Finding Home

Ronon has to decide where his home truly lies - with a blue-eyed doctor or a village claiming to be his people.


12. 12

New Sateda - 1 week later

Once again, the dream came to haunt his sleep for the third time since being here. It had awakened him shortly before the sun made its appearance in the eastern sky. Alianna and little Melena were still asleep. Thane awoke and left the house undetected or so he thought. Ronon was surprised the boy hadn't woke up everyone in the house with his fumbling about. Feigning sleep, Ronon heard every move the boy made. Thane needed some training on stealth. As for Crieve, he had not returned from an errand that he had left to run late last night. Ronon would talk to Alianna about it later when she awoke.

Getting dressed, he quietly left his sister's house to witness the village slowly coming to life. He watched as men went about their daily chores – feeding the livestock, herding sheep out to graze in the pasturelands, getting nets ready to fish in the nearby lake, and gathering materials together for the unending repairs to the surrounding buildings. He saw women getting breakfast ready for everyone at the Common House. They instructed groups of children to go gather eggs from the coops, bring milk up from the barn, and gather wood for the cook fires.

Ronon learned that the village as a whole shared in the morning and evening meals. This was because by having everything they loved and knew destroyed by the Wraith years ago the people did not want to take anything for granted ever again. This day – right now at this moment in time – could possibly be their last, so they honored the day by being together and sharing their meals. The mid-day meal however was normally shared by the families in their own private dwellings. Once again appreciating their time together for it could instantly be cut short.

Ronon recalled the first night here when he nearly killed Crieve. After leaving his sister to rest for a couple of hours, the men and Thane returned to find Alianna sitting down at the dining table eating. Looking up, she smiled at them. "How was your walk together?" she sweetly asked. Both men concluded, then and there, that they had been tricked into getting along. At their accusation, Alianna looked at them both with shocked innocence. She claimed that she felt much better and would they like something to eat too? After that incident Crieve and Ronon started to trust each other for Alianna's sake, if nothing else.

During his short stay here Ronon helped out the people by hunting, harvesting the crops, and building more dwellings for the expanding families. In the evenings he would tell them stories of his adventures with SGA and of his sister when she was little. More often than not the latter stories were usually cut short by a well thrown plate or cup at Ronon's head.

All in all Ronon felt comfortable being here with his people but the tug of Atlantis and Jennifer were growing stronger as the days went by. He had decided to stay until the babe was born which would be in a week or two. He hadn't told Alianna or the others of his plans yet; he didn't want to upset her, but his home was with Jennifer.

Ronon was brought back to the present when he heard an all too familiar sound. THWACK! The sound could be heard coming from the far edge of the village near the barns and a group of trees. It was the sound of some sort of weapon hitting a target – a knife more than likely. It was probably his nephew practicing what Ronon had showed him yester eve. With nothing else planned for the day, Ronon went to check it out.

Several months past Crieve had constructed a wooden panel wall nailed to a tree so that the boys who were coming of warrior age – fourteen summers and older – could practice throwing various weapons in their spare time. The practice area was situated close to a stand of pine trees and out of the way of the general public so as not to cause injury by a stray throw.

Thane was too young to train with the older boys, but that did not stop him. He would sneak out early in the mornings to practice. He wished to be a great warrior someday – now so more than ever after meeting his uncle Ronon.


The hunting knife Thane threw hit within the designated target but not within the center liked he had hoped. He kicked at the ground in anger while voicing his frustration out loud, "Shit!"

Thane stormed up to the wall and angrily yanked the weapon free. Marching back to where he had marked off ten feet, he grasped the knife by the end of the steel blade, drew back his arm to throw his weapon again when a flash flew past his head.

Shocked and in disbelief he stared at a rather large knife buried dead center of the target. The knife's hilt was still vibrating from the throw. The boy spun around to see who had thrown such a weapon and spied Ronon leaning casually against a tree. Thane was in awe. His uncle had thrown the blade from a good twenty-five feet away hitting the bulls-eye dead on.

"Close your mouth boy before your mother blames me for you choking on a bug or something." Ronon said with a serious look on his face as he walked past Thane to retrieve his weapon. Ronon hid his smile once he turned back towards his nephew; his blade in hand.

