Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


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The young witch had been in a trance traveling through Ronon's mind; watching the unfolding of his dream, when the connection had been lost. She did not comprehend what had just transpired until she felt his hands tighten on hers. Her eyes flew open.

"Impossible!" she gasped.

Within the split second it took her to open her eyes, Ronon let loose her hands and grabbed her by her upper arms. Acquiring a tight hold upon her, he easily yanked her out of the chair and hauled her none too gently across the table. She was in shock.

Dusana's face was mere inches from his while her hands pushed against his biceps. She was in such close proximity of him that she could feel his warm breath fan across her face. And the rage that radiated off of the great Satedan was like waves from an ocean storm crashing against rock.

Ronon's steely expression was formidable and unforgiving. He roughly jerked the witch even closer towards him and literally snarled at her. With his brow furrowed, his upper lip drawn back; Ronon seemed more animalistic than human. Her mind suddenly made a mental connection with the menacing, beastly glare Ronon's jade-colored eyes held.

Dusana visibly paled. While traveling through his dream, she happened to see an enormous shadowy creature walking along side of him. Her insight told her that this great beast was a part of him. It was a part that resided in a very dark and dangerous place deep within the man. She realized that the gleam in Ronon's eyes twas the dark beast rising from the depths of rage, intending to take over. Intending to do her grave harm. It sought retribution.

Her stomach knotted in fear. Her heart nearly pounded out of her chest as she gazed upon a true Satedan Warrior ready to kill.

Terrified at the sight before her, the witch frantically pushed, pulled and clawed at Ronon's arms and chest to break free of her captor. Unfortunately, his hands were like two steel bands upon her arms – unyielding.

Staring at the woman, Ronon could see the worry and fear in her eyes; could feel her trembling – but cared less. Watching her struggle, Ronon compared the Vi'denus to a wild animal caught in a snare trying desperately to escape. He felt no pity for her. Even though she was a woman, he really did not care if she was frightened of him or thought that he would do her harm or worse kill her. The bitch had brought this all upon herself.

Ronon's large hands tightened to the point where he was positive that the imprint of his fingers, which dug into her tender flesh, would leave dark bruising marks on her for days to come. If he still let her live after all of this, the marks would not be soon forgotten – a reminder of her treachery.

The more he thought of her drugging him - of her tricking him. Of her trapping him – the tighter his hold became until her cry of pain brought him back to the present. Breathing deeply, he commanded the beast within to back down.

"Explain to me Ta'Li Dhulsa and be quick about it. Or as I said before I will be more than happy to dispatch you to the death realm to join your mother for all eternity." he stated, but this time in – what he hoped was – a more controlled manner.

Ignoring his question and despite the pain shooting up her arms, Dusana nevertheless kept trying to twist free of Ronon. She realized now that Ronon Dex was a male she no longer controlled, but a tried-and-true warrior who was in control of her instead. She was the one at his mercy.

He shook her once hard to get her attention. In a thundering authoritative voice, Ronon roared, "Cease your struggling woman!"

Still holding onto her, he pulled back from her a bit to get a better look at her. She was on the verge of hysterics.

Dusana's face was so pale that her honey-colored eyes took on the shade of dark amber and glistened in the firelight from unshed tears. He could see her questioning look - He wants to know about Ta'Li Dhulsa?

Finally feeling the beast settling down a bit, Ronon, for the third time, asked as calmly as possible, "Ta'Li Dhulsa. What does it mean?"

"Who…..who m….men….mentioned su…such a thing?" was all the foolish woman could stammer out of her mouth.

Ronon was in no mood to be questioned. He had been under her control long enough, but now the tables were turned. It was her time to answer him.

He felt what little restraint he had gained earlier disintegrated. Ronon roughly shook her for a second time.

"Tell me now what it means or, by the gods, I will choke the life out of you this very instant." He seethed – his words dripping venom and holding promise.

To prove his point, with his lightning fast reflexes, Ronon let go of one of her arms, wrapped his hand around her slender neck, and squeezed.

"What is Ta'Li Dhulsa, bitch?" he again demanded.

