Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


18. 18

Clawing his way out of the depths of darkness, Ronon slowly became aware that he was lying on his side upon a hard smooth surface. It was not the rough-hewn wooden floor of the cottage, but something more akin to marble, he thought. Ronon attempted to open his eyes but his lids felt very heavy.

Where was he? How did he get here? Had the witch placed him upon an altar of some sort? He dismissed that idea as quickly as it entered his muddled mind. There was no way the slip of a girl could lift him let alone carry him anywhere. And he knew from when he surveyed the glen earlier that there had not been any other persons around. So there could be no one to aid her.

Groaning, he rolled over onto his back and tried to get his bearings. Steadying his breathing, he focused on his mysterious surroundings. Ronon surmised that he was no longer in the cottage due to the fact that the music of the wind chimes or the crackling and popping of the fire could no longer be heard. All that could be heard was silence. Deafening silence.

Ronon had no concept of how much time had passed, if any at all.

Once again he attempted to open his eyes. They were still so heavy, but from sheer will he forced them open. Lifting his hand to his face, he began rubbing his eyes trying to get them to focus.

He realized then that he was able to move. Ronon was not restrained by the witch's drug anymore. He tested his muscles. They were a bit stiff and weak, but moved on their own accord.

Looking around he had been right. He was not in the cottage. He was in a vast room made up of shiny black stone. The room seemed to have no beginning or end - it went on forever. The interior was very dark. He could barely see his hand before his face. Slowly getting up, he stood on shaky legs. Ronon stood within a black void of nothingness and silence.

It felt like he was halfway in between a dream world and reality. Turning around in complete circles, he saw that there was absolutely nothing. No way of knowing which direction to head off to.


"Hello?...Hello?...Hello?" The echoing of his voice throughout the vastness was the only answer to his greeting.

Suddenly his attention was caught by a bright light far off in the distance. It started out as a tiny speck but grew bigger and brighter as it got closer to him. His hand automatically went for his gun, but it wasn't there. Neither was his knife. He stood ready; his warrior instincts on full alert. Ready to do battle if need be with his bare hands.

The light was becoming so bright that he had to shield his eyes from its brilliance.

Then he heard it. A familiar voice softly called out his name.


He knew that voice.

He tried to peer into the shining light, but still it was too intense.

As if sensing his discomfort, the light slowly began to dim; enough so that he saw a woman standing before him.

She wore a white flowing gown made from the finest Satedan silk. Her dark brown hair were pinned atop her head in cascading ringlets. A few stray curls escaped their bonds, framing her face.

Ronon frowned. It was like in his dream.

"Ronon." she called his name again.

His breath caught in his chest as he stared at the woman standing before him.

"Melena?" Ronon softly gasped. "How is this possible?" he remarked as he took a step back, "Tis a trick of the Vi'denus!" he angrily said.

"Nay, this is no trick nor an illusion of any kind." Her soft voice was reassuring.

"I am dead then?"

Melena's soft laughter was like a long forgotten melody to his ears.

"Nay, you are not dead either love." She took a step closer to him; her soft brown eyes warm and gentle as she looked up into his face.

"Then how can you be here. How can you be standing before me as you are." He hesitantly reached out his hand and brushed a stray curl from her face then tucked it behind her ear as he had done many times before.

Taking his large hand into her smaller ones, she placed a loving kiss upon the back of his hand. She then held it close to her heart, saying "We were given this small gift granted by the Fates to have one last brief moment together; to properly say our good-byes to one another."

Ronon's heart was racing. The woman that stood before him was his wife – his Melena. But that was impossible. He saw her die.

He reached out with his free hand and tenderly cupped her warm soft cheek. Melena closed her eyes and leaned into his touch, as she always had done .

"Melena is it truly you." Ronon whispered, still not believing what was happening.

Opening her eyes, she looked at him with those soft brown eyes and nodded, "Yes."

In an instant Ronon fell to his knees and wrapped his arms about her waist.

He hugged her tight as she cradled his head to her breast and ran her fingers through his hair. Leaning down she kissed the top of his head and rested her cheek there. Content.

"Forgive me?" he pleaded.