"Your stance is off. And you're thinking too much before you throw." Ronon instructed as he sheathed his knife.

"You know how far that was?" Thane craned his neck to look up at the giant Satedan with a wide-eyed stare.

"That was nothing. I once threw a blade a 100 yards hitting a Wraith right between the eyes. Dead instantly!"

Thane was captivated by his uncle and whispered, "Wow!"

"Did you then wake up brother from your dream of killing this so called Wraith at such a great distance?" Alianna said from behind them.

Looking at his sister Ronon sheepishly smiled at her, "Well it may not have been 100 yards, but" he shrugged then laughed out loud.

Turning his attention back to the boy Ronon placed his hand on Thane's shoulder and told him, "If you practice throwing the knife the correct way like I showed you yester eve, you should be a master in no time."

The boy grinned, turned, and using the moves Ronon had taught him, threw the blade. Even though it didn't hit dead center it was pretty damn close.

Ronon tousled the boy's hair, "Good job!"

Alianna gave her son a hug. The ten year old turned red faced and wiggled out of her embrace, "Mother!" he scolded.

"Oh sorry my apologies. I forgot such a warrior as yourself should not be shown affection - especially by his mother - in public. Very embarrassing to be sure. I shall try to remember that next time." Alianna held back the laughter and smiled at her son.

"Keep practicing boy. I'll come back later to see how you're doing."

Leaving Thane to his training, Alianna and Ronon walked along a path that lead to the edge of the waterfall. Ronon slowed his pace to match his sister's as she waddled her way along. Coming to some rocks she sat back upon them taking the extra weight off her feet and strained back.

Sighing she proclaimed, "If this child does not make his entrance into this world soon, I believe I will go insane." she said while rubbing her hands over her swollen belly.

"" Smiling, she took Ronon's large hand and quickly placed it upon her stomach. Ronon's face was knitted in a frown then suddenly brightened in wonder a few seconds later when the tiny person from within kicked at his hand.

"He will grow to be a great warrior someday." Alianna stated.

"And how do you know this." he asked as he situated himself on a fallen log opposite her.

"I have seen it - dreamt it."

Ronon looked at her. She so resembled their mother to the point that they could had been twins. "So you inherited our Mother's gift of foresight."

Alianna nodded and looked at her brother. "I have also dreamt of a woman with hair the color of the sun. You are together? Mated? She belongs to you?" she inquired.

Ronon smiled, "She is special to me. I can't explain it. And no we are not bonded nor mated."

"You love her." She said matter of factly.


Alianna was silent for a while as she looked at Ronon.


"You are troubled. A dream haunts you – a dream of this woman and Melena."

Ronon picked up a few small stones, stood up and throwing them; skipped them over the smooth glass surface of the lake. Silence befell both siblings. Alianna waited for Ronon to gather his troubled thoughts.

He finally turned to her "I don't know what to make of it. Melena is dead; Jennifer is alive." Throwing the rest of the stones as hard as he could into the lake he demanded, "Why must I choose? There is no reason for me to choose!" Frustrated he started pacing.

"Ronon," Alianna said softly; cautiously, "The only way to know what the dream means for sure is to see the Vi'denus."

Abruptly stopping in front of his sister Ronon glared at her. Memories came flooding back that he had long ago buried. The last and only time that he had went to seek the advice of the Vi'denus was shortly before the Wraith invaded. Ronon had wanted to know the outcome of Melena and himself. He wanted to know if she was his one true mate.

Just thinking about the advice given to him by the Vi'denus still chilled him to the bone. He was told that she was not his true mate and if he bonded with Melena, then she would die and he would endlessly wander many lands being chased by evil.

Ronon had ignored the Vi'denus' advice and bonded with Melena soon after the meeting. He never told her of the warning he was given. They were happy for a while in their new life. Then several months later their world was destroyed, and the prophesy had come to fruition - Melena was dead and he was being chased by the Wraith.

With a look of disgust, Ronon firmly stated, "I hold no faith in such nonsense!" Wondering to himself if he had not ignored the advice, would Melena still be alive. "I will not go visit the Vi'denus.", he continued. "I will not go see an old fucking witch even if my life depended on it."

"And what if your woman's life depended on it? Would you then?" was Alianna's solemn reply.

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