Her slender hand clawed at his strangling grip. She grappled with his wrist trying unsuccessfully to pull his hand from her throat. She tried to pry his callused fingers from her neck as black dots danced before her eyes.

In punishment, he squeezed harder. This was no idle threat. Ronon meant to crush the life out of her if she did not start explaining herself.

Dusana's pale skin started turning a slight pink color then brighter red. She tried to speak but only gurgling, gasping sounds spilled forth. Her survival instincts took over with the lack of oxygen denied her body.

She feverishly tugged at Ronon's arm with one hand while using the other to grab hold of his vest and pull. With the death grip she had on him, her knuckles turned stark white. The unshed tears spilled forth and the pleading look she gave Ronon indicated that she would willing answer his questions.

Finally letting go of her throat, Dusana coughed and gulped in precious air.

Despite what just occurred, Ronon still held onto her other arm as she lay across the table. Ronon waited for her to regain her composure before continuing.

His dark green eyes narrowed as he glared at her. Silently telling her that he was not about to ask her the question again and, if he had to, he would make it so that she would not see the sun rise.

The warrior's look was enough for her to spit out, " –"

She looked down and away from him – avoiding his gaze. She was stalling. The bitch was either trying to find the words to tell him or was scheming something. Ronon opted for the latter.

With all his patience just barely hanging by a thread, Ronon slammed his free hand down hard upon the table.

Dusana jumped and shrieked simultaneously. Looking at Ronon she could see the glare of the beast rising again. She panicked and began to stutter; trying to get the words out before the creature appeared.

"Sss….Sacred - " she uttered. "Ss…Soul. The words mean Sacred Soul." she whispered.

Frowning, Ronon let go of Dusana's arm with a disgusted growl. He stood – angrily sending his chair skittering and toppling across the floor behind him.

What the fuck? Sacred Soul? More witchcraft nonsense, he thought.

Turning around, Ronon walked over to stand in front of the bookshelf. He had to think. Facing the wall he placed one hand upon it. Leaning forward with his head bowed he ran his other hand over his face trying to make sense of it all. He could not remember a time where he was so irritated or so perplexed. What the hell was this all about?

With his back towards her, Dusana saw her chance. She scrambled off the table and darted to stand near the fireplace mantle where she had placed his weapon earlier.

When Ronon turned around he froze. There at the fireplace stood the witch cradling his gun against her breast. After all what had happened he had forgotten about her placing it out of his reach.


And the worst thing about the situation, the damn thing was set to kill.

Dusana was whispering to herself. "This cannot be! Cannot be! Impossible."

Ronon took a couple steps toward her, then halted because she turned the gun on him.

"Easy." Ronon gently cooed in his deep mellow voice to calm her. He slightly held up his arms to show her that he meant her no harm. Dusana was too far away to rush her and get the gun. Ronon was fast but he wasn't that fast.

Tears falling down her face, she cried, "You cannot be a Ta'Li Dhulsa!" She shook her head in denial.

Trying to stay calm and keep her calm in the process, Ronon softly asked as he took a few more steps towards the woman, "Why, Dusana? Why can I not?". Just a few more feet and he could snatch the gun from her.

In a bewildered state of mind, the Vi'denus looked at him as if he were the one that had just lost his mind. She gripped the gun even tighter. The weapon shook as she pointed it at him.

"Easy. Easy now." Ronon spoke in a hushed reassuring voice. A soothing voice.

He could tell that the weight of the weapon was taking its toll on her already fragile strength. She would catch herself lowering the weapon then bring it up - back aiming it at him.

"If you are a Sacred Soul – if you are truly a Ta'Li Dhulsa, then I have disgraced my people." she sniffled.

Ronon stood barely just out of arm's length now. It would be a gamble, but...

"I defiled the Sacred Soul and for me to meet my ancestors in the death realm I must die."

Before Ronon knew her intentions, the young woman placed the muzzle of the gun just underneath her chin. With tears streaming down her face, she looked at Ronon and begged him to forgive her before she pulled the trigger.

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