Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


2. 2

The dream was once again upon him. A dream that had haunted his sleep since just before Jennifer's arrival to Atlantis. A dream that always wrecked havoc upon his mind and troubled his soul.

Ronon was back on Sateda before the Wraith had decimated the planet. It was a bright summer's day; he was casually walking through a field of Trivydia blossoms that adjoined woodlands at the far end. By his side a rather large wolf-like creature kept pace. Looking down at the dark beast, he saw that its fur was black as night, and when it turned it's huge head towards Ronon, he could see that its eyes were light grey such as the color of an early morning mist. Ronon did not fear the beast for he knew it was a part of him. Glancing back up he saw Jennifer at the end of the field standing close to the treeline. She was waving and smiling at him. Seeing her there brought a smile to his face. She wore a white flowing gown made from the finest Satedan silk. Her golden locks were pinned atop her head in cascading ringlets. A few stray curls escaped their bonds, framing her face. She was so beautiful. In slow motion, Jennifer beckoned him to come to her.

As he walked closer, the beast by his side stopped and growled a warning. Concern quickly over shadowed Ronon's joy. He saw what the creature had sensed; something moving through the woods. It was a shapeless black shadow gliding effortlessly over the forest floor. As the specter stealthily made its way to Jennifer, Ronon urgently motioned for her to come to him. He tried to warn her. Tried to yell for her to turn around but no words came from his mouth. In his dream Jennifer kept smiling and motioning him to come to her - oblivious of the danger. He tried running to her, but his legs were like leaden weights - he and the dark beast could barely move.

Ronon thrashed about in bed caught up in the throes of the dream.

Once it emerged from the forest, the black mass began to slowly take form right behind Jennifer. Ronon was shocked at what - or rather who - he saw. Melena! She wore the same white flowing silk gown as her counterpart. Her light brown hair was styled the same too. She was just as beautiful, Ronon thought. She came to stand beside Jennifer. Both were now smiling and motioning him to come to them. When he finally got close enough to the two women to almost touch them, they turned and quickly ran into the woods.

Jennifer and Melena softly laughed as they darted through the forest - weaving in and out of the tall pines and oaks. As they ran, their gowns - which had changed from white to crimson - gracefully flowed behind them. "Come, Ronon." Both said in a sing-song voice "Come, find us. Catch us if you can! Which one will it be?" Standing at the edge of the forest, he called out their names. But the two women continued to weave in and out of the trees as if they played a child's game of tag and hide-n-seek combined.

When Ronon took a step forward the dream suddenly took him to the burned out city from which he had lived and worked before the Wraith destroyed it. Jennifer and Melena stood before him. He could not tell who was who because the two were draped from head-to-toe in heavy black laced veils. Both had their arms out stretched, opened wide for him. Both spoke in unison, "Ronon, come to me." The beast by his side growled at one and then the other.

Ronon tried to go to them to lift their veils and see who was who. But he could not move from the spot where he stood. He yelled out his frustration to the smoke filled skies of the ruined city. Instantly the ground started to quake and split open wide between him and the women. As the ground beneath their feet crumbled away, Jennifer and Melena screamed as they fell.

He lunged forward in an effort to grab them. Catching each by their hands, he kept them from falling into the dark abyss below. They made no effort to help him by clasping tight to his hands.

Writhing as if in pain, Ronon fisted the sweat-soaked bedsheets as the dream carried him along.

He lay upon his stomach nearly half-way hanging over the crevasse while holding onto Jennifer and Melena for dear life. He gritted his teeth and summoned all his strength to hold onto the two women that meant the most to him. The dark beast next to him growled.

Their veil coverings were gone.

Two pairs of eyes - one lake blue and the other soft brown - stared back at him. Jennifer pleaded, "Choose Ronon!" Melena chimed in, "Choose one of us!" Both then cried, "Ronon you must choose. Choose now!"

"I CAN'T!" he yelled as he sat up in bed completely awake. He was breathing heavily as if he'd just run through the fires of hell. He looked around his dark room. He was alone. Violently flinging the tangled covers from around his legs, Ronon sat at the edge of the bed.

He rubbed his hand down his sweaty face and across the back of his neck. Breathing deeply, he tried to slow his hammering heartbeat. The dream once again had woke him, but this time he remembered it. He remembered it all. Every detail and it chilled him to the bone.

Why was Melena haunting his dreams? Why did he have to choose between the two. Melena was dead. Jennifer was living and breathing - he had just spent the day with her! Growling in frustration, he pushed himself off the bed and started to pace. Why was this happening?

Going over the dream in his head, he hadn't heard the chime to his door. When the annoying noise finally registered with him, he was in a fouler mood than when he awoke just moments before. Who needed him at this hour of the night? Snatching the blanket from off the floor, he wrapped it around his naked torso. Stalking over to his door, he swiped his hand over the key pad. The doors swished open to reveal Sheppard standing impatiently for him.

"Oh hey there! Sorry to have interrupted your beauty sleep Big Guy, but I thought you would want to know this." Sheppard said.

"What" growled Ronon.

"SGA-3 just came back from their mission."

"Yeah" Ronon shrugged his shoulders. He wanted to be left alone. He had things to figure out. "So?!"

"Well, they have intel on a settlement that you might be real interested in."

Ronon just stared at Sheppard, his patience was wearing thin.

"It's a settlement of Satedans. Your people Ronon. There are others."

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