Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


27. 27

Jennifer took a step back from the man standing in front of her. The dark current that flowed through Ronon's deep, commanding voice had her heart nearly pounding out of her chest. In addition, she was floored by the heat and harshness of his words. She had seen Ronon like this a few times before; when he was extremely angry. But that anger had always been directed at other people, never towards her. Not until now it seemed.

As she shrugged out of the over-sized jacket, Ronon watched as she tossed it onto a nearby chair. How he wanted so badly to set fire to the hated piece of material and burn it to ash along with the memory of seeing her in another man's embrace.


When Jennifer's soft inquisitive voice brought his attention back to her, he noticed her questioning stare of why he was angry.


Ronon wanted to tell her that seeing her wearing another man's clothes was like waving a red flag in front of a raging bull. And that he could not stand the offensive stench of another male surrounding her any longer. Suddenly the urge to grab her and make his fantasy a reality swept over him. It took everything Ronon had to ignore such a reckless impulse. He had to put some needed distance between them, even if it was only a few feet.

Before Jen could bombard him with verbal questions - ones he didn't feel much like answering - Ronon deftly stepped around her to stand at the foot of her bed. With his back to her, he stared down at the chaotic mess of papers at his feet. This was the same mess that had previously occupied her desk before she apparently lost her temper and sent the pile flying. What could had made her so angry? He frowned at the thought.

In the short time that Ronon had known Jennifer, he had never seen her lose control like that. The warrior in him wanted to seek out and annihilate whatever problem she had. The protective male in him wanted to sooth her and make her feel safe - to make everything right again. Unfortunately, Ronon didn't have the time; Alianna needed him.

"We need to go." He said without even turning around. Ronon knew that if he looked at Jennifer now, he'd see those hypnotizing lake-blue eyes of hers staring up at him. And at the moment, he couldn't afford to take the chance of drowning.

"Leave? Why? You just got back!" She nearly stomped her foot in annoyance at his announcement. What the hell?

"Medical Emergency." was his reply.

Jennifer perked up. Her professional instincts kicked in, overriding the desire to hit Ronon over the head with whatever was close at hand – pillow, book – preferably a brick! Anything to snap him out of this dark distant mood he'd maneuvered them both into. Why was he acting so standoffish?

"Who? Where at?" She hadn't wanted to utter the words because deep down she didn't want to know the who.

"Doesn't matter." he absently informed her as he continued to eye the paperwork at his feet. One file in particular caught his attention. "Get your shoes on; we need to go." His voice was gruff, urgent and commanding.

Jennifer sighed in frustration. What was wrong with him? He seemed to keep her at a distance with both his words and actions. She didn't understand it. Didn't he realize how much she had missed him? How much his being away had hurt? Had nearly torn her apart? What had happened to him within the weeks he'd been gone? Maybe he actually did find someone else and doesn't care for her anymore? At that thought her mouth went dry and her heart plunged into her stomach, crushing all the million and one butterflies under the heavy weight of loss.

Thoughts tumbled around in Jennifer's head as she went to her closet and grabbed her boots. She sat down in the chair where she had flung Kyle's jacket and proceeded - for a second time - to do as ordered. She would do as he said for the time being, she told herself, and then she would demand answers to all of this. Even demand answers to questions she really didn't want answered.

Ronon turned his dark head to the side and out of the corner of his eye saw Jen's choice of seats. Of all the places to sit her pretty little ass, the woman sits there? The dark beast within growled his disapproval.

Turning his attention back to the mess at his feet, Ronon crouched down and picked up one of the folders that had caught his attention earlier. It was a file with her name on it.

After having pulled on her boots with a little more force than needed, Jen stood, glanced over at Ronon – and froze. He was holding one of her medical files. Actually had it open and was reading the damn thing.

Crap! She needed to get that away from him and fast.

Jennifer tried to distract Ronon with humor. So looking around the room, she forced a laugh and said, "Will you just look at this mess."


Jennifer spoke a bit louder, "I guess it must be the maid's day off." That caused some reaction from him, but not what she had intended.

Ronon slowly stood to his full height and turned towards her; his pale green eyes never left the page that they were focused on.

The fake laugh died in her throat and was replaced by a soft exasperated growl since Ronon was still ignoring her. At that moment she so wanted to punch the big brute.

Jennifer made her way to where Ronon stood and nervously blurted out, "That's...that's nothing, Ronon." She reached out her hand to take the file from him, but was met with his strong, broad back. Ronon had turned from her as he continued to read the report unimpeded.

"Ronon," she protested, "that's personal! You are not allowed to read that. It's classified." She added the last for good measure. The file really wasn't classified, but it sure as hell was personal.

She tried to reach around him to snatch the report out of his grasp, but that was like playing the child's game Keep Away with a rather large mountain. So she stood back with her arms crossed and her petite booted-foot tapping on her living room floor. Waiting.

"Don't we have to be somewhere?"

Ronon finally faced her, looked up from the folder and asked, "You're ill?" His dark gaze traveled over her; assessing her.

Jennifer's breath hitched in her throat. Her heart fluttered back up to her chest while she felt a slight tingling sensation deep in her stomach. She wondered how someone with just a look could make her melt all the way to her very core.


"Wha?" She blinked. "Huh?" It took several seconds to find herself on solid mental ground again before she could answer him. "Uh...No." She blurted out, shaking her head. Jennifer tried once again to pluck the file from his hand, "I'm perfectly healthy."

Ronon countered her attempt to relieve him of the information this time by simply holding the folder at arm's length behind his back. He then proceeded to stare at her waiting for a more thorough explanation.

Vexed, Jennifer placed her hands on her hips. "I'm fine." At the doubtful look upon his face, she assured him, "Really I am. There is nothing wrong with me. The tests all came back normal. Besides the pain has gone away."

His eyes narrowed at that last statement. "Pain? What pain?" In all honesty, Ronon had merely skimmed through the folder not knowing any of the medical terms he was seeing. He just recognized both Carson's name and hers along with a lot of text, script, graphs and numbers then deduced that she was unwell.

Wanting answers, Ronon decided to use intimidation to get them. He purposely took several steps forward causing Jennifer to take an equal number of steps back until the wall impeded her retreat.

Predator and prey, she thought as Ronon's hulking frame towered over her. A thrill went through her.

He repeated his question, "What pain?"

"Umm...a few days ago doesn't really matter, Ronon." she answered, "The pain is gone. That's all that counts right?"

"Where?" he persisted.

"Where?" she replied dumbfounded, "The conference room. There was a...a department meeting and..."

"No. Where was this pain located?" Ronon already knew the answer, he just needed to hear it confirmed.

"Oh...uh..." She became tongue-tied. She couldn't think; not with him looking so intently at her and standing so close. God she missed his smell. All male. All rugged, intense, masculine testosterone-drenched male. Jennifer swallowed the moan that wanted desperately to escape her. Closing her eyes she tried to gather her words and thoughts. "Between my brea...ummm...I mean..." she flushed a pretty pink. Taking a deep breath she placed her hand over her heart and simply said, "Here."

This piece of information sobered Ronon immediately. The ba'ni. It had awakened in her due to the fact that he had stayed away for so long.

Growling, Ronon dropped the file, took Jennifer by the arm and guided her to the locked doors of her quarters.

"We have to go."

"And where exactly are we going?"

"The Med-Lab." He said after unlocking the doors and walking out into the empty hallway with Jennifer in tow.

"And then?" She rolled her eyes at his short, clip answers.

Stepping into the transporter Ronon's face was once again void of all emotion as he looked down at her and said, "My new home."

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