronon had been fooling around at the time with her. However, the long and short of it, the look was Ronon's silent way of declaring, "I am pissed and you will suffer because of it."

Cautiously Jen peered around Kyle to judge Ronon's reaction to the whole situation. What she witnessed was indeed the look on his face.

To his credit though, Kyle stood steadfast in the decision of grabbing the damsel in distress and squaring off with the fuming alien. He was not backing down. On the contrary Lieutenant Masterson was doing a bang up job for his first time coming face-to-face with the scowling force of nature known as Ronon Dex. Very impressive by anyone's standards to be sure.

Yeah, great job, Jennifer thought, if one had hopes of a swift and not-so-painless death. The verdict was still out on if Kyle was fearless, foolish or a little bit of both.

Highly aware of his signature I'm pissed glare, Jen immediately dropped her pack just at about the same time Ronon dropped his.

To prevent Ronon from getting his hands on the younger man, Jen somehow managed to get from behind Kyle and squeeze herself between the two testosterone charged males before either of them had a chance to kill the other. Or to be more precise, before Ronon could kill Lt. Masterson.

Why was Ronon so angry? It wasn't as if Kyle was a stranger. Yes, to Ronon he was, but the man did wear the Atlantis uniform for chrissake! That should have given him some sort of clue that Kyle wasn't part of any enemy invasion. Possibly Ronon was angry due to the fact that he was in a hurry to get back to his sister and was being detained. Ronon's patience must be wearing thin to become so quickly angered. Jen rolled her eyes. What was she thinking? Ronon had very little patience if any. So why was he so angry this time?

An odd thought popped into Jennifer's head. Could it be that Ronon was pissed at how Kyle had man-handled her. How he had shoved her behind himself? How he had kept her away from Ronon. Kyle had done it so easily and unexpectedly. Yeah, that might have prompted the look on the warrior's handsome face. After all she was one of his team mates and Ronon had always been a bit overly protective of her.

As Jen stood between the two men, keeping them apart, she thought no that couldn't be it and opted for the prior explanation. That Ronon was more than likely concerned about his sister's well-being than with her. Jen told herself that she had to accept the fact that she wasn't Ronon's concern anymore. With him leaving Atlantis to be with his people, Jennifer had just been another female to hold his attention while here. The perfect woman for Ronon was waiting for him back at his new home.

Blinking back the tears, Jennifer had to quickly defuse this mess. She raised her hands to the southern bred good ol' boy in a "let's all calm down" type of gesture. Kyle stood just a couple feet in front of her; his eyes glued to Ronon. She couldn't tell what he was thinking, but he didn't look all too happy with her putting herself between himself and the menacing stranger.

As for Ronon, he stood so close behind her that she could practically feel his chest rise and fall. Feel his hot breath fanning the back of her head and neck. It just barely disturbed her hair when he exhaled. But the steady breath was just enough to let her know he barely held his emotions in check. Jennifer knew exactly what Ronon was thinking the minute she tried to explain the whole situation to Kyle.

"Lieutenant Masterson, I can…"

Ronon's threatening growl cut her off. Jen shuttered. Not from fear, but from a little spark of excitement. The sound he made seemed to be sort of territorial; so intimidating but kinda sexy at the same time. Being so near him she had felt the rumble of the warning as well as heard it. Jen also felt the heat of his anger. It radiated off of Ronon in waves. It was as if a dark emotion fueled some sort of raging beast inside the warrior – a beast that fought to get out.

Along with the warning, Ronon had stepped forward. He inadvertently pushed Jennifer closer to Kyle. With such a force behind her, Ronon's action caused her to instinctively stretch out her arms once again so that this time she wouldn't get squished between the two hot-headed men. Alas, Jen's hands landed upon the young lieutenant's solid chest.

Embarrassed, Jen hastily removed her hands after regaining her balance. She kept a smile plastered on her face as she forcefully took a step back. The step pushed against Ronon causing him to yield and to take a step back also. Jennifer was trying to put some space between her and Kyle, but the big idiot behind her was slow on the uptake.

Once again standing a couple of feet from Lt. Masterson, Jen forcefully planted her left elbow right into Ronon's midsection. The brute didn't even flinch as she turned her head to give him a withering look.

The proud warrior stood tall…shoulders back…hands fisted at his sides. His dark head was slightly tilted down, but his pale green eyes were riveted upon Kyle and no one else. Ronon's brows were knitted together so tightly into a scowl that the scar above his left eye became more pronounced. It was an expression that could have put fear into the devil himself.

Another growl.

Jen knew the rumbling sound behind her was a sign of Ronon's impatience to be going; a sign of his impatience of the whole situation. She had to find a way to tell Kyle what they were doing without giving away where they were going. She figured it was up to Ronon to tell whomever he wanted about his new home.

"Ronon!" with another elbow to his gut and a more heated glance at him, Jennifer said through gritted teeth, "Stop!" His gaze – which never left the lieutenant – narrowed, his jaw tightened. He did as she asked and stood quiet – for the moment.

Turning her attention back to Kyle, she smiled again as best she could before asking, "Kyle, what are you doing here?"

A lop-sided smile crossed his handsome face but the warmth of it never reached his eyes. They were as cold as the turquoise stone they reminded her of.

When he spoke Kyle's voice held a hint of anger, "I was about to ask ya the same thing doc." he said in that thick southern drawl, "Ya wanna introduce me to your friend or do I have to make my own personal introductions?"

Jen closed her eyes when she felt Ronon once again growl behind her.

Great! The proverbial shit was about to hit the fan and she was in the middle of it all without an umbrella!

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