Lifting her head and placing her fingers underneath his chin, she guided his gaze to hers, "There is nothing to forgive." she said gently shaking her head.

"I am so sorry! I could not protect you!" His voice cracking. He buried his face into her gown. Tears of sorrow staining the material.

As she cupped his face in her hands, warm brown eyes stared intently into tear-filled green ones.

"We do not have much time Ronon."

His grip on her tightened. Shaking his head, "No!"

The tone of her voice left no thought of rebuke when she spoke again, "Listen. I know of the dream that haunts your sleep. For the dream to end Ronon you must let me go."

Ronon closed his eyes and a single tear ran down his cheek.

"There was nothing you could have done or said to have made me leave. I chose to stay and help others when the Wraith came. I, myself, chose to stay, Ronon. I made the choice."

Opening his eyes, he felt once again the helplessness of not being able to protect her from harm. The feeling was nearly unbearable even now.

"You must let go of the guilt which you harbor deep in your soul. There was nothing you could have done or said that would had changed my mind, my dearest Ronon."

Gently wiping away his tears from his face Melena continued, "And I believe deep down you know that. It is your strong stubborn pride that refuses to see it. You feel guilt because you felt helpless. And it is this guilt that torments you so."

She continued, smiling down at him, "You know the one in your dream which you must choose."

She urged him to his feet. Looking up at him, she beamed, "I am happy Ronon. You need not worry for me. You need but let me go so that you may live your life."

Ronon placed his hands on either side of her face - committing her beauty to memory. Oh how he missed her.

"Your heart still holds on to what we had together. But now another has come into your life. Another that completes your soul. She is your other half. You have found a woman and she makes you happy. "

At the thought of Jennifer, a genuine smile crossed his face.

"What we had Ronon was special. However, what you have with Jennifer is something beyond understanding. It is something beyond our comprehension. You both are Ta'Li Dhulsa."

Frowning. "I don't understand"

"The Fates have granted you..." Melena halted. She looked around becoming nervous.

"What is it?" Sensing nothing, he turned his attention back to Melena.

"Ronon, listen to me. We haven't much time.", Melena said urgently.

"No!" He wanted more time with her.

"Shhhh, my love!" placing her finger upon his lips to quiet him. "Always remember. I love you. I will always love you, but for now you must live your life."

"But the dream. I have to choose."

"You already know the answer. And besides, there is no more choice to be made because I have just made it for you."

Melena assured Ronon that they would meet again, but not for a very long time.

Laying her hand upon the side of his face, she whispered, "Until then live your life as the Ta'Li Dhulsa and be happy."

Pulling his head down to hers, she touched her forehead with his. Ronon's eyes closed as he told her he loved her and would never forget. Another single tear slowly rolled down his cheek.

She sadly spoke, "Our time is nearly up."

She was slowly starting to fade. Ronon tilted his head and captured her lips in one final kiss. A kiss that she returned with just as much love that they both held in their hearts.

Without warning a brilliant flash of light occurred and Ronon was once again back in the cottage sitting across the table from the witch.

His eyes narrowed. Many thoughts went through his mind at the sight of her. Most were on the order of how to kill her. Slowly or quickly. His dark beast opted for quickly. Rip her throat out and be done with the bitch.

Just for a few seconds Ronon considered it, but there were answers he needed from her. Such as what the hell was Ta'Li Dhulsa and what did it have to do with him and Jennifer?

He looked the woman over before him and felt nothing for her as before. She was still a beautiful woman but the attraction was gone.

Dusana had her eyes closed as she held his hands, her lips moving silently in ritual.

When Ronon's grip tightened their hold on her hands. The witch's eyes flew open.

"Impossible!" she gasped right before Ronon let loose her hands, grabbed her by her forearms and dragged her up onto the table before she knew what had happened.

Her upper body was leaning upon the table with his face mere inches from hers.

She swallowed visibly and shock was written all over her face because what she saw before her was an extremely pissed off Satedan. Dusana knew her life would end this day that was until he demanded

"Explain to me Ta'Li Dhulsa and be quick about it. Or I'll be more than happy to dispatch you to the death realm to join your mother. You fuckin' Demon Witch!"

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