Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


13. 13

"And what if your woman's life depended on it? Would you then?"

To Ronon's ears, the seriousness conveyed in those words was louder than the roar of the waterfall. And just as turbulent to his soul.

Alianna's inquiry also wreaked havoc on his state of mind by burrowing its way into his thoughts like some sort of parasite. Relentless. Annoying. And all-consuming. The only thing Ronon could think of now was the safety of Jennifer - his woman. During his time away had anything happened to her back at Atlantis? The beast within snarled its displeasure at such a thought.

Dropping to his knees, Ronon urged his sister, even pleaded with her, for an explanation regarding the cryptic warning. But whatever Alianna had seen in her visions, she kept to herself. All she would tell him was "You must go seek the Vi'denus, brother."

When Ronon realized that he was getting no where with his stubborn sibling, he growled his frustration. With hands clinched in fists of rage, he quickly stood up and stepped back from her. He would never hurt his sister - not as long as he drew breath - but right now all he was concerned with was Jennifer and her well-being.

Ronon breathed deeply to control his anger; relaxing his hands, he hastily formulated a plan. He would escort Alianna to her dwelling, then go in search of Crieve, and make him open the gate to NRI-4. From there he would travel back to Atlantis - back to Jennifer. Back to what was his. Ronon would return with her by his side in time for the birth of the babe.

That plan was shot to hell, however, when Alianna informed him that Crieve had traveled off-world late last night. She couldn't tell him why nor where because she herself did not know. Having been informed of that bit of news, Ronon wanted to shoot something - preferably Crieve who had the crystal which could open the gate. Ronon was stuck here with no way off this planet until the bastard returned.


The thing, which Ronon feared the most from the start of this mission, had just happened. A trap. An unintentional one; however, a trap nonetheless.

Ronon wrestled with his frustration as he paced once again.

After a few moments, Alianna calmly spoke, "You must go seek the Vi'denus."

Ronon stopped and glared at his sister upon hearing those damn words repeated.

Not one to be intimidated by another - especially her six-foot-five older brother - Alianna glared right back.

"What choice do you have Ronon?" she questioned while awkwardly pushing herself from the rock she'd been leaning against.

"You cannot leave until Crieve gets back anyway, so go find the answers you seek."

Ronon let her physically maneuver him in such a way that he now faced down river - away from the village.

Standing behind him she said, "The Vi'denus resides not but an hour's walk from here, deep in the southern forest." Alianna pushed at Ronon's back to get him walking, but he was like trying to move a brick wall - both were solid and going nowhere.

Alianna coyly peaked from behind her brother to try and gauge his temperament. With his head down and turned slightly towards her, she could see his face. He still was angry, but there was hope before he hid all emotions from his face.

"If you hurry, you can make it back before the evening meal." she enticed.

Reluctantly Ronon went in search of the Vi'denus, but not before making sure Alianna was back home safely.

The start of Ronon's journey resembled a pleasant afternoon's walk through a picturesque forest. Flowers of all colors had dotted the meadow that led up to the tree line; their sweet smell reminded him of the one waiting for him back on Atlantis – both in beauty and scent.

Entering the woods, Ronon barely noticed the birds that flew overhead or the small animals scurrying about the ground; everyone, animal and man alike, were too busy with their day to give each other a second glance. A slight westerly wind persuaded the branches of the trees high overhead to wave greetings to the bright blue sky.

Catching his scent upon the wind, several deer darted through the woods away from him; while others just stood staring with their soft brown eyes. If he had been on a hunt, a couple of the deer would be a part of tonight's meal. However, Ronon was on another kind of hunt – that of the Vi'denus.

With no set path to follow, he kept the river to his right and the sun to his left. Just head south – his sister instructed him – you'll find her. Or she'll find you.

As he made his way through the scenic forest, Ronon tried to recall what he once knew of the Vi'denus. It had been years since he had even thought about them.

There had been several thousand on his home world; a small number compared to Sateda's total population of 2 billion. He wondered how many were here on New Sateda now. He also wondered if the Vi'denus that Alianna had sent him in search of was the one from his past. If she was, could he keep himself from wrapping his hands around her neck and choking the life out of her for prophesizing Melena's death?

The beast within was more than eager to go the choking route, but the man knew that it had not been her fault for his mate's death. The Wraith had come and Melena happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To the beast's disappointment the decision was made – the witch would live; unless there was news of Jennifer's demise, then the bitch would breathe no more.

Shuffling those thoughts off to the side, Ronon pulled forth more information from his past.

He remembered that the Vi'denusi were great mystics that lived in harmony with nature. They knew of the medicinal properties of all plant life and used those plants for healing, glimpses into other realms and, on rare occasions, for dark magic. If a person wanted their dreams interpreted or be told their possible futures, then they would have to come to the witch.

Ronon was curious how this particular Vi'denus survived being in close proximity of others while escaping Sateda on a space cruiser. The Vi'denusi were loners. They isolated themselves from others – even from their own kind. They chose to live that way because of their unique powers of prophecy. They had to stay away from large groups of people or they would be bombarded by the visions of everyone around them. From the stories Ronon had heard, it was very painful for them; and, very quickly, could drive a Vi'denus completely insane.

Their society was made up solely of women. No male born to them had the ability to prophesize and so was worthless. The mother would show some compassion and leave the male infant on a couple's doorstep – preferably a childless couple – to be raised as their own. With a culture of only women, it was rumored that in order to conceive a child the Vi'denusi would seduce men to their beds, then vanish by morning's dawn – never to be seen or heard from again.

The Vi'denusi were among the oldest living Satedans – at least they were a decade ago before the Wraith. So from generation to generation, the Vi'denusi passed along their knowledge of mysticism from mother to daughter.

Ronon's rambling thoughts came to an end when he realized that his pace had slowed considerably. He had been walking due south when the area became extremely dense with over grown vegetation. It reminded him of a place he would have chosen back in his runner days – it was a good place to hide. Something or someone could be standing several feet away and no one would even know it. Stopping to rest a bit, Ronon rested his hand upon his weapon and looked around.

It was virtually impossible to get his bearings because the crowded, overlapping branches were acting as a shield that kept the warm nurturing sun from peering down into the woodland domain – a domain of decaying foliage and thick underbrush. The woods were so dense that the wind barely made its presence known causing the stale air to hang close to the ground enhancing the ever present stench of rotting soil. Twisted vines seemed to slither up the trunks of trees, trying to make their way to the top in order to see if the sun was real or just a myth.

Ronon gazed up at the thick green canopy. The majority of the trees were close to 100ft tall and it would take at least three adult men with their arms opened wide to span the circumference of the base of these majestic giants. There was no way to climb the trees unless one had a rope; and even then the nearest branches were a good forty feet from the ground.

He had been in this primitive gawd-forsaken forest for over an hour and still had not come across any signs of the Vi'denus or a dwelling.

He began to think that his sister was terrible with directions or perhaps playing some sort of prank. He was about to turn around when he spotted a faint narrow path cutting its way through the overcrowded trees. If it weren't for his keen eye sight and military skills, he would have missed it.

Standing completely still Ronon fell silent. He could hear the hypnotic ping of wind chimes not too far away and a lilting voice of a woman.

So with his hand still resting on his weapon, Ronon followed the trail. Soon it would be decided if a Vi'denus lived or died this day.

The beast was hoping for the latter.


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