Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


21. 21

"Hair the color of gold and eyes as blue and clear as a mountain lake."

"Your Other"

Ronon closed his eyes and he saw an image of Jennifer standing at the east pier of Atlantis dressed in her uniform. She watched as the sun was setting. Its fading crimson rays softly bathed her in a rosy glow while a gentle ocean breeze played with her long silky hair. The pain in his chest slowly subsided.

The corners of his mouth lifted into a smile as he watched the image. She looked so beautiful that it nigh took his breath away.

She turned her head in his direction, as if sensing him there in the shadows; watching her as he would often times do. His heart beat faster but his smile faded. Tears stained her cheeks and her lake-blue eyes shimmered in the fading light with more unshed tears. He could have sworn that, for the briefest of moments, he’d heard her softly whisper his name.


She then sighed, turning her attention back towards the now darkened night sky of home and, with that, the image of Jennifer faded.

Gasping, Ronon opened his eyes with a start. He was in the cottage kneeling in front of Dusana, his large hand still covered both of hers resting in her lap.

Ronon softly spoke, "What just happened?" he asked more to himself than to the woman sitting in front of him.

Though he knelt before her, Ronon was still at a height that when she didn't answer, he lifted her chin so he could see her face. Nonetheless, she kept her eyes downcast.

"Dusana, look at me." his voice softly rumbled.

His tone, when he spoke, was neither threatening nor kind; yet held a hint of importance. It held the urgency of a man wanting answers and he wanted them now. That she was certain of.

Taking a deep breath, she slowly raised her eyes to look into his.

"What just happened?" he repeated. Squeezing her hands slightly, "Please tell me." he coaxed.

"What...what you just felt was the ba'ni." she faintly said. From his touch of her hands, the witch had felt rather than witnessed Ronon’s vision of Jennifer.

Even with his acute hearing, he had to strain to hear her words, "It is an invisible bond...a connection between you and who is the other."

"I've never felt this before. Why now?" Ronon asked confused.

"You most likely have, but did not know the signs of it." Dusana's voice grew stronger as she became more comfortable in Ronon's presence – more comfortable knowing that his beast slept.

Shaking his head and frowning Ronon was about to speak when Dusana asked, "This woman – you always know where to find her?"

Ronon’s curt nod silently answered her question.

"And you are very protective of her." Dusana stated.

"Yes, but I've never had any..." Ronon tried to grasp the word..."discomfort or pain like this before." He indicated by touching the center of his chest.

"That was because you were near your Ti'La Arccusi. You have been from her for some time now. The bond pulls you back to her."

Frowning, Ronon stood and walked to stand in front of the fireplace. He reached out with both hands and braced himself against the mantle. Looking down into the dying embers of the fire, he tried to comprehend what was happening.

With the faint image of Jennifer's tear streaked face in his mind, Ronon turned to look at the witch and with a slight nod of his head, he motioned for her to continue, "What else?"

"For you to understand Ti’La Dhulsa and Ti'La Arccusi , you must first understand their origins which date back to the ancient Satedan legends."

Taking a deep breath to gather her thoughts, Dusana repositioned herself in the chair more comfortably, and then began, “Among my people it is said that eons ago, even before time itself existed, The All Knowing created the many galaxies – each with the beginnings of abundant life. There was an even balance.

When he had finished his work, The All Knowing realized that there was, in fact, an imbalance. His mate longed for a child – and he could deny her nothing. Soon they were blessed with a daughter that they named Morrah. She became known as the goddess of purity, joy and peace. She grew to be quite beautiful. The All Knowing and his mate loved her very, very much.

After several millenniums had past, the first of the immortal gods emerged – created out of the erupting fires of a young Satedan sun. He took for himself the name Belignis and became known as the god of War."

Ronon stared into the hypnotic embers as Dusana spoke; not moving since she’d started her tale.

He too knew of the god of war from childhood stories and being Special Forces. The war god's symbol adorned the uniforms of the elite fighting warriors of Satedan's military. Two flaming lightning bolts - resembling swords - crisscrossing each other over the Satedan symbol for infinity.

Ronon absently nodded.

“Once Belignis laid eyes on Morrah,” Dusana continued, “he fell instantly in love with her. The god vowed to claim her for his own no matter what the cost.

One day Belignis secretly trailed Morrah into the forest. He watched from the shadows as she made her way to a shaded pool surrounded by rock and trees. She thought it to be private, so discarded her clothing and frolicked in the cool waters. Belignis was mesmerized by her grace and beauty.

He realized that Morrah was his total opposite. Where he destroyed and conquered, she gave hope and serenity. She was his other.

Suddenly sensing him there, she called out to him.

Emerging from the shadows, he gazed upon her beauty and felt at peace. She felt protected and safe.

After spending the day together, she loved him just as much as he loved her, if not more so. Their love was so great that they became as one. Morrah was frightened, however, because they had yet to get her father’s blessing for their bonding.

When he found out that they had become one without his consent, his fury was so great that he violently ripped the pair asunder.”

Ronon looked over at Dusana. Her voice had gotten louder; she was so caught up in the telling of the tale. Her cheeks were flushed with exuberance. The witch’s honey-colored eyes shown brightly as her hands gestured the story’s details.

Looking at Ronon intently, Dusana stood. Walking towards him, she resumed the Satedan legend.

“Their love was so intertwined – that their essence shattered into millions of pieces.

These pieces were scattered throughout the vastness of space and time – throughout all the galaxies." The witch spread open wide her arms. "Morrah’s father knew that this way, the two would never become one ever again. And thus ending their love, or so he thought.” The Vi’denus said smiling. Her hands clasped over her heart.

“The All Knowing's wife took pity on her beloved daughter and, with her limited powers, made all of the shattered pieces that had been flung out into the vastness mortal entities. Each having a mate - somewhere. Each with a tiny sliver of the couple’s love to hopefully guide them back to each other.

Once her husband found out what she had done, he could not be angry with her, for he loved his wife deeply. So in addition, he decreed that if any of the mortal beings his mate had created were ever to happen to find each other, they may fall in love and be forever together. They would become two hearts; one soul.”

However, in punishment for not getting his blessing first off, he declared: That once bonded and mated, if one being was to proceed the other in death, then the remaining would soon follow – starting the process all over again.

Pushing off from the fireplace mantel, Ronon stood his full height. He stood looking down at the Vi'denus.

"Great!" he bellowed, "So what you've just told me is that if Jennifer and I become a couple, then we are bound together until one of us dies or gets killed," taking a deep breath, Ronon pushed that image of Jennifer out of his mind, "then the other follows."

Ronon paced to the bookshelf on the other side of the cottage and back. He ground out, "What if I refuse to become bonded and mated to her? What then?"

She'll live if you die. was the answer that went through his mind. And with that thought, the pain returned to his chest. His heart.

With his hand clutching his chest, he looked down at the witch, he whispered softly, "What then?" His green eyes searching for the answer he sought.

Dusana laid a gentle hand upon his arm. "Tis too late." Seeing him splay his hand over his chest she confirmed what he knew, "The ba'ni even now pulls at you to return to her. Two hearts. One soul."

Ronon sank into the chair Dusana had previously occupied. He would fight it - this pull ! He would stay on New Sateda. Away from Jennifer. She would stay safe.

The pain intensified.

A moan escaped his lips.

He would fight it! He had his inner strength. He had the beast inside to help him.

The one thing Ronon always counted on was the dark beast which now remained deep within him.

In total silence.

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